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02:47 EDT 26th August 2016 | BioPortfolio

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A microbial perspective of human developmental biology

When most people think of human development, they tend to consider only human cells and organs. Yet there is another facet that involves human-associated microbial communities. A microbial perspective...

More Ancient Viruses Lurk in Human DNA Than Previously Thought

Think your DNA is all human? Think again. And a new discovery suggests it's even less human than scientists previously thought. Nineteen new pieces of non-human DNA -- left by viruses that first infe...

Five myths color the crime of human trafficking

By Ellen Wulfhorst NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Human trafficking can be found in any country, and its victims can be nearly anyone, experts say. Here are five myths about trafficking: MYTH...

NIH Plans to Lift Funding Ban on Human-Animal Hybrids

The U.S. could ease a moratorium on fusing human and animal embryos while restricting human-monkey combinations.

Human Polyomaviruses Screened in Cancer Samples

A new method to screen tumor samples for the presence of any Human polyomavirus has been created and although human...

Funding round brings in $220M for Human Longevity

Human Longevity, a San Diego-based firm working to establish the world's biggest human genome database for eventual use in de -More- 

Human germline gene editing holds great promise, dire possibilities

An international summit on human gene editing recently concluded with a consensus statement to continue basic research in the controversial area, but warned against any clinical trials or human expe...

Scientists create human-pig embryo to harvest human organs for use in transplants

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Researchers at the University of California, Davis combined human stem cells and pig DNA and ...

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Characterisation and Antioxidant Activity of Crude Extract and Polyphenolic Rich Fractions from C. incanus Leaves.

Cistus incanus (Cistaceae) is a Mediterranean evergreen shrub. Cistus incanus herbal teas have been used as a general remedy in traditional medicine since ancient times. Recent studies on the antioxid...

Vulvar Recurrences After Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anus.

The objective is to determine localregional control (LRC), distant metastasis free survival, disease-free survival, overall survival (OS), and toxicity for patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the...

Comparability and reproducibility of adult male anogenital distance measurements for two different methods.

The distance from the genitals to the anus, anogenital distance, reflects androgen concentration during prenatal development in mammals. The use of anogenital distance in human studies is still very l...

A miraculous colonoscopy: from anus to mouth.

Spiralian gastrulation: germ layer formation, morphogenesis, and fate of the blastopore in the slipper snail Crepidula fornicata.

Gastrulation is a critical step in bilaterian development, directly linked to the segregation of germ layers, establishment of axes, and emergence of the through-gut. Theories about the evolution of g...

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