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01:04 EDT 30th July 2014 | BioPortfolio

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Stroke CVA

A stroke is a cerebrovascular accident that results in inadequate blood flow to part of the brain, starving it of oxygen and causing immediate and irreversible changes to the neurones. If affects 15...

Ischemic Stroke

Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke, previously known medically as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is the rapidly developing loss of brain function(s) due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. This can be due to...

Vascular Dementia

Vascular Dementia accounts for 25% of all dementias (the second most commen cause after Alzheimers. It is the cumulative effects of many small strokes - patients often have evidence of vascular path...

Parkinsonian symptoms

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Medical News Today: Stroke: the risks, symptoms and increasing awareness

Stroke affects 15 million people each year, but many are unaware of its symptoms. In line with Stroke Awareness Month, we look at the warning signs and risks of the condition.

Warning over mini-stroke risk

Thousands of people are putting their lives at risk by dismissing mini-strokes as “a funny turn”, a charity has warned.

Treating stroke with IV magnesium within an hour of symptoms fails to improve outcomes

In the first study of its kind, a consortium led by UCLA physicians found that giving stroke patients intravenous magnesium within an hour of symptom onset does not improve stroke outcomes, according...

Stroke Often Missed In ER, Study Finds

Early signs and symptoms of stroke are often missed by emergency department doctors, a new study finds. Every year, tens of thousands of Americans with symptoms such as dizziness or headache are misd...

tPA can improve chances of recovering from stroke

When the clock starts ticking after the onset of stroke symptoms, access to a neurologist is crucial. Quickly diagnosing a stroke allows for the administration of lifesaving tPA (tissue plasminogen ac...

Intravenous magnesium fails to improve stroke-related disability

Giving intravenous magnesium to stroke patients soon after the start of symptoms, in an attempt to protect brain cells deprived of oxygen, failed to improve stroke-related disability 3 months later, a...

New cause of brain bleeding immediately after stroke identified

By discovering a new mechanism that allows blood to enter the brain immediately after a stroke, researchers have opened the door to new therapies that may limit or prevent stroke-induced brain damage....

Adding uric acid to standard stroke clot busters reduces stroke disability

Giving stroke patients uric acid along with standard clot-busting medication within 4.5 hours of first symptoms appears safe and effective at limiting disability, according to late-breaking science pr...

Matching PubMed Articles

Could (18) F-DPA-714 PET imaging be interesting to use in the early post-stroke period?

Cerebral stroke is a severe and frequent condition that requires rapid and reliable diagnosis. If administered shortly after the first symptoms manifest themselves, IV thrombolysis has been shown to i...

Knowledge of Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke among Singapore Residents.

Aim. To determine the level of knowledge of signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke in Singapore resident population, in comparison to the global community. Methods. A population based, random s...

Rapid Short MRI Sequence Useful in Eliminating Stroke Mimics Among Acute Stroke Patients Considered for Intravenous Thrombolysis.

Acute stroke teams are challenged by IV-tPA decision making in patients with acute neurological symptoms when the diagnosis is unclear. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ability of the rap...

Wave characteristics in breaststroke technique with and without snorkel use.

The purpose of this paper was to examine the characteristics of waves generated when swimming with and without the use of Aquatrainer® snorkels. Eight male swimmers performed two maximal bouts of 25...

The Irish national stroke awareness campaign: a stroke of success?

Mass media campaigns are widely used to expose large populations to health-risk behaviour messages through routine uses of media. The Act F.A.S.T stroke campaign, which highlights the symptoms of stro...

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