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Subungual hematoma and nail bed trauma

Spinal Subdural or Epidural Hematoma


A tumor or tumour is the name for a neoplasm or a solid lesion formed by an abnormal growth of cells (termed neoplastic) which looks like a swelling. Tumor is not synonymous with cancer. A tumor can...


Stridor is a high pitched wheezing sound resulting from turbulent air flow in the upper airway. It is primarily inspiratory. It can be indicative of serious airway obstruction from severe conditions...

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is a carcinomatous cancer occurring in many different organs, including the skin, lips, mouth, esophagus, urinary bladder, prostate, lungs, vagina, and cervix. It is a ...

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FDA Warns Of Severe Bleeding, Hematoma Risks With Baxter Vascu-Guard Patch

FDA issued a warning of multiple severe bleeding and hematoma adverse events associated with Baxter International’s Vascu-Guard peripheral vascular patch...  

US FDA Warns Of Severe Bleeding, Hematoma Risks With Baxter Vascu-Guard Patch

The agency issued a warning of multiple severe bleeding and hematoma adverse events associated with Baxter International’s Vascu-Guard peripheral vascular...   

The Wikipedia of blood cell types

Researchers from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have developed an online database that maps the expression of the body’s 20,000 genes in 54 different blood cell types. Said to be like Wikipedi...

Cuba is waging an organized, intrusive war on Zika. It’s working

In Cuba, the fight against Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases is hyper-organized, intrusive, and remarkably effective.

The cure for a poor historian? A good medical record

Think keeping your life organized is hard? Try keeping your doctors organized. In this era of fragmented health care, patients find themselves in the impossible position of having to coordinate their ...

Just give me some privacy

(Drexel University) Not everyone who strives to navigate the internet without being tracked is up to no good. This is the underlying premise of a qualitative study led by a trio of Drexel University r...

Acute Aortic Dissection and Intramural Hematoma

This narrative review summarizes published evidence on diagnosis and management of acute aortic syndromes with a focus on the evolving roles of medical therapy vs TEVAR vs a traditional open surgical ...

Visceral motor neuron diversity delineates a cellular basis for nipple- and pilo-erection muscle control

The sympathetic system maintains a physiological balance, adjusts bodily functions during daily living activities, and can activate stress responses. The authors identify a variety of unique sympathet...

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Why Medical Schools Should Embrace Wikipedia: Final-Year Medical Student Contributions to Wikipedia Articles for Academic Credit at One School.

Most medical students use Wikipedia as an information source, yet medical schools do not train students to improve Wikipedia or use it critically.

Temporal patterns of scientific information-seeking on Google and Wikipedia.

In response to the news coverage of scientific events and to science education, people increasingly go online to get more information. This study investigates how patterns of science and technology in...

Rapid onset mediastinal hematoma due to vertebral fracture and review of relevant literature.

Patients with vertebral fractures are frequently encountered and those with thoracic and lumbar spine fractures are likely to have associated injuries. Detection of a widened mediastinum after trauma ...

Report of a case with a spontaneous mesenteric hematoma that ruptured into the small intestine.

A spontaneous mesenteric hematoma is a rare condition. Furthermore, it is extremely rare that the mesenteric hematoma caused gastrointestinal bleeding with an unknown etiology. We experienced a case w...

Idiopathic adrenal hematoma mimicking neoplasia: A case report.

Adrenal haemorrhage is a relatively rare condition. If there is not a specific ethology describing adrenal hematoma, then, this is termed as 'idiopathic adrenal hematoma'.

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