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12:18 EDT 23rd July 2014 | BioPortfolio

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Since 1983, Management Forum have built a reputation on providing the highest quality conference, seminar and knowledge-based experiences for leading professionals in some of the world's most...

Erythropoietin EPO Amgen

Cardiac Tumors

Adenosine Deaminase

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Beyond the Crisis

First published in 1994, this volume discusses the nature of health care reform and the capacity for medical excellence within the context of such reform.

Science-Based Economic Development

Key elements in science-based development.

MEN1, The Gene For Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1

Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) is an autosomal dominant familial cancer syndrome characterized by occurrence of tumors in parathryroids, enteropancreatic endocrine tissues, the an...

Genetic Polymorphisms Of Interleukin-1 Alpha And Beta Associated With Early Onset Periodontitis

Periodontal disease occurs in 10-20% of adults, and constitutes a major cause of tooth loss. About 0.5% of U.S. adolescents between the ages of 14 to 17 years old (about 70,000) have localize...

The Application Of Induction Tolerance By Oral Feeding Of Myelin Basic Protein To The Generation Of Increased Resistance To Stroke

In vivo experiments have shown that immunosuppression in the brain can be achieved through oral tolerance to myelin basic protein (MBP). Following exposure to MBP, immune cells are relatively...

Use of Constitutive Transport Elements to Control the Host Range of Retroviral Vectors

The major host range determinant for retroviruses and for retroviral vectors is the envelope glycoprotein. However there is a second element, the constitutive transport element, or CTE, that...

Mouse Models For Huntington's Disease

Huntington's Disease (HD) is one of a number of neurological diseases in which excessive repetition of the CAG nucleotide sequence, which codes for glutamines, causes an abnormally shaped HD...

Calcium Channel Compositions and Methods of Use Thereof

This invention described in this patent application relates to the identification, isolation and cloning of a three cDNAs identified during a search of the short arm of chromosome 3 for a tum...

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