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16:27 EDT 30th April 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Stahl Acquires Eagle Performance Products

Dutch group Stahl has acquired US flame retardant specialist Eagle Performance Products for an undisclosed sum. The addition of water-based flame retardants opens up endless opportunities for both tec...

Scientists Track Chemical and Structural Evolution of Catalytic Nanoparticles in 3D

Up-close, real-time, chemical-sensitive 3D imaging offers clues for reducing cost/improving performance of catalysts for fuel-cell-powered vehicles and other applications

Many household products contain antimicrobial chemicals banned from soaps by the FDA

This year marks 20 years since Hasbro was fined for false advertising, claiming their Playskool toys laden with the antimicrobial chemical triclosan would keep kids healthier. It is also the year when...

Plant 'chemical factory' could produce variety of commercial products

(University of York) A 'chemical factory' on the surface of plant leaves could help produce more commercially useful products, researchers at the University of York have found.

GP performance tracker shows where costs could be saved

A new analytical tool enables general practices to be compared with others with a similar patient population to discover how widely they vary in performance and how they might improve.The tool uses......

Nanotechnology enables new insights into chemical reactions

Eighty percent of all products of the chemical industry are manufactured with catalytic processes. Catalysis is also indispensable in energy conversion and treatment of exhaust gases. It is important ...

Common crop chemical leaves bees susceptible to deadly viruses

(Penn State) A chemical that is thought to be safe and is, therefore, widely used on crops -- such as almonds, wine grapes and tree fruits -- to boost the performance of pesticides, makes honey bee la...

Alighten Natural Skin Care Announces the Launch of Luxurious and Natural High Performance Skin Care Products

(PRWEB) February 06, 2017 Alighten Natural Skin Care is thrilled to announce the launch of their luxurious, natural, and non-toxic l...

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A widening gap? Static and dynamic performance differences between specialist and general hospitals.

This paper develops and tests a dynamic model of hospital focus. It does so by tracing the performance trajectories of specialist and general hospitals to identify whether a performance gap exists and...

Overcoming Challenges Facing Advanced Therapies in the EU Market.

While advanced therapy medicinal products offer great clinical promise, most EU-approved products have not achieved satisfactory commercial performance. Here we highlight a number of issues that preve...

Chemical burn to the gingiva after misuse of an over-the-counter oral whitening mouthwash.

A well-recognized consequence of the use of tooth whitening gels and strips, particularly prescription strength formulations, is gingival irritation and tooth sensitivity. Limited information is avail...

NMR chemical shift and J coupling parameterization and quantum mechanical reference spectrum simulation for selected nerve agent degradation products in aqueous conditions.

The spectral parameters of selected nerve agent degradation products relevant to the Chemical Weapons Convention, namely ethyl methylphosphonate, isopropyl methylphosphonate, pinacolyl methylphosphona...

Spectroscopic Characterization of the Reaction Products between Criegee Intermediate CH2OO and HCl.

Pulsed Fourier-transform microwave experiments have been performed to probe the products resulting from the reaction between HCl and the simplest Criegee intermediate, CH₂OO, where the reaction is c...

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