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Patterns of ocular injury from paintball trauma

Patterns of ocular injury from paintball trauma Eye advance online publication, July 11 2014. doi:10.1038/eye.2014.149 Authors: V L Tseng, J G Linakis, M J Mello & P B Greenberg

Medical News Today: Firework-related injuries 'up 30% on previous year' - are relaxed laws to blame?

Although firework-related injuries have been falling since 2000, a new report finds that injuries rose unexpectedly by 30% in 2013 - 65% of which happened around 4th of July.

Health Tip: Protect Your Eyes at Work

-- Eye injuries are common in the workplace, particularly in environments exposed to projectiles, inclement weather or chemicals. The American Optometric Association says you can protect your eyes by:...

Fireworks lead to millions in health costs for amputations

One report of seven states revealed that the cost of stay for those hospitalized due to a fireworks-related amputation of a finger, thumb or lower arm, was $15,600. Total costs for all fireworks-relat...

Medical News Today: Toy-related injuries in US increase by 40%

A new study finds that between 1990-2011, the rate of toy-related injuries in children rose by 40% in the US, with foot-powered scooters to blame for most of this increase.

Medical News Today: Injuries related to toys increase by 40% in the US

A new study finds that between 1990-2011, the rate of toy-related injuries in children rose by 40% in the US, with foot-powered scooters to blame for most of this increase.

Seizure-Related Injuries Relatively Low in Children

Study of injuries over 27 years showed that 12% of patients with epilepsy had at least one significant injury, most occurring during normal daily activities. Medscape Medical News

Research May Help Prevent Eye Injuries Among Soldiers

By K.C. Gonzalez, University of Texas at San Antonio Researchers at UTSA are discovering that the current protective eyewear used by our US armed forces might not be adequate to protect soldiers exp...

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Sports related ocular injuries.

Every year > 600,000 sports and recreation related eye injuries occur, out of which roughly 13,500 of these result in permanent loss of sight. Up to 90% of these sports related eye injuries are preven...

MRI of Sports-Related Peripheral Nerve Injuries.

OBJECTIVE. Sports-related peripheral nerve injuries are common among athletes and are often underrecognized because of symptom overlap with more usual sports-related bone, soft-tissue, and joint injur...

Epidemiology of work-related injuries among construction workers of ilam (Western iran) during 2006 - 2009.

Work-related injuries are the most important cause of work absence, disability, retirement, mutilation, and even mortality. In Iran a great number of work-related injuries are occurred in construction...

Work related injuries in Washington State's Trucking Industry, by industry sector and occupation.

The trucking industry continues to have some of the highest work-related injury and illness rates and costs of any industry in the United States. Until recently, little focus has been placed on addres...

Public Bicycle Share Programs and Head Injuries.

Objectives. We evaluated the effect of North American public bicycle share programs (PBSPs), which typically do not offer helmets with rentals, on the occurrence of bicycle-related head injuries. Meth...

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