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Pinworm Infestation

Pediculosis - louse (lice) infestation

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   See also: Head Lice - Infestation, Diagnosis and Treatment.  

Body lice

Body lice are tiny parasites (Pediculus humanus corporis) that spread through close contact with other people. There are three types of lice: Body lice Head lice Pubic lice This ar...

Pubic lice

Pubic lice are small, six-legged creatures that infect the pubic hair area and lay eggs. These lice can also be found in armpit hair and eyebrows. Causes, incidence, and risk factors Pubic lice ...

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Nestle USA Inc. Recalls Chicken Pizza And Chicken Lasagna Products Due To Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Nestle USA Inc. is recalling approximately 267,024 pounds of chicken pizza products, produced at its Little Chute, Wisconsin establishment, and chicken lasagna products.

Insecticide increases effect of varroa mite

Honeybees infected with the Varroa destructor mite have less stamina than those which have been effectively treated against the parasite. Additional exposure to the insecticide Imidacloprid further in...

Dust Mite Allergen a Possible Player in Intestinal Disease

House dust mite (HDM) allergen promotes inflammation and gut permeability in humans, according to new findings. Reuters Health Information

Victory Kitchens Ltd. Recalls Products Containing Chicken From An Ineligible Country

Victory Kitchens, a Toronto, Ontario, Canada firm, is recalling approximately 4,672 pounds of chicken noodle soup products that contain chicken from a country that is not eligible to send product to t...

Dramatically dynamic genomic evolution of a mighty mite

Sequencing and comparative analysis of the genome of the Western Orchard predatory mite has revealed intriguingly-extreme genomic evolutionary dynamics through an international research effort co-led ...

Forget mosquito repellent! Sleeping next to a CHICKEN will keep the blood-sucking insects at bay – Daily Mail

Daily MailForget mosquito repellent! Sleeping next to a CHICKEN will keep the blood-sucking insects at bayDaily MailIf you're tired of slathering yourself with smelly chemical mosquito repellent and w...

New insights on how bees battle deadly varroa mite by grooming

In a new study published in the Journal of Apicultural Research, scientists have compared the ability of two strains of honey bees to defend themselves against the parasitic mite varroa by grooming th...

Bee vampire picks the right host to suck

(Michigan State University) New insights into the reproductive secrets of one of the world's tiniest and most destructive parasites -- the Varroa mite -- has scientists edging closer to regulating the...

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Northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus sylviarum) effects on metabolism, body temperatures, skin condition, and egg production as a function of hen MHC haplotype.

The northern fowl mite, Ornithonyssus sylviarum, is the most damaging ectoparasite on egg-laying hens in the United States. One potential strategy for management is breeding for mite resistance. Genes...

Infestation of Raoiella indica Hirst (Trombidiformes: Tenuipalpidae) on Host Plants of High Socio-Economic Importance for Tropical America.

The mite Raoiella indica Hirst was recently introduced into America, where it has shown amazing ability to disseminate and broaden its range of hosts. An experiment was conducted in Cancún, Mexico, t...

Development of a PCR for the detection and quantification of parasitism by Demodex folliculorum infestation in biopsies of skin neoplasms periocular area.

To standardize the relative quantification by mass of tissue parasitism by Demodex folliculorum infestation from neoplastic skin biopsies periocular using molecular amplification to study the possible...

Developing food-grade coatings for dry-cured hams to protect against ham mite infestation.

Dry-cured hams may become infested with ham mites, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, during the aging process. Methyl bromide is the only known available fumigant pesticide that is effective at controlling ha...

Quality Evaluation of Chicken Nugget Formulated with Various Contents of Chicken Skin and Wheat Fiber Mixture.

This study aimed to investigate the effects of various mixtures of the chicken skin and wheat fiber on the properties of chicken nuggets. Two skin and fiber mixtures (SFM) were prepared using the foll...

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