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There are many different types of Uveitis. This is because: * The Uvea is made up of different parts. So if the iris is affected, the condition and its treatment could be totally different to when...

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An intimate look at the mechanics of dolphin sex

Earth's creatures outwardly display an astonishing diversity of genitalia and mating behavior, but the intricate details of how genitalia interact during copulation has remained largely mysterious. In...

Why bathroom bills are important

When I was growing up, RuPaul was all I knew of transgender anything.  She was tall, flamboyant, charming, and I would look at her and try to see the man underneath the drag.  I didn’t know the de...

Transgender Actors School Med Students in Appropriate Care

Transgender actors can help residents learn to provide better, more sensitive care to transgender patients. Medscape Medical News

An insider's guide to being transgender in prison

During the past 18 months, three openly transgender women have taken their own lives in custody in England: Vikki Thompson, Joanne Latham and Jenny Swift. Their deaths speak of the difficulties that t...

New research shows split on how people consider transgender rights issues

(University of Kansas) Study on transgender rights issues found significant support for protection of general civil rights for transgender people, but public opinion is more divided on policies that r...

Caring for HIV positive transgender patients

Shalom Delhi is a non-profit organisation caring for HIV positive transgender patients in Delhi. The rate of HIV infection amongst transgender persons is high however they are also highly stigmatise...

Increased rates of suicidal thoughts and attempts among transgender adults reported

Suicidal thoughts and attempts by adult transgender individuals were 14 and 22 times higher, respectively, than rates for the general public, according to a new study published in Transgender Health.

A Transgender Learning Gap in the Emergency Room

A surprised gasp during a physical exam underscores the need for better medical training on transgender health.

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Cancer in Transgender People: Evidence and Methodological Considerations.

Transgender people comprise a diverse group of individuals whose gender identity or expression differs from that originally assigned to them at birth. Some, but not all, transgender people elect to un...

Outcome and Impact Evaluation of a Transgender Health Course for Health Profession Students.

Being transgender is associated with numerous health disparities, and transgender individuals face mistreatment and discrimination in healthcare settings. At the same time, healthcare professionals re...

Transgender Demographics: A Household Probability Sample of US Adults, 2014.

To estimate the proportion of US adults who identify as transgender and to compare the demographics of the transgender and nontransgender populations.

'Driving to the edge of the cliff': transgender mental health.

Three years ago a member of our family disclosed that they were transgender. The umbrella term transgender refers to 'a significant minority of people whose gender expression or identity differs from ...

Parenting Intentions Among Transgender Individuals.

We know very little about how transgender people create their families and the issues involved in these decisions. This qualitative study explored the parenting intentions and desires of 32 self-ident...

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