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Systemic beta-blockers have ‘negligible’ effect on IOP reduction

Non-glaucoma subjects who take selective or non-selective systemic beta-blockers did not experience significantly lowered IOP, according to a study. Researchers evaluated the IOP of 13,527 non-glaucom...

Beta-blockers risk functional decline in some older patients

Nursing home residents with pre-existing cognitive or functional impairments were at a higher risk of functional decline after taking beta-blockers following acute myocardial infarction, study shows.

Underuse of Beta-blockers in Heart Failure and COPD

Many physicians are reluctant to prescribe beta-blockers to heart failure patients with concomitant COPD because of concerns regarding potential bronchoconstriction. Should they be more widely used? ...

Beta-blockers and Perioperative Outcomes in Vascular Surgery

Might the use of perioperative beta-blockers improve outcomes in noncardiac vascular and endovascular surgery? British Journal of Anaesthesia

Beta-blockers in Pregnancy Don't Cause Fetal Heart Defects: Study

Reports linking beta-blockers to fetal heart defects may have been muddied by confounding; these new findings "provide reassurance" for using these drugs to treat heart disease in pregnancy,...

New Study Adds to Beta-blocker Uncertainty in Heart Failure With AF

Until there are more data, "Do not bury the beta-blockers yet," experts urge clinicians in the wake of conflicting evidence. Heartwire from Medscape

Acupuncturist Complains About Wikipedia

An acupuncturist complains about Wikipedia, saying it is under the control of self-styled skeptics who bias the content and bully anyone who disagrees. She only demonstrates her own bias; Wikipedia ha...

HRS2017: Easy-to-use nasal spray first to treat tachycardia condition

Though physicians typically use adenosine, calcium channel blockers or beta-blockers in patients suffering from paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT), new research has given evidence that a s...

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Prestroke treatment with beta-blockers for hypertension is not associated with severity and poor outcome in patients with ischemic stroke: data from a national stroke registry.

Beta-blockers are not recommended as the initial therapy for hypertension. Reports on associations between use of beta-blockers and stroke severity are inconclusive. We assessed associations between p...

Beta-blockers for hypertension.

Beta-blockers refer to a mixed group of drugs with diverse pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties. They have shown long-term beneficial effects on mortality and cardiovascular disease (CVD) wh...

Beta-blockers do not provide survival benefit in a population with angiographic coronary artery disease without myocardial infarction or reduced ejection fraction: A meta-analysis.

While beta-blockers have been widely used for patients with stable coronary artery disease (CAD), some concerns have been raised that beta blockers do not have survival benefit in this population. We ...

Binding of TEM-1 beta-lactamase to beta-lactam antibiotics by frontal affinity chromatography.

TEM-1 beta-lactamases can accurately catalyze the hydrolysis of the beta-lactam rings in beta-lactam antibiotics, which make beta-lactam antibiotics lose its activity, and the prerequisite for the hyd...

Why Medical Schools Should Embrace Wikipedia: Final-Year Medical Student Contributions to Wikipedia Articles for Academic Credit at One School.

Most medical students use Wikipedia as an information source, yet medical schools do not train students to improve Wikipedia or use it critically.

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