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01:14 EDT 24th October 2016 | BioPortfolio

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PAVmed finds noninvasive approach to carpal tunnel surgery using it innovative device

A New York-based medical device company has found a noninvasive approach to operate on hand and arm ligaments burdened by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

PAVmed finds noninvasive approach to carpal tunnel surgery using innovative device

A New York-based medical device company has found a noninvasive approach to operate on hand and arm ligaments burdened by carpal tunnel syndrome.

U.S. border agents seize longest Mexico-California drug tunnel yet

Federal agents have seized a ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana smuggled through a clandestine tunnel stretching a half mile beneath the U.S.-Mexico border, the longest one yet unearthed in Ca...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Everything You Want To Know, and More

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be reliably diagnosed, only with nerve conduction studies, and this test should be performed before any invasive treatments are initiated.

PCL fovea landmark technique may be an alternative for locating the tibial tunnel

Recently published results showed, when locating the anatomic tibial tunnel during transtibial PCL reconstruction, use of the PCL fovea landmark technique might be an alternative method to use of the ...

Electroacupuncture Helped Ease Carpal Tunnel in Study

TUESDAY, June 7, 2016 -- Preliminary research raises the possibility that an electrical form of acupuncture could become a useful treatment for the common wrist overuse condition known as carpal tunne...

Health Tip: At Risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

-- Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when tissues in the wrist swell and put pressure on nearby nerves, causing pain and discomfort. Here are common risk factors for the condition, courtesy of the America...

Electroacupuncture may help relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome

Electroacupuncture combined with nighttime splinting may help alleviate pain from chronic carpal tunnel syndrome, according to a randomized controlled trial published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Associa...

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Posterior lamellar versus bilamellar tarsal rotation surgery for trachomatous trichiasis in Ethiopia: a randomised controlled trial.

Eyelid surgery is done to correct trachomatous trichiasis to prevent blindness. However, recurrent trichiasis is frequent. Two procedures are recommended by WHO and are in routine practice: bilamellar...

Tarsal Strip Versus Tarsal Belt in Ectropion Correction: A Statistical Evaluation.

Two surgical procedures for ectropion correction are compared: the widespread "lateral tarsal strip" and the more recently introduced "tarsal belt" techniques. A retrospective interventional patient s...

Shape and Height of Tarsal Plates.

The aim of this study is to elucidate the anatomic detail of the shape and height of the tarsal plates in Koreans.Fifty-four eyelids from Korean adult cadavers were used. Skin, subcutaneous tissue, an...

Lower Eyelid Reconstruction with Combined Sliding Tarsal and Rhomboid Skin Flaps.

To report results in patients undergoing lower eyelid reconstruction following Mohs surgery using a combination of surgical techniques, the rhomboid skin flap and a sliding tarsal flap.

Overestimation of femoral tunnel length during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using the retrograde outside-in drilling technique.

When the femoral tunnel socket is reamed in an oblique direction from the wall of inter-condylar notch in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, the tunnel length can be shorter at the perip...

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