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20:31 EDT 20th October 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Peyronie's Disease

PD can affect men both physically and psychosocially.  The disorder can result in varying degrees of penile curvature deformity, disease bother, sexual dysfunction, emotional distress, loss of ...

Sperm Disorders

A sperm is the male reproductive component that fertilizes an egg. Sperm are of a surprising low quality, but additional problems can hinder reproductive efforts. The sperm may be unable to swim s...

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Doctors ‘cautiously optimistic’ about first ever penis transplant in US

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A man whose penis was removed because of cancer has received the first penis transplant in t...

How to have sex with a hyper-long penis—getting to the tip of the problem

Many male insects, especially beetles, possess a penis sometimes several times longer than their entire body length, but how do they have sex with it? A recent study has found that male beetles keep t...

How to have sex with a hyper-long penis -- getting to the tip of the problem

(Society for Experimental Biology) Many male insects, especially beetles, possess a penis sometimes several times longer than their entire body length, but how do they have sex with it? A recent study...

First US Penis Transplant

A man who lost his penis due to cancer has received the organ from a deceased donor.

Man Receives First Penis Transplant in the United States

A Massachusetts man who had lost his penis to cancer underwent the operation as part of a program that ultimately aims to help combat veterans.

First Successful Penis Transplant Surgery Raises Unusual Questions

Among them, how do organ procurement teams approach a dying patient's loved ones to ask if they would like to donate their son's or husband's penis?

Harried flight, marathon surgery behind first US penis transplant

When an organ became available for the first ever US penis transplant, almost every last urologist in the country was at a conference in San Diego.

First penis transplant surgery in the US carried out in Boston

In a 15-hour procedure earlier this month, a man received a penis transplant from a deceased donor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Evolution: One Penis After All.

Amniote penises come in many shapes but are missing from the basal tuatara. This has been taken as evidence for multiple evolutionary origins of the penis. Now, genital swellings have been found in tu...

Acute Ischemia of the Glans Penis after Circumcision Treated with Hyperbaric Therapy and Pentoxifylline: Case Report and Revision of the Literature.

Acute severe ischemia of glans penis after circumcision is a very rare event and, if not treated, can lead to irreversible necrosis with severe consequences such as loss of part of the penis. The poss...

Effects of modified penoplasty for concealed penis in children.

To evaluate the effect of modified penoplasty in the management of concealed penis.

A rare case of concurrent penile and spinal schwannomas.

Schwannoma of the penis is extremely rare. This is the case of a young male who presented with pain on sexual intercourse, multiple lumps on the dorsal shaft of his penis, as well as a temporal headac...

Linear ectopic sebaceous hyperplasia of the penis: the last memory of Tyson's glands.

Pathologists who find ectopic glands on the glans and/or on the prepuce, often describe them as Tyson's glands. In this regard, the term Tyson's glands can be replaced by two different descriptive exp...

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