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17:15 EDT 27th August 2014 | BioPortfolio

Original Source: Viewpoints: The Case For Gov't Shutdown Over Obamacare; Tea Partiers Vs. GOP 'Establishment Types'; Preview Of Oct. 1

The Wall Street Journal: The Only Way to Stop ObamaCare Is To Cut Off Its Funding So the fight to stop ObamaCare now is an urgent matter. Elected leaders in both parties should summon the courage to put their political futures on the line, because the future of America is truly on the line. Politicians who oppose ObamaCare should not vote to fund it. ... a failure of Republicans to show the courage of their convictions on such a fundamental issue will inspire no one and will further alienate the American p...

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The hidden costs of Obamacare

Labor unions have been reliable supporters of President Obama and his policies. Their support for Obamacare was critical to its passage in 2010. Yet they are continuing to learn that their members w...

Health Insurers' Revenue Growing Under Obamacare: Can It Continue?

By Daniel Jennings:The TTM revenue figures indicate that Obamacare has turned out to be a very good deal for health insurance companies. Unfortunately lawsuits could put an end to that growth and turn...

Expecting A Breakout Year For OxySure

By Jason Napodano: On April 16, 2014, OxySure Systems (OTCQB:OXYS) reported fourth quarter and full year financial results for the period ending December 31, 2013. Revenues in the fourth quarter 2013...

UPDATE 3-Aetna says early months of Obamacare better than feared

(New throughout, updates with executive comments on Obamacare)

UPDATE 2-Obama's health secretary resigns after Obamacare launch woes

(Adds background about problems with Obamacare, comment from Senator Alexander)

Will the attacks on Obamacare lead to a single-payer system?

The unrelenting opposition by American conservatives to Obamacare may have the unintended consequence of leading the United States to a single-payer system like Canada’s. How’s that, you say? Isn...

The Battle to Topple Obamacare Heats Up; More

The fight to overturn Obamacare; a possible setback in malpractice; an encouraging trend for some doctors; acceding to a patient's wishes?; and more. Medscape Business of Medicine

Medical News Today: How will Obamacare affect rates of inpatient surgery?

New research led by the University of Michigan estimates that Obamacare may lead to almost half a million additional discretionary surgical procedures by 2017.

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The health of healthcare, Part IV: Standing before the court.

In 2012, when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, the law had not been implemented. No one was directly affected by the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act until January 2014. After...

Rapid emotional processing in relation to trauma-related symptoms as revealed by magnetic source imaging.

Traumatic stress leads to functional reorganization in the brain and may trigger an alarm response. However, when the traumatic event produces severe helplessness, the predominant peri-traumatic respo...

AJM Ventures into 'Obamacare': Shopping the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

Obamacare: why should we care?

The simultaneous opening of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces across the fifty states and a government shutdown.

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