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08:48 EDT 17th April 2014 | BioPortfolio

Original Source: Mandibular osteoma in a case of Gardner's syndrome.

Gardner's syndrome is characterized by the triad of intestinal polyposis accompanied by multiple hard- and soft-tissue tumors. Untreated, all patients will develop gastrointestinal cancer by the age of 40. Although incurable, progression can be prevented by close monitoring and prophylactic colectomy to prevent malignancy. Multiple osteomas of the head and jaw bones are common extraintestinal manifestations of Gardner's syndrome and can be helpful in the diagnostic work-up. The disease pattern should be kno...

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Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics are prosthetic implants for the mouth, and can be for cosmetic or dental reasons. The market is increasing, and technology is improving the quality of them.

Common Dental Disorders

Bone morphogenetic protein rhBMP

Bone morphogenetic protein 2 (rhBMP-2) is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for anterior lumbar interbody fusion and for acute open tibial fractures; rhBMP-7, on the other hand, is approved...

DubinJohnson Syndrome and Rotor's Syndrome

PostMI syndrome Dressler's syndrome

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Oculofaciocardiodental syndrome: novel BCOR mutations and expression in dental cells

Serotonin syndrome

What is serotonin syndrome?Serotonin syndrome is a drug induced syndrome characterised by a cluster of dose related adverse effects that are due to increased serotonin concentrations in the central......

College of Dental Medicine honored with achievement award

(Columbia University Medical Center) The ADEAGies Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the American Dental Education Association, has selected Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine (CDM) fo...

Federal grant to fund development of dental fillings that self-heal, fight cavity-causing bacteria

(American Dental Association) The American Dental Association and the ADA Foundation today announced that the foundation's Anthony Volpe Research Center received a five-year, $2.2 million grant from t...

Patent Lawyer Seeking Senate Seat Proposes Patent Reform to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

ATLANTA, March 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Monday, Art Gardner (GOP), a patent attorney seeking election to the U.S. Senate in Georgia, proposed an innovative reform to the nation's patent law...

Teledentistry Boosts Kids' Dental Treatments

Teledentistry is changing the dynamics of dental care delivery to children in low-income communities.  Mireya Rodriguez, a dental hygienist in alternative practice, conducts dental screenings at...

UC San Diego Launches Unprecedented Down Syndrome Study

Down syndrome (DS) is a childhood condition but improved health care means that individuals with DS now routinely reach age 50 or 60 years of age, sometimes beyond.  However, if they live long en...

Will GOP Candidates Profit From Laser-Like Focus On Health Law?

Some Republicans worry that that reliance, which includes nearly every advertising dollar, is too heavy a bet. Meanwhile a Senate race in Colorado is shaping up to be one where health care issues play...

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Binder's syndrome: Report of two cases.

Binder's syndrome is an uncommon entity characterized by midfacial hypoplasia along with Class III incisal relationship. The individuals with this syndrome are easily recognizable and the syndrome is...

Association of dental practice as a risk factor in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Statement of Problem: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an important cause of work disability. There is controversy over the relation between carpal tunnel syndrome and occupation. The aim of this study...

Olmsted syndrome with oral involvement, including premature teeth loss.

Olmsted syndrome is a rare palmoplantar keratodermal disease that has not previously been reported to have an association with periodontal disease. The aim of this study is to report and document a ca...

Can dental hygiene become a developing profession?

If dental hygiene is to survive in university settings, faculty must demonstrate scholarship and research productivity comparable to other university faculty. Academicians who have advanced theoretica...

Developing a scholarly identity and building a community of scholars.

Progress in the dental hygiene discipline is predicated on the development of a community of scholars who explore questions related to the art and science of dental hygiene and clients in need of oral...

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