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13:15 EDT 27th July 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Mystaire® Inc Announces the Release of the Latest in Filtered Chemical Workstation Technology - Isola™ Series Filtered Chemical Workstations

Isola™ Filtered Chemical Workstations are the next advanced solution in ductless technology.  For over 50 years Mystaire® safety products have provided laboratory personnel with market...

General Mills to label products containing GMO ingredients

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. General Mills flew the white flag of surrender alongside a GMO label, as the company announc...

The lowdown on sports nutrition supplements

(American Chemical Society) Competitive athletes train hard, eat right and often turn to supplements to boost their performance. But do nutrition powders, pills and drinks really help? Chemical & Engi...

Evonik Takes Air Products Performance Materials

Confirming speculation that surfaced in March, German chemical producer Evonik has announced it will acquire the Specialty & Coating Additives business of US gases producer Air Products and Chemic...

How cosmetic companies use science to back up product advertising

(American Chemical Society) If claims on cosmetic products' labels are to be believed, users would all look 10 years younger and have luscious, frizz-proof hair. But advertising and truth aren't alway...

General Mills to label products with GMOs ahead of Vt. law

General Mills says it will start labeling products across the country that contain genetically modified ingredients to comply with a law that is set to go into effect in Vermont.

Health Tip: Prevent a Chemical Emergency

-- Preventing a chemical emergency may be as easy as following the instructions on each product's label. The American Red Cross offers these preventive suggestions: Never mix household chemicals, inc...

ICIG to Take Sandoz’ Frankfurt Base

In a transaction is expected to close on Apr.1, Frankfurt, Germany-based private equity company International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG) has agreed with Swiss pharmaceutical producer Novartis to ...

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Using Patient Outcomes to Evaluate General Surgery Residency Program Performance.

To evaluate and financially reward general surgery residency programs based on performance, performance must first be defined and measureable.

Consumer attitude and purchase intention towards processed meat products with natural compounds and a reduced level of nitrite.

This study investigates consumer attitude and purchase intention towards processed meat products with added natural compounds and a reduced level of nitrite. The rationale for such innovation relates ...

Iodine(III)-Mediated Selective Intermolecular C-H Amination for the Chemical Diversification of Tryptamines.

Defined hypervalent iodine reagents of the general structure PhI[N(SO2R)SO2R')]2 promote the selective direct C-H-amination of the indole core of various tryptamines. Starting from a general C2-aminat...

Value of General Medical Knowledge Examinations in Performance Assessment of Practicing Physicians With Potential Competence and Performance Deficiencies.

Problems with a physician's performance may arise at any point during their career. As such, there is a need for effective, valid tools and processes to accurately assess and identify deficiencies in ...

Prediction of cancer cell sensitivity to natural products based on genomic and chemical properties.

Natural products play a significant role in cancer chemotherapy. They are likely to provide many lead structures, which can be used as templates for the construction of novel drugs with enhanced antit...

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