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Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina. It can result in discharge, itching and pain, and is often associated with an irritation or infection of the vulva. It is usually due to infection. Vulvov...

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is a carcinomatous cancer occurring in many different organs, including the skin, lips, mouth, esophagus, urinary bladder, prostate, lungs, vagina, and cervix. It is a ...

Toxic Shock Syndrome TSS

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare but very serious illness that can develop rapidly in anyone From a UK population of around 60 million there were about 40 cases reported each year, half of which are a...

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The Virgin Diet Cookbook: Review Exposes JJ Virgin’s Latest Cookbook for Her Nationally Known Diet

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 25, 2014 The Virgin Diet Cookbook , a collection of recipes based on one of the latest and most popular wellness diets created by JJ Virgin, fitness and nutrition expe...

Richard Branson’s Biofuel Enthusiasm

The serial entrepreneur believes in investing in many alternative sources of energy including biofuels Legendary entrepreneur/business leader Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is known for pushing ...

Scientists discover novel antibiotic in vagina

Scientists looking to solve the looming threat of antimicrobial resistance have discovered an antibiotic in the vagina.

US Virgin Islands confirms first chikungunya case

A mosquito-borne virus that has been spreading rapidly in the Caribbean has made its way to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

US Virgin Islands confirms first chikungunya case (Update)

A nasty mosquito-borne virus that has been spreading rapidly in the Caribbean has made its way to the U.S. Virgin Islands, authorities said Wednesday.

Galanin neurons in the medial preoptic area govern parental behaviour

Mice display robust, stereotyped behaviours towards pups: virgin males typically attack pups, whereas virgin females and sexually experienced males and females display parental care. Here we show that...

New Drug Ring Inside Vagina May Prevent HIV, Reveals

Botticelli Brings Organic Olive Oil to the Table

HAUPPAUGE, New York (PRWEB) October 13, 2014 A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle often go hand-in-hand. And Botticelli is making it easier to be healthy with its new Organic Extra Virgin oliv...

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Non-diethylstilbestrol-associated primary clear cell carcinoma of the vagina: two case reports with immunohistochemical studies and literature review.

Primary clear cell adenocarcinomas most commonly involve the genitourinary system, including the vagina. Previously, primary clear cell adenocarcinomas of the vagina have been discussed within the con...

Primary malignant melanoma of the vagina: A case report and review of literature.

A 60 year old woman presented in gynecology department with bleeding per vagina and subsequently histotpathologically, it was diagnosed as malignant melanoma of the vagina. She underwent excision biop...

Labial flap vaginoplasty with sacrospinous fixation.

We present a case of congenital absence of Vagina which was treated by reconstruction of the vagina using vascular labial flaps. Furthermore, we anchored the neo-vagina to the Sacro-spinous ligament o...

Preinvasive lesions in gynaecology -  vagina.

Preinvasive lesions of the vagina are relatively rare, clearly defined afflictions, originating most of all in association with the highrisk human papillomavirus infection (HR HPV). The most frequen...

Primary melanoma of the vagina. A clinical case.

Primary melanoma of the vagina is a rare neoplasm that appears in the 6(th) and 7(th) decades of life. It has a poor prognosis, for which there is no consensus regarding treatment; indeed, the literat...

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