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Pediculosis - louse (lice) treatment

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Immunomodulating treatment

Oral treatment

Symptomatic treatment

Treatment of Pain

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Ultrastructure of medial rectus muscles in patients with intermittent exotropia

Ultrastructure of medial rectus muscles in patients with intermittent exotropia Eye advance online publication, October 30 2015. doi:10.1038/eye.2015.213 Authors: J Yao, X Wang, H Ren, G Li...

Quadriceps Performance Under Foot Dorsal Extension

This study examines EMG activity changes of the m. quadriceps femoris muscle with and without dorsal foot extension. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Acceleron Presents Preclinical Data for ACE-083 and ACE-2494 at the 20th International Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society

-- First presentation of data for new systemic muscle agent, ACE-2494, demonstrates substantial increases in muscle mass -- Acceleron Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: XLRN), a clinical st...

Pneumothorax treatment gets less painful

(World Scientific) Scientists working in Tianjin Chest Hospital, China, have developed a less painful treatment strategy for Pneumothorax treatment. By analyzing the partial pressure of oxygen and car...

NYU study finds adults aged 50-59 now largest age group in opioid treatment programs

(New York University) Researchers found a pronounced age trend in those utilizing opioid treatment programs from 1996 to 2012, with adults aged 50 and older becoming the majority treatment population ...

Personalizing Diabetes Treatment Targets

When patients respond to treatment, how often do providers deintensify their treatment? A new algorithm may simplify and personalize that decision. Medscape Diabetes & Endocrinology

Methadone increases death risk in first four weeks of treatment for opioid dependence

Patients who start treatment for dependence on opioids are five times as likely to die in the first four weeks when they are prescribed the most commonly used treatment, methadone, than with an altern...

Xgeva warning

The summary of product characteristics (SPC) for Xgeva (denosumab; Amgen) now warns that the start of treatment or new treatment course should be delayed in patients with unhealed open soft tissue le...

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Comparison of Rectus Femoris Transfer Surgery Done Concomitant With Hamstring Lengthening or Delayed in Patients With Cerebral Palsy.

Children with spastic cerebral palsy frequently develop stiff knee gait. A common treatment of flexed knee gait is lengthening of the hamstring tendons. It has been shown that minimum knee extension i...

Muscle Activation Patterns During Different Squat Techniques.

Bilateral squats are frequently used exercises in sport performance programs. Lower extremity muscle activation may change based on knee alignment during the performance of the exercise. The purpose o...

Effects of a multichannel dynamic functional electrical stimulation system on hemiplegic gait and muscle forces.

[Purpose] The purpose of the study was to design and implement a multichannel dynamic functional electrical stimulation system and investigate acute effects of functional electrical stimulation of the...

Comparison of the Efficacy of Medial Rectus Recession and Lateral Rectus Resection for Treatment of Divergence Insufficiency.

Surgical approaches for divergence insufficiency esotropia include medial rectus recession and lateral rectus resection. A retrospective chart review compared the efficacy of each.

Diagnostic evaluation and treatment of patients with rectus abdominis hematoma. Prospective clinical study.

To identify clinical characteristics, treatment modalities, and course of spontaneous rectus sheath hematoma (SRSH). In the literature, there is no prospective clinical trial that is intended for trea...

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