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NonNucleic Acid?Based Identification Methods

B cell activating factor of the TNF family BAFF

Treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

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Critical Moment for Family Planning as Funds Come Under Pressure

(The Guardian) – Countries with the lowest take-up of contraception will need to increase spending on family planning to meet international targets. At the halfway point of Family Planning 2020 ...

Male Attendance at Title X Family Planning Clinics

Are low-income men taking advantage of family planning and related preventive health services made available to them at Title X clinics? Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report

Chinese Women Head Overseas Freeze Their Eggs

(New York Times) – According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China, assisted reproductive technologies are denied to “single women and couples who are not in line with...

Federal Agencies Issue More Family Planning Rules

Federal agencies are continuing to issue regulations and guidance with a sense of urgency, and, in several cases, the implications for family planning care may be profound.

Cloning Methods: 5 Different Ways to Assemble

Over the past few decades molecular biologists have developed procedures to simplify and standardize cloning processes, allowing vast arrays of artificial DNA structures to be more easily assembled. A...

Translating Artificial Intelligence Into Clinical Care

Artificial intelligence has become a frequent topic in the news cycle, with reports of breakthroughs in speech recognition, computer vision, and textual understanding that have made their way into a b...

Get the Latest Guidance on Zika Virus In the Family Planning Setting

Clinicians can get up to speed on the latest strategies for Zika virus prevention, as well as implement the latest guidance surrounding Zika in the family planning setting, with new webinars hosted by...

Using ecosystem services in municipality planning: Lessons from Sweden

(Pensoft Publishers) In the context of increasing land use and climate change, municipality planning faces a growing challenge finding a sustainable balance between different actions to accommodate ci...

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A community-based, mixed-methods study of the attitudes and behaviors of men regarding modern family planning in Nigeria.

To investigate the knowledge, attitudes, and extent of involvement of men in family planning in Nigeria, and to evaluate spousal communication regarding family planning.

Counseling Women and Couples on Family Planning: A Randomized Study in Jordan.

This article evaluates the effects of involving men in family planning counseling in Jordan using a randomized experiment. We randomly assigned a sample of 1,247 married women to receive women-only co...

How often are parents counseled about family planning during pediatric visits? Results of a nationally representative sample.

Maternal family planning plays an important role in child, maternal and family health; children's health care providers are in a unique position to counsel adult caregivers regarding contraception and...

Using Brain Potentials to Functionally Localise Stroop-Like Effects in Colour and Picture Naming: Perceptual Encoding versus Word Planning.

The colour-word Stroop task and the picture-word interference task (PWI) have been used extensively to study the functional processes underlying spoken word production. One of the consistent behaviour...

Family planning knowledge, attitudes and practices in refugee and migrant pregnant and post-partum women on the Thailand-Myanmar border - a mixed methods study.

Lack of data in marginalized populations on knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) hampers efforts to improve modern contraceptive practice. A mixed methods study to better understand family plannin...

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