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01:24 EDT 31st March 2015 | BioPortfolio

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Treatment of Wounds Following Breast Reduction and Mastopexy

Charged polystyrene microspheres may offer a new and efficacious way to heal open wounds due to dehiscence after breast reduction. Wounds

First Pictures of BRCA2 Protein Show How it Repairs DNA

Scientists have taken pictures of the BRCA2 protein for the first time, showing how it works to repair damaged DNA.  Read more

NovaBone Products Receives 501(k) Clearance for Wound Dressing

NovaBone Products, a leading biologics bone graft device company, has announced 501(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for collagen wound dressings. ...

Reducing Pathogen, Virulence Factors in Burn Wound Infection

In this study, the potential of a novel hydroconductive dressing for the treatment of MRSA-infected burn wounds is examined. ePlasty, Open Access Journal of Plastic Surgery

Luqa Pharma In-licenses Novel Wound Product from Histocell

Luqa Pharmaceuticals of Hong Kong expanded its dermatology portfolio by in-licensing greater China rights to Reoxcare, an IP-protected dressing for hard-to-heal skin wounds, from Histocell, a Spanish ...

Ebook: Clinical Innovation – The story so far… in pictures

  We’ve recently introduced new formats and new innovative ways to demonstrate the content given at our conferences. One of the latest introductions is the use of graphic reporting. What’s a...

How the altered intestinal bacterial community worsens health in HIV-infected patients

An investigation shows how the altered metabolism of gut microbiota contributes to worsen health in HIV-infected patients. The study was conducted with a cohort of HIV-infected patients with a positiv...

Chronic Wound Care: The health warning some smokers aren't hearing from their doctors

While many smokers may make quitting part of their New Year’s resolution – a new study may give some yet another reason to stop – the negative impact cigarette smoke has on chronic wounds. Despi...

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Dressings for the prevention of surgical site infection.

Surgical wounds (incisions) heal by primary intention when the wound edges are brought together and secured - often with sutures, staples, clips or glue. Wound dressings, usually applied after wound c...

The Use of Collatamp G, Local Gentamicin-Collagen Sponge, in Reducing Wound Infection.

Abstract We conducted a retrospective study to examine the role of Collatamp G in reducing postoperative surgical site infection (SSI) in patients with different wound classes. Ninety-two patients (62...

Outcome of single immediate implants placed in post-extraction infected and non-infected sites, restored with cemented crowns: a 3-year prospective study.

When using the following rigorous pre- and post-surgical regimens, there were no significant differences in the survival of implants placed in infected and non-infected sockets.

Surgical endodontic management of infected lateral canals of maxillary incisors.

This case report presents surgical endodontic management outcomes of maxillary incisors that were infected via the lateral canals. Two cases are presented in which endodontically-treated maxillary cen...

Antiseptic use in primary care.

Wounds can be classified according to their mechanism of action into surgical or traumatic (which may be incision wounds, such as those provoked by a sharp object; contusions, caused by a blunt force;...

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