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05:12 EST 4th December 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Paintball players should watch out for eye injuries

(Reuters Health) - Paintball and air guns account for one in 10 sports-related eye injuries and one-quarter of cases with vision impairment, a U.S. study suggests.

Paintball Causes Many Vision-Robbing Eye Injuries

THURSDAY, Nov. 4, 2016 -- Paintball guns pose the greatest risk of vision loss among the sports most commonly associated with eye injuries, a new study finds. Basketball, cycling and baseball injuries...

Fireworks and the Dangers They Pose to Your Eyes

Nearly 400 people lose sight in one or both eyes due to fireworks injuries every year

AAO shares tips on preventing July 4th fireworks eye injuries

Eye injuries related to fireworks have doubled since 2012, according to an American Academy of Ophthalmology press release that offered tips on staying safe during the July 4th holiday.There were 1,30...

3-D imaging of muscles points to potential treatments for muscle diseases and injuries

Eight million people per year in the UK suffer from muscular diseases and injuries including muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, exercise-related injuries, rotator cuff tears, and age-related muscle l...

Hockey-related brain injuries down among children following bodychecking ban in Canada

Body: Provinces in Canada have reported that fewer kids are being admitted to emergency rooms (ERs) due to hockey-related brain injuries since bodychecking was banned for children ages 11-12 thre...

Kids most likely to suffer sport-related eye injuries

Roughly 30,000 sports-related eye injuries serious enough to end in a visit to the emergency room occur each year in the United States, and the majority happen to those under the age of 18, new Johns ...

Many alcohol-related injuries occur at home

(Wiley) Of all alcohol-related injuries in various public hospital emergency departments in Queensland, Australia, more occurred at home than at licensed premises.

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Effects of Tear Gases on the Eye.

Chemical agents that target the eyes have been a popular choice for law enforcement during riots and for military training for nearly a century. The most commonly used agents are chloroacetophenone (C...

Long work hours and chronic insomnia are associated with needlestick and sharps injuries among hospital nurses in Taiwan: A national survey.

Needlestick and sharps injuries are prevalent work-related injuries among nurses. Safety devices prevent only one-quarter of related injuries. More studies of modifiable risk factors are needed.

Selective Self-Presentation and Social Comparison Through Photographs on Social Networking Sites.

Through social media and camera phones, users enact selective self-presentation as they choose, edit, and post photographs of themselves (such as selfies) to social networking sites for an imagined au...

Workers' Memorial Day - April 28, 2016.

Workers' Memorial Day, observed annually on April 28, recognizes workers who suffered or died because of exposures to hazards at work. In 2014, 4,679 U.S. workers died from work-related injuries. Alth...

Clobazam-treated patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome experienced fewer seizure-related injuries than placebo patients during trial OV-1012.

Drop seizures are especially problematic in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) because of their potential for serious injury. In this post hoc analysis of phase 3 OV-1012 data, a medical revi...

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