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Open vs Endoscopic Release Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This study uses follow-up data from a randomized trial comparing open and endoscopic release surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome to compare outcomes 11 to 16 years after surgery.

Compact Tunnel Loader Accommodates Pharmaceutical Vials From 2-100ml

The TP-1 is compact tunnel loader suitable for sterilizing tunnels with a belt width of up to 600mm. The TP-1 accommodates the full range of pharmaceutical vials, from 2-100ml, without change parts. E...

Lasting outcomes similar for carpal tunnel release surgeries

(HealthDay)—For patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), long-term outcomes are similar for open and endoscopic release surgery, according to a research letter published in the Oct. 6 issue of th...

An Association Between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Migraines

What is the link between migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome? Find out about the possible connection. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery-Global Open (PRS Global Open)

Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice and Dr. Oz to Host Carpal Tunnel Workshop on FOX10 Morning News in Phoenix

Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice and Dr. Oz will be hosting a Carpal Tunnel Workshop on November 4th at 12pm at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute in Phoenix for FOX10 Morning News. Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) November 02...

Scientists develop new homoepitaxial graphene tunnel barrier/transport channel spintronic device

Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have created a new type of room-temperature tunnel device structure in which the tunnel barrier and transport channel are made of the same materi...

Neurons in crows' brains signal which pictures belong together

During learning, cells in the crow brain acquire discharge patterns that associate pictures with their meaning.

One company hopes cute cat pictures will convince you to take your medicine

How can cute cat pictures influence behavior change?

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Nerve ultrasound in electrophysiologically verified Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Introduction Tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS) arises from tibial nerve damage under the flexor retinaculum of the fibro-osseus tunnel at the medial malleolus. It is notoriously difficult to diagnose, as m...

Treatment of anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome through an endoscopic or open technique.

Anterior tarsal tunnel syndrome is often underdiagnosed, due to lack of clinical awareness and vague clinical presentation. Most often patients complain of pain located to the dorsum of the foot. The ...

Peripheral Neuropathy: Surgical Approaches Simplified for the Imagers.

Peripheral nerves traverse through different soft tissue compartments in the upper and lower extremities via specific anatomical tunnels, where they are susceptible to entrapment. Common sites in the ...

Anatomical Characteristics of the Flexor Digitorum Accessorius Longus Muscle and Their Relevance to Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome A Systematic Review.

Clinical and cadaver studies have reported that supernumerary muscles could be the etiology of a variety of pathologic disorders, such as posterior impingement syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS), ...

Impact of carpal tunnel syndrome surgery on women with breast cancer-related lymphedema.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may occur in women with ipsilateral lymphedema after breast cancer treatment. Surgery on the lymphedematous arm is classically feared. Thirty-two consecutive women (mean age at ...

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