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18:25 EDT 28th May 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Protein Phosphatase Interactome Given Its Due

Called the yin and yang of protein phosphorylation and cell signaling, protein kinases and protein phosphatases haven’t exactly received equal treatment. Protein kinases have been stars of pathway a...

DuPont Nutrition & Health Debuts SUPRO® XT 55 Isolated Soy Protein

ST. LOUIS (PRWEB) April 26, 2017 New SUPRO® XT55 Isolated Soy Protein is designed specifically to improve the profitability o...

CytoSport launches Muscle Milk protein bars

David SalazarThe protein bars come in 12 flavors — six of which contain 15 g of protein and six of which contain 20 g of protein each.  read more

Protein folding: Illuminating chaperone activity

Pharmacological chaperones are small drugs that stabilize a protein's fold and are being developed to treat diseases arising from protein misfolding. A mathematical framework to model their activity i...

Unknown Protein Structures Predicted

Metagenomic sequence data boosts the power of protein modeling software to yield hundreds of new protein structure predictions.

Protein Science Best Paper awards annoucement

(The Protein Society) At the beginning of each year, two 'best papers' are selected from articles published in Protein Science during the preceding 12 months. A junior author (typically the first auth...

The Protein Society announces its 2017 award recipients

(The Protein Society) The Protein Society awards recognize excellence across the diverse disciplines that collectively advance our understanding of proteins; their structure, function, design, and app...

Go Fishing for Your Favorite Protein with Immunoprecipitation!

You have your favorite protein in mind and are ready to set up some exciting experiments to show what it does and how it does it, when it is active, what other proteins it modifies, and how it affects...

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Peptides and peptidomimetics as regulators of protein-protein interactions.

Protein-protein interactions are essential for almost all intracellular and extracellular biological processes. Regulation of protein-protein interactions is one strategy to regulate cell fate in a hi...

Expression and Secretion of Cyan Fluorescent Protein (CFP) in B. subtilis using the Chitinase Promoter from Bacillus pumilus SG2

Improved cyan fluorescent protein (ICFP) is a monochromic, green fluorescent protein (GFP) derivative produced by Aequorea macrodactyla in a process similar to GFP. This protein has strong absorption ...

Routine Yoga Practice Impacts Whole Body Protein Utilization in Healthy Women.

Whole body protein utilization (WBPU), which includes flux (Q), protein synthesis (PS), protein breakdown (PB), and whole body protein balance (WBPB), provides insight regarding muscle mass, a criteri...

Interaction entropy for protein-protein binding.

Protein-protein interactions are at the heart of signal transduction and are central to the function of protein machine in biology. The highly specific protein-protein binding is quantitatively charac...

Challenges in Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions from Measurements of Molecular Diffusivity.

Dynamic light scattering can be used to measure the diffusivity of a protein within a formulation. The dependence of molecular diffusivity on protein concentration (traditionally expressed in terms of...

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