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19:43 EDT 31st July 2014 | BioPortfolio

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The Dogs that Smell Breath to Monitor Diabetes

(BBC) – Guide dogs stop you bumping into things, assistance dogs can pull your clothes out of the washing machine. But medical detection dogs can keep you alive. These dogs have been specially t...

Triaging borderline/mild dyskaryotic Pap cytology with p16/Ki-67 dual-stained cytology testing: cross-sectional and longitudinal outcome study

Hepatocellular carcinoma arising in adenoma: similar immunohistochemical and cytogenetic features in adenoma and hepatocellular carcinoma portions of the tumor

Expert Parotid Surgeon Babak Larian, MD, FACS Discusses the Diagnosis of Salivary Gland Cancer

Director of the CENTER for Advanced Parotid Surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Babak Larian, shares his knowledge of salivary gland cancer and how to diagnose the disease. Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) Februar...

Dogs get especially jealous of other dogs, study finds

Dogs show jealousy when their owners spend time with what appears to be another dog, suggesting that the emotion may have survivalist roots, US researchers said Wednesday.

Expert consensus document: A consensus on the medical treatment of acromegaly

Acromegaly usually occurs owing to a growth-hormone-secreting adenoma in the pituitary gland, which leads to metabolic and anatomical changes in the patient. This Expert Consensus Document outlines th...

The transcription factor GATA6 enables self-renewal of colon adenoma stem cells by repressing BMP gene expression

Batlle and colleagues explore the mechanisms controlling colorectal cancer initiation. They show that GATA6 promotes adenoma stem cell self-renewal and tumour formation by inhibiting BMP signalling.

New Vaccine May Give Dogs a Second Chance

A groundbreaking new treatment is prolonging the lives of dogs with osteosarcoma. This research may also someday help people suffering from cancer.

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Pleomorphic Adenoma of Minor Salivary Gland in a 14 year Old Child.

Salivary gland tumours are rare in childhood, and almost all of them occur in parotid gland. Minor salivary gland tumours are even rarer, pleomorphic adenoma being the most frequently found tumour. On...

Pleomorphic adenoma presenting with conductive hearing loss in the ear canal: a case report and review of the literature.

Pleomorphic adenoma accounts for 65 percent of all salivary gland tumors. It has been identified in several anatomical regions, but pleomorphic adenoma arising in the ear canal, first described in 195...

Brunners gland hiperplasia. Report of two cases.

Brunner’s gland hyperplasia is an infrequent benign injury located on the first or second portion of the duodenum. The disease spectrum includes diffuse nodular hyperplasia, circumscribed nodul...

The involvement of growth differentiation factor 5 (GDF5) and aggrecan in the epithelial-mesenchymal transition of salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma.

Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common salivary gland tumor with annual incidence of 2-3.5÷100 000 in population. The histogenesis of salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma is still unclear. One concept...

A case of Basal cell adenoma of the upper lip.

Basal cell adenoma is a rare type of benign salivary gland tumor found most commonly in the parotid gland. We present a rare case of basal cell adenoma arising in the minor salivary gland of the upper...

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