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Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia is an illness characterized by the cycle of binging on food, guilty feelings and resultant purging (vomiting or laxative abuse) to counteract the previous binge. It is much more common in yo...

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Colgate Wields Enamel Health To Gain Toothpaste Market Share

The launch marks the only enamel-centered toothpaste in Colgate’s U.S. portfolio. The firm says 54% of consumers are concerned about weakened tooth enamel.

Hair proteins are important in tooth enamel structure

Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. While oral hygiene and dietary choices promote tooth decay, genetics are also a factor in cavity formation.

Research finds tooth enamel fast-track in humans

(University of Kent) Research from the University of Kent has discovered a link between prenatal enamel growth rates in teeth and weaning in human babies.

New Albany Dentist Cautions Public About Dangers of Overbrushing or Brushing Teeth With Too Much Force

Dr. Ronald Receveur, whose New Albany dental clinic is a one-stop shop for all areas of dentistry, has written a blog about the dangers of overbrushing or brushing teeth too hard. In his blog publishe...

Post-bleaching Fluoridation and Demineralization

This study suggests that topical fluoride agents may halt further demineralization of tooth enamel after bleaching, and even help remineralize bleached surfaces. BMC Oral Health

The Scoop on Restoring Damaged Teeth

LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- There's nothing pretty about damaged teeth, but Los Angeles cosmetic dentist Dr. Homa Shahriari is known for her artistic, gentle approach to restoring  ...

Enamel Lesions: An Expert Interview With Jeffrey Fellows

Many dentists ignore recommendations to restore only those lesions that pierce enamel and reach dentin. A new study identifies some factors in these decisions. Medscape Medical News

Warning From a Kelowna Dental Clinic: When Brushing Your Teeth Is a Bad Idea

Kelowna dentists at Okanagan Smiles warn against brushing right after consuming the fruits and drinks so popular in the summer. Kelowna, British Columbia (PRWEB) July 10, 2014 Most of the time, your ...

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The Effect of Single-Application Fluoride Treatment on Simulated Gastric Erosion and Erosion-Abrasion of Enamel In Vitro.

Purpose: To compare single-application fluoride formulations on enamel erosion and erosion-abrasion in vitro. Materials and Methods: Enamel specimens were pretreated with either sodium, tin, titanium,...

Monitoring the inhibition of erosion by a CO2 laser with OCT.

Since optical coherence tomography (OCT) is well suited for measuring small dimensional changes on tooth surfaces, OCT has great potential for monitoring tooth erosion. Previous studies have shown tha...

Turner's tooth with unique radiographic presentation: a case report.

Hypoplasia-the result of a disruption in the enamel matrix formation process-causes a defect in the quality and thickness of enamel. Enamel formation is a complex and highly regulated process. Enamel ...

Potential of CO2 lasers (10.6 µm) associated with fluorides in inhibiting human enamel erosion.

This in vitro study aimed to investigate the potential of CO2 lasers associated with different fluoride agents in inhibiting enamel erosion. Human enamel samples were randomly divided into 9 groups (n...

Analysis of enamel surface damage after selective laser ablation of composite from tooth surfaces.

Resin-based composites are used for many applications in dentistry. They are difficult to remove without damage to the underlying enamel since they adhere strongly and are color matched to the tooth. ...

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