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05:03 EDT 25th September 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Medical News Today: What is Protein? Which Foods Contain Protein?

Learn all about protein, a macronutrient that builds and maintains body tissue. Find out about what protein is used for and which foods contain protein with this article.

Small molecules, big targets: drug discovery faces the protein–protein interaction challenge

The biological rationale for targeting protein–protein interactions as a therapeutic strategy is strong, but identifying viable small-molecule drugs to achieve this has proved highly challenging. Th...

New computational model finds new protein-protein interactions in schizophrenia

Researchers have discovered new protein-protein interactions in schizophrenia. The findings could lead to greater understanding of the biological underpinnings of this mental illness, as well as point...

Plant-Based Protein Market by Key Players, 2016-2026

Plant is a one of the significant sources of protein component, other including animal-based protein and synthetic protein. Currently, consumers are preferring plant-based protein over animal-based pr...

Promoting Protein Partnerships

Scientists generate new protein-protein interactions at an impressive PACE.

Dynamic Shifts in Protein Profiling

Protein populations rise and fall from tissue to tissue and from cell to cell as organisms develop and do what they must to maintain health—or regain it, should they suffer illness—and e...

The coming of age of de novo protein design

There are 20200 possible amino-acid sequences for a 200-residue protein, of which the natural evolutionary process has sampled only an infinitesimal subset. De novo protein design explores the full se...

Protein‐stabilizing and cell‐penetrating properties of α‐helix domain of 30Kc19 protein

The protein‐stabilizing and cell‐penetrating activities of Bombyx mori 30Kc19 α‐helix domain (30Kc19α) were investigated. Recently, 30Kc19 protein has been studied extensively as it has both p...

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Coupled binding and folding of intrinsically disordered proteins: what can we learn from kinetics?

Protein or protein regions that are not forming well-defined structures in their free states under native-like conditions are called intrinsically disordered proteins. Such proteins are very common in...

FRODOCK 2.0: fast protein-protein docking server.

The prediction of protein-protein complexes from the structures of unbound components is a challenging and powerful strategy to decipher the mechanism of many essential biological processes. We presen...

LC-MS/MS multiplexed assay for the quantitation of a therapeutic protein BMS-986089 and the target protein Myostatin.

Therapeutic protein discovery study highlights the need for the development of quantitative bioanalytical methods for determining the levels of both the therapeutic protein and the target protein, as ...

Shape complementarity and hydrogen bond preferences in protein-protein interfaces: Implications for antibody modeling and protein-protein docking.

Characterizing protein-protein interfaces and the hydrogen bonds is a first step to better understand proteins' structures and functions toward high-resolution protein design. However, there are few l...

Characterizing informative sequence descriptors and predicting binding affinities of heterodimeric protein complexes.

Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are involved in various biological processes, and underlying mechanism of the interactions plays a crucial role in therapeutics and protein engineering. Most machin...

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