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12:47 EDT 27th July 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Blunt trauma to the eyebrow

A 15 year old boy experienced blunt trauma to the left eyebrow. Three hours after the trauma, he had a visual acuity of no light perception in the left eye. Funduscopic examination was normal. Three.....

Imageofthe Day: Save the Frogs

Small but striking with its eyebrow-like horns, the 6-centimeter smooth horned frog (Proceratophrys boiei) was one of 453 amphibian species in Brazil assessed in a recent conservation study.

Tomorrow, we may fail you: Vignettes of pre-existing conditions

Today, I cleaned the laceration above your eye from where he punched you with a closed fist. As I was stitching up the gaping wound with two layers of sutures, I told you that the scar would fade into...

Scalp Microblading Offers New Hope to a Woman with Thinning Hair

Eyebrow microblading is a hot trend, and the same technique can be a great fix for thinning hair on the scalp as well. Adda doesn’t know why her hair has been falling out, but she’s noticed hair ...

New Page on Micropigmentation for San Francisco Bay Area Patients Announced by Silicon Valley Hair Institute

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a leading Bay Area hair restoration center, has announced a new informational page for micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation is another tool to mitigate the appeara...

Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Updates to Robotic Hair Transplant and FUE Hair Transplant Pages for San Francisco Residents

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a leading hair transplant center serving San Francisco and nearby Bay Area cities, has announced an update to its informational pages on robotic hair transplant. Many Sa...

San Francisco Fundraising Event with Presentation on Hair Restoration Techniques Announced by Silicon Valley Hair Institute

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, led by San Francisco Bay Area hair transplant specialist, Dr. Miguel Canales, is announcing a fundraising event for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The San Fr...

San Francisco Bay Area Leader in Women's Hair Transplantation, Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces New Post about Female Hair Loss

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a top Bay Area hair transplant center, has announced a new blog post about women’s hair loss and treatment options. Many women can benefit from hair transplantation as...

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Eyebrow reconstruction.

We review reconstruction options for eyebrow defects in a systematic review of eyebrow reconstruction options, using the PubMed database, as well as dermatology and plastic surgery texts. We discuss e...

Transpalpebral Eyebrow Lift.

Forehead rejuvenation goals are to raise the eyebrow, attenuate forehead wrinkles, and decrease glabellar frown lines. Endoscopic forehead lift represents a significant progress, even replacing the cl...

Eyebrow Shapes Over the Last Century.

The aim of this study was to analyze eyebrow shapes as represented in the British edition of "Vogue" over the last century (1916-2015). Photographs containing distinguishable eyebrows were selected fr...

A simplified surgical algorithm for flap reconstruction of eyebrow defects.

Partial or total eyebrow defects after trauma or tumor excisions have been repaired by several surgical technique and algorithms. However, these algorithms are often complicated and difficult to apply...

Clinical Presentation and Bacteriology of Eyebrow Infections: The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Experience (2008-2015).

This study retrospectively reviews preseptal cellulitis and abscesses involving the eyebrow to elucidate the bacteriology and potential causative factors.

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