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19:04 EDT 25th July 2014 | BioPortfolio

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Pediculosis - louse (lice) treatment

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Specific treatment

Hormonal treatment

Immunomodulating treatment

Dysrhythmia Treatment

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Muscle belly union associated with simultaneous medial rectus recession for treatment of myopic myopathy: results in 33 eyes

Muscle belly union associated with simultaneous medial rectus recession for treatment of myopic myopathy: results in 33 eyes Eye advance online publication, February 14 2014. doi:10.1038/eye...

Author Name Misspelled and Data and Wording Errors

In the Original Investigation entitled “Acute Skeletal Muscle Wasting in Critical Illness” published in the October 16, 2013, issue of JAMA (2013;310[15]:1591-1600. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.278481),...

HIMSS Unplugged

By ANDY ORAM HIMSS has opened and closed in Florida and I’m in Boston with snow up to my rectus abdominis. After several years of watching keynote pageants and scarfing up the amenities at HIMSS...

New Study Proves Traditional Crunch Still More Effective Than Popular Abdominal Equipment, Exercise Trends

Research Commissioned by the American Council on Exercise Incorporates Ab Circle Pro, Ab Roller, Ab Lounge, Perfect Sit-Up, Ab Wheel and More People spend mil...

Abdominal Problems After Breast Reconstruction Solved by Procedure Pioneered at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction

SHREWSBURY, N.J., July 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Andrea Fiest was like many women who face breast cancer. When confronted with the decision about breast re...

What to Expect During Radiation Treatment

Radiation treatment must be individualized for each patient depending on the size and location of their cancer. In order to tailor radiation treatment to meet the specific needs of individual patients...

Paediatric rheumatic disease: Treatment of JIA in the biologic era: what are we waiting for?

If the use of the right treatment at the right time might 'cure' juvenile idiopathic arthritis, how do we determine the optimum timing of biologic therapy? The use of standardized consensus treatment...

The Intention-to-Treat Principle How to Assess the True Effect of Choosing a Medical Treatment

The intention-to-treat (ITT) principle is a cornerstone in the interpretation of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) conducted with the goal of influencing the selection of medical therapy for well-defi...

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The effect of unilateral hockey bag carriage on the muscle activities of the trunk and lower limb of young healthy males during gait.

This study explored the trunk and lower limb muscle activity of 15 males during unilateral hockey bag carriage of 10%, 20%, and 30% of one's body weight (BW) compared with without a load during walkin...

Surface Electromyography Assessments of the Vastus medialis and Rectus femoris Muscles and Creatine Kinase after Eccentric Contraction Following Glutamine Supplementation.

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in human muscle and plays an important role in protein synthesis and can reduce the levels of inflammation biomarkers and creatine kinase (CK) after t...

Changes in transverse relaxation time of quadriceps femoris muscles after active recovery exercises with different intensities.

Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the changes in the metabolic state of quadriceps femoris muscles using transverse relaxation time (T2), measured by muscle functional magnetic resonan...

Bilateral simultaneous heterotopic ossification of the reflected head of rectus femoris muscle: a case report and review of the literature.

Lamellar bone formation in an abnormal location is defined as heterotopic ossification. It commonly occurs around the hip joint and most often involves the abductor muscles. It is a benign condition;...

EMG and Heart Rate Responses Decline within 5 Days of Daily Whole-Body Vibration Training with Squatting.

In this study, we examined the acute effects of a 5-day daily whole-body vibration (WBV) training on electromyography (EMG) responses of the m. rectus femoris and m. gastrocnemius lateralis, heart rat...

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