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Eyelid Swelling

Eyelid and conjunctival

Eyelid and Lacrimal Disorders

Tissue Growth Factors BMP 2

The classical tissue factors typically are proteins used for tissue repair and growth stimulation. Among the approved products are the growth factors PDGF, IGF, EGF, BMP and FGF. One of the commercial...

Growth hormone GH

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Eyelid position changes with transcutaneous blepharoplasty

(HealthDay)—Transcutaneous skin-muscle lower eyelid blepharoplasty is associated with a small increase in distance from the pupil and lateral limbus to the lower eyelid margin, according to a study ...

Posterior layer advancement of lower eyelid retractors with transcanthal canthopexy for involutional lower eyelid entropion

Posterior layer advancement of lower eyelid retractors with transcanthal canthopexy for involutional lower eyelid entropion Eye advance online publication, July 15 2016. doi:10.1038/eye.2016...

A Child With Involuntary and Intermittent Eyelid Movements

What is the cause of this boy's intermittent vertical eyelid movement? Medscape Ophthalmology

Higher eyelid asymmetry seen in patients with facial nerve palsy

Patients with facial nerve palsy had a higher eyelid asymmetry, and may have a need for contralateral ptosis surgery, according to recent data published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.“Overall, it i...

VIDEO: Oculoplastic anatomy 101 — Eyelid, lacrimal system and orbit

At Hawaiian Eye, Jeremiah Tao, MD, FACS, gives a case-based presentation on surgical procedures for areas in the eyelid, lacrimal system and orbit.

Figure: PK picture

Endangered TIGER? PK picture FDA's PK analysis of rociletinib from Clovis Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ:CLVS) found that increasing concentrations of the compound did not correlate with increases in objective...

Sean M. Carroll Looks at The Big Picture

Caltech theoretical physicist Sean M. Carroll talks about his new book The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself. (Dutton, 2016)   -- Read more on ScientificAmer...

NovaBay Pharma: An Under-Followed Turnaround Story; Transforming Eyelid Hygiene Into A Prescription Market

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Combined medial canthopexy and lateral tarsal strip for floppy eyelid syndrome.

To describe the eyelid condition known as "floppy eyelid syndrome" and to present the results of our experience treating patients with floppy eyelid syndrome.

Embryologic and Fetal Development of the Human Eyelid.

To review the recent data about eyelid morphogenesis, and outline a timeline for eyelid development from the very early stages during embryonic life till final maturation of the eyelid late in fetal l...

Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma of Eyelid- A Tarnished Masquerade.

Malignant tumours of the face are usually seen in the periocular region, mainly on eyelids most commonly in the inferior eyelid, medial canthus and superior eyelid, respectively. The prime treatment f...

Immunosuppressant-Related Lower Eyelid Edema in Transplant Patients.

Solid organ transplantation is the preferred method of treatment for a number of advanced medical conditions, but it requires systemic immunosuppression to prevent transplant rejection. The authors re...

Association of Eyelid Position and Facial Nerve Palsy With Unresolved Weakness.

Understanding the prevalence and clinical features of eyelid malpositions in facial nerve palsy (FNP) may inform proper management of patients with FNP and supplement our knowledge of eyelid physiolog...

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