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There are many different types of Uveitis. This is because: * The Uvea is made up of different parts. So if the iris is affected, the condition and its treatment could be totally different to when...

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Transgender woman takes selfie with unwitting Republican Governor behind transphobic bathroom bill

A transgender woman took a picture with an unwitting Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott ahead of a transphobic bathroom bill he supports. Mr Abbott appeared to be unaware that Ashley Smith of San ...

An intimate look at the mechanics of dolphin sex

Earth's creatures outwardly display an astonishing diversity of genitalia and mating behavior, but the intricate details of how genitalia interact during copulation has remained largely mysterious. In...

Watch dogs 2 genitalia unblocked

Dark green leafy vegetables, eczema often develops on the arms or on the areas behind the knees. Most job seekers don’t look for specific perks, I have found that tanning in tanning beds does he...

Transgender TV characters have the power to shape audience attitudes

(Springer) Watching transgender characters on fictional TV shows has the power to influence attitudes toward transgender people and policy issues, according to new research from USC Annenberg. The res...

Transgender Actors School Med Students in Appropriate Care

Transgender actors can help residents learn to provide better, more sensitive care to transgender patients. Medscape Medical News

Transgender military personnel sue Trump over service ban

Five transgender members of the U.S. military including Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans sued President Donald Trump on Wednesday, challenging his ban on transgender people serving in the armed force...

An insider's guide to being transgender in prison

During the past 18 months, three openly transgender women have taken their own lives in custody in England: Vikki Thompson, Joanne Latham and Jenny Swift. Their deaths speak of the difficulties that t...

Trump’s transgender military ban prompts discussion on treatment costs, burden

The decision by President Donald Trump to reinstitute a ban on transgender adults serving in the U.S. military, citing “tremendous medical costs,” has brought criticism from endocrinologists, who ...

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Cancer in Transgender People: Evidence and Methodological Considerations.

Transgender people comprise a diverse group of individuals whose gender identity or expression differs from that originally assigned to them at birth. Some, but not all, transgender people elect to un...

Outcome and Impact Evaluation of a Transgender Health Course for Health Profession Students.

Being transgender is associated with numerous health disparities, and transgender individuals face mistreatment and discrimination in healthcare settings. At the same time, healthcare professionals re...

Fertility options in transgender and gender diverse adolescents.

Transgender coverage in media is becoming more commonplace and children and adolescents from resource-rich countries are accessing transgender healthcare at an exponentially increasing rate. What fact...

Transgender Demographics: A Household Probability Sample of US Adults, 2014.

To estimate the proportion of US adults who identify as transgender and to compare the demographics of the transgender and nontransgender populations.

'Driving to the edge of the cliff': transgender mental health.

Three years ago a member of our family disclosed that they were transgender. The umbrella term transgender refers to 'a significant minority of people whose gender expression or identity differs from ...

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