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Inverted Uterus

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. In nuclear medicine procedures, radionuclides are combined w...

The Top 10 Medical Device Companies

Medical devices are crucial to the process of diagnosis and treatment in modern medicine. Sales in this field reach billions of dollar a year, with Johnson & Johnson making $30 billion alone in ...

Negative effects on medical research


Covidien is the 9th largest global medical device company with annual sales in 2010 of almost $8 billion. Covidien was originally Tyco Healthcare, until June 2007, and has seen year-on-year growth s...

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US Uterus Transplant Trials Under Way

This Medical News article discusses recent advances in uterus transplants.

Event Review: The ethics of uterus transplantation

This symposium was organised to facilitate in-depth discussion as well as international and interdisciplinary collaboration between academics and clinicians with an interest in uterus transplantation ...

Viewing images of vulva diversity could strengthen women's genital self-image

Looking at pictures of natural vulvas in a range of shapes and sizes could help improve women's satisfaction with their own genitalia, even those with a relatively positive genital self-image, accordi...

Astronomers explore uses for AI-generated images

Neural networks produce pictures to train image-recognition programs and scientific software.

Lipid receptor fosters infection of the uterus in dogs

In the female dog, cells of the uterus can accumulate lipid droplets to form so-called foamy epithelial cells during late metoestrus. These cells produce a hormone that is involved in the implantation...

Long-term outcome of conjunctival fixation sutures to the sclera for prolapsed subconjunctival orbital fat

Long-term outcome of conjunctival fixation sutures to the sclera for prolapsed subconjunctival orbital fat Eye advance online publication, January 20 2017. doi:10.1038/eye.2016.302 Authors:...

Watching Water Freeze (Video)

Researchers demonstrated that confocal laser scanning microscopy and image analysis can rapidly capture a series of pictures showing the ice crystals growing

Image Analysis Group, Boston Medical Center-BU partner

CRO Image Analysis Group (IAG) has partnered with a new CRO spun out by Boston Medical Center/Boston University School of MedicineĀ (BMC/BUSM) Radiology to provide life sciences, biotech, medical devi...

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Young women's genital self-image and effects of exposure to pictures of natural vulvas.

Many women have doubts about the normality of the physical appearance of their vulvas. This study measured genital self-image in a convenience sample of college-educated women, and assessed whether ex...

Efficacy of Use of Long-Term, Low-Dose Mifepristone for the Treatment of Fibroids.

Fibroid or myoma is the commonest reported tumor of uterus, and is one of the important reasons for hysterectomy in our setting. Different drugs are available for medical management of fibroid uterus ...

The research on medical image classification algorithm based on PLSA-BOW model.

With the rapid development of modern medical imaging technology, medical image classification has become more important for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Fetal, Infant and Maternal Outcomes among Women with Prolapsed Membranes Admitted before 29 Weeks Gestation.

Few studies have examined fetal, infant and maternal mortality and morbidity among pregnant women at very early gestation with an open cervix and prolapsed membranes. We carried out a study describing...


We present a novel variant of the Bagof- Visual-Words (BoVW) method for automated medical image classification.

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