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Congenital Diseases

Congenital conditions are those which are present from birth. They include structural deformities or loss of function in organs such as the heart, gut or skeletal system. They can be corrected by su...

Orbital Diseases

Skin diseases

Multisystem diseases

Zoonotic Diseases

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How Cattle are Being Used in the Fight Against Ebola

When looking at cattle, you may have a tendency to think steak or hamburger. However, those in the field of animal biotechnology are working on products that will have you looking at cattle in a com...

Cattle parasite study points to possible way to fight malaria

LONDON, March 20 (Reuters) - Herds of African cattle may hold the secret to new ways of fighting parasitic diseases like malaria, which kills some 600,000 people a year, scientists said on Friday.

Cattle code cracked in detail

(Aarhus University) By creating a global database an international consortium of scientists has increased the detailed knowledge of the variation in the cattle genome by several orders of magnitude. T...

Genetically Modified Cattle with Human DNA Might Hold Ebola Cure

(NBC News) – On a farm outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a herd of cloned, genetically engineered cattle are busy incubating antibodies against the Ebola virus. Researchers hope the cattle R...

Researchers put mouse gene in cattle to make them less susceptible to TB

( —A team of researchers working at Northwest A&F University in China has found that introducing a particular mouse gene into cattle can give them better protection against tuberculosis. In...

African parasite that spreads poverty by killing cattle tamed by its less lethal cousins

(Burness Communications) African cattle infected with a lethal parasite that kills one million cows per year are less likely to die when co-infected with the parasite's milder cousin, according to a n...

Cattle damage to riverbanks can be undone

(Springer) Removing cattle may be all that is required to restore degraded riverside areas in the American West. These are the findings of Jonathan Batchelor and William Ripple of Oregon State Univers...

Cattle parasite found to be widespread

WA researchers have discovered widespread resistance to roundworm treatments across south-west beef cattle farms.

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Pyrethroid Treatment of Cattle for Tsetse Control: Reducing Its Impact on Dung Fauna.

African trypansomiases of humans and animals can be controlled by attacking the vectors, various species of tsetse fly. Treatment of cattle with pyrethroids to kill tsetse as they feed is the most cos...

Characterization of sheep pox virus vaccine for cattle against lumpy skin disease virus.

Lumpy skin disease is of significant economic impact for the cattle industry in Africa. The disease is currently spreading aggressively in the Near East, posing a threat of incursion to Europe and Asi...

The effect of western juniper on the estrous cycle in beef cattle.

Numerous evergreen trees and shrubs contain labdane acids, including isocupressic acid, which can cause late-term abortions in cattle. Recent research has shown that the bark from western juniper tree...

Occurrence of haemoparasites in cattle in Monduli district, northern Tanzania.

Haemoparasite infections are among the most economically important cattle diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. The present study investigated the occurrence of haemoparasites in 295 indigenous cattle from ...

Seroprevalance of brucellosis, listeriosis and toxoplasmosis in cattle in adana province of Turkey.

This study was conducted to identify the seroprevalance of diseases which are zoonotic and responsible from abortion such as toxoplasmosis, listeriosis and brucellosis in Holstein crossbred cattle of ...

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