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07:45 EDT 27th August 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Moth genitalia is the key to snout grass borers from the Western Hemisphere

(Pensoft Publishers) Two scientists have produced an illustrated key to define the subtle differences between the 41 species of snout moth grass borers that currently dwell in the Western Hemisphere. ...

Vet School research paves the way for improved horse welfare

(University of Bristol) A vision for improving horse welfare has been set out following research carried out by the University of Bristol's School of Veterinary Sciences and funded by World Horse Welf...

BRIEF-Bind Therapeutics says two bidders join Pfizer's stalking horse bid

* Bids are in addition to pfizer inc.'s initial stalking horse bid of approximately $20 million under section 363 of u.s. Bankruptcy code

Research highlights breast pain in horse riders

Thousands of women could be experiencing breast pain while horse riding, according to a new study.

Increasing Seal Pup Numbers Influence Feral-Horse Feeding Habits

Researchers reveal how seals affect vegetation patterns and influence the movement of feral horse populations on Sable Island in Canada.

Scientists pioneer new method to classify praying mantises

Scientists from The Cleveland Museum of Natural History have pioneered a new method to identify praying mantises. They described a new species of leaf-dwelling mantis by establishing a female genitali...

Medical News Today: What is a Charley Horse? Muscle Cramps Explained

Learn all about charley horse, another name for muscle cramp. This article looks at the causes of these cramps that often affect the calf, foot, and toes.

BIND Therapeutics accepts “stalking horse” bid from Pfizer

US biotech firm BIND Therapeutics says it has filed a motion for court approval of a “stalking horse”…

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HORSE SPECIES SYMPOSIUM: Recent advances in the microbiome and physiology of the hindgut of the horse and dog.

Cloning the Horse RNA Polymerase I Promoter and Its Application to Studying Influenza Virus Polymerase Activity.

An influenza virus polymerase reconstitution assay based on the human, dog, or chicken RNA polymerase I (PolI) promoter has been developed and widely used to study the polymerase activity of the influ...

Infection with Possible Novel Parapoxvirus in Horse, Finland, 2013.

A horse in Finland exhibited generalized granulomatous inflammation and severe proliferative dermatitis. After euthanization, we detected poxvirus DNA from a skin lesion sample. The virus sequence gro...

Horse riding as a form of recreation and professional sport taking into account the spine mobility of riders - a preliminary results.

Horse riding becoming increasingly common and popular form of recreation and leisure activities. However, enforced, proper posture while riding a horse, may contribute to decrease mobility of spine an...

A Simultaneous Analytical Method for Duplex Identification of Porcine and Horse in the Meat Products by EvaGreen based Real-time PCR.

A duplex real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based assay for the detection of porcine and horse meat in sausages was designed by using EvaGreen fluorescent dye. Primers were selected from mitoch...

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