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Gastroschisis: Risk Factors May Predict Postnatal Outcomes

Intraabdominal bowel dilatation, polyhydramnios, and gastric dilatation may help identify those neonates with a prenatal diagnosis of gastroschisis who are at higher risk for postnatal complications. ...

Chlamydia trachomatis IgG3 seropositivity is associated with gastroschisis

Building on Secure Cloud Storage Offering, Authentic8 Expands Content Rendering Capabilities Within Secure Virtual Browser / Users of Authentic8 Silo Can Now Save and Preview Popular Microsoft Office Documents Online Without Risk of Exploit

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 11/24/15 -- Authentic8, maker of Silo, the cloud-based secure browser for business, has enhanced its document preview capability to include file types of comm...

NHS England hands over Cancer Drugs Fund remit to NICE

Comes after a difficult two years for the silo budget

The Social Network Where Doctors Swap Gross Pics of Patients

(Wired) – Figure 1 is for doctors, nurses, EMTs, and the rest of the professionally unsqueamish to share the latest morbidities from their shifts. Sure, some of the pictures are straight up medi...

GMP Grade Cell Cryopreservation Media

AMSBIO has announced the launch of GMP grade STEM-CELLBANKER® manufactured in strict compliance with Japanese, EU, US, and PICS good manufacturing practice guidelines. Supplied as a read...

This 10,000 employee French Pharma is Finally Entering the Biotech Partnership Race

Biotech is getting more and more about partnering rather than doing everything alone. Some conservative Pharmas, which worked to more of a ‘Silo model’, are now branching out in a more ope...

Real-time observation of the initiation of RNA polymerase II transcription

Biochemical and structural studies have shown that the initiation of RNA polymerase II transcription proceeds in the following stages: assembly of the polymerase with general transcription factors and...

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Infant, maternal, and geographic factors influencing gastroschisis related mortality in Zimbabwe.

Survival for infants with gastroschisis in developed countries has improved dramatically in recent decades with reported mortality rates of 4-7%. Conversely, mortality rates for gastroschisis in sub-S...

Predictive factors at birth of the severity of gastroschisis.

To establish children born with gastroschisis (GS).

Birth Weight, Compromised Bowel and Sepsis are the Main Variables Significantly Influencing Outcome in Gastroschisis.

Background: The survival rate for gastroschisis has improvedto more than 90% in the developed countries, but increasedmortality, morbidity, consequent long hospitalisation andhigh costs are the rule i...

Probiotic Administration in Infants with Gastroschisis: A Pilot Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial.

Infants with gastroschisis often require long periods of gastric suctioning and hospitalization. The impact of these interventions on the intestinal microbiota and attempts to alter the microbial comm...

Effects of MTHFR c.677C>T, F2 c.20210G>A and F5 Leiden Polymorphisms in Gastroschisis.

Gastroschisis is a developmental disorder involving the extrusion of fetal intestines through a defect in the abdominal wall. The mechanism is presumed to be a dual vascular/thrombotic pathogenesis, w...

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