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Internal Joint Derangement

Skin Manifestations of Internal Disease

Tumor Antigens

Tumor antigen is an antigenic substance produced in tumor cells, i.e., it triggers an immune response in the host. Tumor antigens are useful in identifying tumor cells and are potential candidates f...

Anti Infective Peptides

Anti-viral peptides are used to treat infections such as HIV and AIDS, influenza incl. H5N1 strains, hepatitis C virus infections (HCV). Anti-bacterial peptides are used to treat infectiou...

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Liquid crystal technique could be new way to control drug delivery process

Liquid crystals are strange substances, both fish and fowl. They can flow like a liquid, but have the orderly molecular structure of a crystalline solid. And that internal structure can be changed by ...

Liquid order: Fluid self-organizes into structure that controls cell growth and health

(Princeton University, Engineering School) Princeton Professor Clifford Brangwynne and colleagues have discovered how the nucleolus, an organelle with the consistency of honey, maintains a complex int...

Liquid order: Fluid self-organizes into structure that controls cell growth, health

Although known since the 1830s as a round, dark spot in a cell's nucleus, only recently has the nucleolus gotten its full due. Scientists have now discovered how the nucleolus, an organelle with the c...

An atomic structure of the human 26S proteasome

A cryo-EM structure of the human 26S proteasome in a resting state at an average resolution of 3.5 Å reveals details in the interactions between subunits. An additional structure of the proteasome wi...

The honest reasons why this doctor chose internal medicine

As an internal medicine physician, the #3 question people most often ask me is why I chose to be an internist. (The top two being “What is internal medicine?” and “What’s this thing growing on...

Internal Medicine: Highlights From #IM2016 and #SGIM2016

A summary of what those attending these two important internal medicine meetings thought important enough to share. Medscape Internal Medicine

Shape-shifting protein behind Alzheimer's disease

The protein behind Alzheimer’s disease shape-shifts, changing its internal structure in order to infiltrate brain cells and become toxic, new research indicates.

#jobs #lifescience Senior Internal Auditor within Biotech (Up to $80k)

// MA-Boston, Senior Internal Auditor within Biotech (Up to $80k) Global Bio-tech/Life-Sciences Company is searching for an Senior Internal Auditor to join there Corporate Audit Team. This is a very c...

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The anatomy of the thrips Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) and its specific features caused by miniaturization.

A new set of data on the internal and external structure of the adult and larva of the thrips Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis (Bouché, 1833) is presented. The structure of the internal systems of this th...

A multi-dimensional experiment for characterization of pore structure heterogeneity using NMR.

In a liquid saturated porous sample the spatial inhomogeneous internal magnetic field in general depends on the strength of the static magnetic field, the differences in magnetic susceptibilities, but...

Direct correlation of internal gradients and pore size distributions with low field NMR.

Internal magnetic field gradients Gint, which arise from the magnetic susceptibility difference Δχ between solid matrix and fluid in porous media relate to the pore geometry. However, this relations...

Internal Derangement of the Temporomandibular Joint: New Perspectives on an Old Problem.

Internal derangement is caused by loss of the structure and function of the intra-articular tissues, leading to a failure in the biomechanics of the temporomandibular joint. This tissue failure is usu...

Growing networks of overlapping communities with internal structure.

We introduce an intuitive model that describes both the emergence of community structure and the evolution of the internal structure of communities in growing social networks. The model comprises two ...

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