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Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia is an illness characterized by the cycle of binging on food, guilty feelings and resultant purging (vomiting or laxative abuse) to counteract the previous binge. It is much more common in yo...

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Medical News Today: Tooth enamel structure and composition revealed in 3-D nanoscale maps

Using atom probe tomography, researchers produce first ever 3-D nanoscale maps of composition and structure of mature human dental enamel.

A non-proliferative signaling center kicks off tooth development

(University of Helsinki) Despite extensive research on the molecular regulation of early tooth development, little is known about the cellular mechanisms driving morphogenesis prior to enamel knot for...

Colgate Stretches Enamel Strengthening Toothpaste Claim's Reliability

Colgate supports claims that Colgate Enamel Health Mineral Repair could strengthen weakened enamel “4x better by replenishing it with vitamin...   

Deepwater Horizon oil spill caused widespread marsh erosion

(Duke University) Marsh erosion caused by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill was widespread, a new study of 103 Gulf Coast sites reveals. At sites where oil coated more than 90 percent of plants' st...

Children consuming sports drinks unnecessarily

A high proportion of 12- to 14-year olds are regularly consuming sports drinks socially, increasing their risk of obesity and tooth erosion, concludes a Cardiff University School of Dentistry survey.

Santa Clara Dentist, Dr. Alan Frame, Comments on the New Data about Dental Fillings that Repair Tooth Decay

Dr. Alan Frame talks about new dental fillings that can reverse the effects of tooth decay. Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2016 Dental fillings have been used for decades to restore the structur...

Seagrass a crucial weapon against coastal erosion

A seagrass commonly found along WA's coast could be an important tool in a decades-long battle against erosion in Albany, a preliminary study by UWA has found.

BRIEF-Parenteral Drugs India considers erosion of 50 pct of co's peak net worth

* Considered erosion of 50 percent of peak net worth of co Source text: Further company coverage: (Bengaluru newsroom)

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Heat Transfer Behavior across the Dentino-Enamel Junction in the Human Tooth.

During eating, the teeth usually endure the sharply temperature changes because of different foods. It is of importance to investigate the heat transfer and heat dissipation behavior of the dentino-en...

Optimization of dental caries prevention.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of toothpaste «Apadent Total Care» containing nanocalciumhydroxyapatite and its influence on caries resistance of tooth enamel and teeth sensitivity...

Synchrotron X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy to understand enamel affected by metabolic disorder mucopolysaccharidosis.

Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) is an inherited metabolic disorder that can affect the tooth structure leading to defects. Synchrotron X-ray diffraction being a state of the art technique has been used to...

Circadian Rhythm Regulates Development of Enamel in Mouse Mandibular First Molar.

Rhythmic incremental growth lines and the presence of melatonin receptors were discovered in tooth enamel, suggesting possible role of circadian rhythm. We therefore hypothesized that circadian rhythm...

Daughters of the Enamel Organ: Development, Fate, and Function of the Stratum intermedium, Stellate reticulum, and Outer Enamel Epithelium.

The tooth enamel organ is a complex epithelial cell assembly involved in multiple aspects of tooth development, including amelogenesis. The present study focuses on the role of the non-ameloblast laye...

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