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20:21 EST 11th February 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Riding a horse is far more complex than riding simulators

(University of Veterinary Medicine -- Vienna) For equestrian training you do not necessarily need a horse. Riding simulators to train the riders' skills have become available recently. Scientists of t...

BRIEF-Tonghua Golden-horse Pharma's shares to halt trading from Jan 8 pending announcement

Jan 7 (Reuters) - Tonghua Golden-horse Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd

BRIEF-Tonghua Golden-horse Pharma gets regulatory approval to acquire assets

Nov 3 (Reuters) - Tonghua Golden-horse Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd

BRIEF-Tonghua Golden-Horse Pharma gets regulatory approval for asset restructuring

Nov 19 (Reuters) - Tonghua Golden-horse Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd

Sanford Burnham licenses ALS technology to Iron Horse Therapeutics

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute licensed Iron Horse Therapeutics Inc. exclusive rights to its technology around a treatment of ALS by EphA4 modulation.

Improving safety in horse racing—it's all in the data

It is one year since the tragic deaths of jockeys Carly-Mae Pye and Caitlin Forrest in Australia. Since then, horse racing has claimed two more lives – track work riders English-born Lizz Rice and G...

New computer vision algorithm predicts orientation of objects

Seen from any angle, a horse looks like a horse. But it doesn't look the same from every angle. Scientists at Disney Research have developed a method to help computer vision systems avoid the confusio...

BRIEF-Tonghua Golden-Horse Pharma to acquire pharma firm Sanctity for 2.3 bln yuan

Aug 11 (Reuters) - Tonghua Golden-horse Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd

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Horse riding as a form of recreation and professional sport taking into account the spine mobility of riders - a preliminary results.

Horse riding becoming increasingly common and popular form of recreation and leisure activities. However, enforced, proper posture while riding a horse, may contribute to decrease mobility of spine an...

A new species of Niganda Moore, 1879 from Thailand, with descriptions of variation in male genitalia and female facies of N. radialis Moore (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae, Ceirinae).

Niganda phichai Pellinen, sp. n., is described from northern Thailand. The new species is diagnosed and illustrated, including details of the genitalia and DNA sequencing. Variability in the male geni...

A Simultaneous Analytical Method for Duplex Identification of Porcine and Horse in the Meat Products by EvaGreen based Real-time PCR.

A duplex real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based assay for the detection of porcine and horse meat in sausages was designed by using EvaGreen fluorescent dye. Primers were selected from mitoch...

Identification of novel peptides for horse meat speciation in highly processed foodstuffs.

There is a need for robust analytical methods to support enforcement of food labelling legislation. Proteomics is emerging as a complementary methodology to existing tools such as DNA and antibody bas...

NO2(-)-mediated nitrosylation of ferrous microperoxidase-11.

Microperoxidase-11 (MP11) is an undecapeptide derived from horse heart cytochrome c (cyt c) and characterized by a covalently-linked solvent-exposed heme group. Here, kinetics of the NO2(-)-mediated n...

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