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Video capsule endoscopy


PolyXen® is an enabling technology for protein drug delivery.  It uses the natural polymer polysialic acid (PSA) to prolong the active life and improve the stability of therapeutic peptides...


ImuXen® is a liposomal technology platform designed to improve the delivery and effectiveness of DNA, protein and polysaccharide vaccines. Proof of concept preclinical studies with a number of...

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Are There PD1 Biomarkers in Kidney Cancer?

_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","wpa2a_40","Article link clicked",{"Title":"","Page":"Are There PD1 Biomarkers in Kidney Cancer?"}]);Predictive biomarkers can indicate if a patient will respond ...

Immunotherapy Treatments for Kidney Cancer

_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","wpa2a_20","Article link clicked",{"Title":"","Page":"Immunotherapy Treatments for Kidney Cancer"}]);Dr. Guru Sonpavde highlights the top research news in immunot...

Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Q&A

_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","wpa2a_4","Article link clicked",{"Title":"","Page":"Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Q&A"}]);Immunotherapy Forum Video #26: Drs. Jared Weiss and Matthew Hellmann a...

What is PD1 and PDL1 in Kidney Cancer?

_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","wpa2a_56","Article link clicked",{"Title":"","Page":"What is PD1 and PDL1 in Kidney Cancer?"}]);Dr. Lauren Harshman explains what PD1 (an immune T-cell) and PDL1...

What is Maintenance Therapy for Advanced NSCLC?

The concept of maintenance therapy for advanced lung cancer has emerged over the past few years. Dr. Jack West, medical oncologist, reviews the concepts behind it and treatment options for patients.Re...

Will Combining Immunotherapies Better Fight Kidney Cancer?

_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","wpa2a_28","Article link clicked",{"Title":"","Page":"Will Combining Immunotherapies Better Fight Kidney Cancer?"}]);Dr. Lauren Harshman discusses what combinatio...

Evaluating Biomarkers in Kidney Cancer

_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","wpa2a_24","Article link clicked",{"Title":"","Page":"Evaluating Biomarkers in Kidney Cancer"}]);Biomarkers can give clues to many predictive and prognostic issue...

Cabozantinib for Late Stage Kidney Cancer

_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","wpa2a_32","Article link clicked",{"Title":"","Page":"Cabozantinib for Late Stage Kidney Cancer"}]);Cometriq (cabozantinib) is already approved for thyroid cancer...

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Diclofenac suppository as a preemptive analgesia in ultrasound guided biopsy of prostate: Randomized controlled trial.

To compare pre-procedure Diclofenac suppository and Xylocaine gel with Xylocaine gel only in patients undergoing trans rectal ultrasound (TRUS) guided biopsy of prostate for pain.

Consecutive monitoring of faecal calprotectin during mesalazine suppository therapy for active rectal inflammation in ulcerative colitis.

No studies have monitored the levels of faecal calprotectin (FC) during mesalazine suppository therapy for proctitis in ulcerative colitis (UC).

Scalable gastroscopic video summarization via similar-inhibition dictionary selection.

This paper aims at developing an automated gastroscopic video summarization algorithm to assist clinicians to more effectively go through the abnormal contents of the video.

Moving Object Detection for Video Surveillance.

The emergence of video surveillance is the most promising solution for people living independently in their home. Recently several contributions for video surveillance have been proposed. However, a r...

Videolaryngoscopy at cardiac arrest-the need to move from video-games to video-science.

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