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09:20 EDT 20th April 2014 | BioPortfolio

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Should You Buy Inflation Protection For Long-Term Care Insurance?

Should you buy inflation protection for long-term care insurance? Absolutely. In fact, if you don’t think you can afford that extra coverage, you should probably rethink whether you should buy the i...

Wall Street to open slightly higher after flat inflation data; Fed meeting underway

U.S. stock futures were flat to slightly higher Tuesday after inflation in November was flat, and as investors looked ahead to the conclusion of the Fed meeting that started today.

European shares edge higher ahead of inflation data, Erste slips

LONDON, Feb 28 (Reuters) - European shares edged higher early on Friday after falling for three days, with expectations that a further drop in euro zone inflation may prompt the European Central Bank...

German Pharma Wants Inflation-Linked Deal To Replace Drug Price Freeze

With the German drug price freeze set to continue, the pharmaceutical industry wants to see at least an inflation-linked rise in prices and the abandonment of HTA for older products.

No pictures, please: Taking photos may impede memory of museum tour

Visit a museum these days and you'll see people using their smartphones and cameras to take pictures of works of art, archeological finds, historical artifacts, and any other object that strikes their...

Rice fortification - in pictures | GAIN partner zone |

A gratifying page at The Guardian that is well worth a visit:Rice fortification - in picturesRice is the most commonly eaten food in the world, but its nutritional value is low. The Global Alliance fo...

Frequent Facebook users not only share party pictures, but also greater risk of eating disorders

Frequent Facebook users might be sharing more than party pictures, vacation videos and shameless selfies - they also share a greater risk of eating disorders, according to a new study led by Florida S...

Photography empowers women living with HIV to share their stories

Taking pictures empowers women to realize their strengths and move beyond their illness, MU researcher finds.Having human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS, can create many chal...

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Ultrasound prenatal diagnosis of inguinal scrotal hernia and contralateral hydrocele.

Fetal inguinal scrotal hernia is a rare condition resulting in an abnormal embryonic process of the tunica vaginalis. We report a case of ultrasound prenatal diagnosis of inguinal scrotal hernia assoc...

Scrotal tumors in dogs: A retrospective study of 676 cases (1986-2010).

The objective of this study was to determine common tumor types that occur on the canine scrotum in relation to other cutaneous locations and to identify potential risk factors for specific scrotal tu...

Why is health care inflation greater than general inflation?

A case report of atypical scrotal leiomyoma.

Scrotal leiomyoma is a benign tumor derived from the scrotal dartos muscle; it is rare in clinical findings. The cause of the disease is not yet clear. Here, we present the case of a patient with no t...

Effect of short-term scrotal hyperthermia on spermatological parameters, testicular blood flow and gonadal tissue in dogs.

The objective was to assess the effect of a short-term scrotal hyperthermia in dogs on quantitative and qualitative ejaculate parameters, testicular blood flow and testicular and epididymal histology....

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