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18:52 EDT 19th April 2015 | BioPortfolio

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Ebook: Clinical Innovation – The story so far… in pictures

  We’ve recently introduced new formats and new innovative ways to demonstrate the content given at our conferences. One of the latest introductions is the use of graphic reporting. What’s a...

Pay frontline NHS staff in line with inflation, say personnel managers

Human resources managers in the NHS have signaled their desire for an end to pay restraint in the health service, with nearly half calling for NHS staff to receive a pay rise in line with inflation in...

The management of acute testicular pain in children and adolescents

The bottom lineThe acute scrotum is a medical emergency because any unnecessary delay can result in irreversible damage to the testisKey elements in the history are the age of the patient and the... ...

Medical News Today: Gestures and pictures 'boost foreign language learning'

A new study finds people learn foreign words more easily when using several sensory organs. In tests, foreign words with gestures or pictures outperformed verbal learning.

First pictures of baby nanotubes

Single-walled carbon nanotubes are loaded with desirable properties. In particular, the ability to conduct electricity at high rates of speed makes them attractive for use as nanoscale transistors. Bu...

Pacific Prime Reports Singapore Health Insurance Inflation Down in 2014

Singapore has shown decreasing inflation rates on international private medical insurance for the past three years, and continues to follow the downward trend in 2014. Singapore (PRWEB) February 05, 2...

UMI Reports That Health Insurance Premium Inflation Shrank in 2014

UMI analyses premium inflation rates in the UAE to find new downward trends in a region that has historically seen high medical cost inflation. Dubai (PRWEB) February 17, 2015 UMI, one of the UAE’s...

AARP prescription drug Price Watch report shows cost of medicines vastly outpacing rate of inflation

The latest Rx Price Watch Report from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has found that the retail price for widely-used brand-name prescription drugs has increased faster than the rat...

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Resilience of the Standard Predictions for Primordial Tensor Modes.

We show that the prediction for the primordial tensor power spectrum cannot be modified at leading order in derivatives. Indeed, one can always set to unity the speed of propagation of gravitational w...

Sonography of the Scrotum: From Appendages to Scrotolithiasis.

In this pictorial essay, we review and discuss the varying morphologic characteristics of scrotal appendages and calculi. Characteristic sonograms obtained from patients with coexisting hydrocele are ...

Late Positive Potential (LPP) modulation during affective picture processing in preschoolers: A pilot study.

Research has demonstrated that Late Positive Potential (LPP) is modulated by affective pictures in school-age children, adolescents and adults. However, little is known about such modulation in specif...

Spiders do not evoke greater early posterior negativity in the event-related potential as snakes.

It has been long believed that both snakes and spiders are archetypal fear stimuli for humans. Furthermore, snakes have been assumed as stronger threat cues for nonhuman primates. However, it is still...

Analysis of the Viscoelastic Properties of the Human Cornea Using Scheimpflug Imaging in Inflation Experiment of Eye Globes.

To demonstrate a Scheimpflug-based imaging procedure for investigating the depth- and time-dependent strain response of the human cornea to inflation testing of whole eye globes.

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