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Lymphatic Malformations

Peripheral Venous and Lymphatic Disorders

Bancroftian and Brugian Lymphatic Filariasis

Tropical Medicine

Tropical Medicine is the study of diseases more commonly found in tropical regions than elsewhere. Examples of these diseases are malaria, yellow fever, Chagas disease, Dengue, Helminths, African tr...

Sphingosine 1 Phosphate S1P

Sphingosine-1-phospate (S1P) is a phospholipid released by platelets, mast and other cells. It is now known that S1P stimulates at least five different G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs): S1P1, S1P2,...

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Improving lymphatic function protects mice from experimental colitis

Chronic inflammatory bowel disease can be painful and debilitating. Both genetics and environment are thought to promote disease, but it is not fully understood how chronic IBD develops. Emerging evid...

Anti-cancer lymphatic drugs show potential

Researchers at the University of Auckland are using zebrafish embryos to investigate potential medicines that will inhibit the spread of some cancers via the lymphatic system.

ArcStar Med featured in Holistic Primary Care

A new therapeutic device known as LET (Lymphatic Enhancement Technology) is putting the lymphatic system squarely in the center of the health and wellness equation. http://origin.library.constantconta...

Report: Drug developers drawn to orphan drugs market, create competitive pipelines

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan's Product and Pipeline Assessment of the Global Orphan Drugs Market identifies rare cancers as the orphan therapeutic area with the highest level of drug development...

Lymphatic Education & Research Network Announces Receipt of NY State Grant

Substantial grant will contribute toward development of LE&RN’s National Lymphatic Disease Patient Registry and Tissue Bank Lymphatic Education & Research Network (L...

Lasers, night-vision technology help improve imaging of hidden lymphatic system

Detecting lymphedema early, before swelling occurs, would lead to better outcomes for patients, but the major barrier preventing early diagnosis is the lack of high-resolution imaging techniques that...

[Review] China's sustained drive to eliminate neglected tropical diseases

Non-communicable diseases dominate the public health arena in China, yet neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are still widespread and create a substantial burden. We review the geographical distributio...

Lymphatic invasion indicates prognosis for lung cancer patients

The presence of lymphatic invasion indicates a worse prognosis for patients with pathologically node-positive lung adenocarcinoma, compared with its absence, indicate Japanese study findings.

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Inflammation-induced lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic dysfunction.

The lymphatic system is intimately linked to tissue fluid homeostasis and immune cell trafficking. These functions are paramount in the establishment and development of an inflammatory response. In th...

Imaging the Lymphatic System.

Visualization of the lymphatic system is clinically necessary during diagnosis or treatment of many conditions and diseases; it is used for identifying and monitoring lymphedema, for detecting metasta...

Cutaneous lymphatic malformation characterized by swelling of digits: a report of six cases.

Cutaneous lymphatic malformations represent a group of heterogeneous diseases. In clinical practice, some cases of cutaneous lymphatic malformation have been found to differ from the well-characterize...

Comparison of Three Quality of Life Instruments in Lymphatic Filariasis: DLQI, WHODAS 2.0, and LFSQQ.

The Global Program to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis aims to interrupt transmission of lymphatic filariasis and manage morbidity in people currently living with the disease. A component of morbidity m...

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of lymphatic vascular maturation.

Lymphatic vasculature is necessary for maintaining fluid homeostasis in vertebrates. During embryogenesis lymphatic endothelial cells originate from the veins as a homogeneous population. These cells...

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