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01:49 EDT 26th May 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Sperm Disorders

A sperm is the male reproductive component that fertilizes an egg. Sperm are of a surprising low quality, but additional problems can hinder reproductive efforts. The sperm may be unable to swim s...

Impaired sperm emission

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

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Dutch IVF kids seek DNA tests from late sperm bank doc

A group of Dutch people born through IVF treatment demanded on Tuesday that DNA tests be done on the late head of a sperm bank who according to reports may have fathered up to 60 children.

Sperm Banking: Buyer Beware

Legitimate reasons for using a sperm bank exist. The technology is sound. But the industry is underregulated, and tragic mix-ups have occurred that your patients should be aware of, an ethicist says. ...

Did Richard Branson just pull a prank about dyslexia and sperm banks?

The Virgin Group founder announced he’s starting a sperm bank that will accept only donors with dyslexia — though so far there's little evidence he will.

Prohibiting sperm donor anonymity in the US and possible effects on recruitment and compensation

Many children conceived using donor sperm or eggs want to know their biological parents. In the US, some clinics make the identity of the sperm donor available to a donor-conceived child at age 18. Mo...

Cryos International – USA Proactively Prevents the Spread of Zika in Sperm Donations

Cryos International the world’s largest sperm bank, is the only one in its industry to test donors for the Zika virus Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) April 13, 2017 Cryos International, the world’s larg...

Mice Born from Freeze-dried Space Sperm Are Doing OK

Before they were born, these mice were astronauts. Or, rather, the sperm that would go on to deliver half of their genetic material were. For nine months, mouse sperm was kept aboard the Internationa...

Scientists Have Finally Solved The Mystery Of How Sperm Swim – Huffington Post UK

Huffington Post UKScientists Have Finally Solved The Mystery Of How Sperm SwimHuffington Post UKThe odds are stacked against sperm. Most of the 150 million cells released when a man and woman have sex...

Secrets to male infertility may lie in how sperm propel themselves to reach female egg

Researchers from the UK and Japan found that the head and tail movements of sperm made patterns similar to the fields that form around magnets. And these help to propel sperm towards the female egg. ...

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Sperm capacitation pretreatment positively impacts bovine intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

The efficiency of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in bovines is low compared to other species due in part to inadequate egg activation and sperm nucleus decondensation after injection. We hypo...

Sugarcoated sperm.

The'sugarcoat', a dense carbohydrate coat (glycocalyx), is critical to cell-to-cell recognition, including sperm-egg interactions. Lectins are used to probe the localization of glycoproteins on the ce...

Sodium-Hydrogen-Exchanger expression in human sperm and its relationship with semen parameters.

Sperm-specific sodium-hydrogen exchanger (sNHE) is essential to maintain sperm normal function in mice; however, its role in human sperm has not been clarified to date. The aim of this study is to inv...

A Novel Cysteine Knot Protein for Enhancing Sperm Motility That Might Facilitate the Evolution of Internal Fertilization in Amphibians.

Internal fertilization ensures successful reproduction of tetrapod vertebrates on land, although how this mode of reproduction evolved is unknown. Here, we identified a novel gene encoding sperm motil...

Individual female differences in chemoattractant production change the scale of sea urchin gamete interactions.

Sperm selection by females is an important process influencing fertilization and, particularly in broadcast-spawning organisms, often occurs before sperm reach the egg. Waterborne sperm chemoattractan...

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