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13:06 EST 1st March 2017 | BioPortfolio

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TASH Biotechnology

Shanghai TASH Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. specializes in peptide development on the basis of high technology. TASH Biotechnology are focusing on custom peptide synthesis, and the research, development...

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OK, Google – who will win the AI wars?

GETTY IMAGES Sundar Pichai says his goal is to use AI to build “a personal Google” for each of its users “We’re moving from a mobile first to an AI-first world.” That was...

Wie Google in die iPhone-Liga vorstößt: Das erste echte Google-Smartphone erinnert stark an das iPhone. ...

Das erste echte Google-Smartphone erinnert stark an das iPhone. Doch ein Blick auf Produktionskosten und Marge zeigt, dass Google nicht nur auf die Kundschaft von Apple, sondern auch auf die Profit...

He’s baaaack: Natural News restored to Google, as founder Mike Adams escalates ‘censorship’ claim

[Editor’s note: was delisted from Google search results on February 23, 2017, for what was later revealed to be a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. The website ...

Google delists Mike Adams’ Natural News website. Was it because of fake news?

Last week, in a surprise move Google delisted Mike Adams' Natural News website. Predictably, Adams immediately cried "Conspiracy!" and accused Google of punishing him for his support for "natural heal...

Google’s Long, Strange Life Span Trip

Why does a mole rat live 30 years but a mouse only three? With $1.5 billion in the bank, Google’s anti-aging spinout Calico is rich enough to find out.

Google delisted Mike Adams’ Natural News website for ‘sneaky’ marketing, not content

It became apparent that “Natural News” had been removed from Google search results on February 22 [2017]. The website did not come up from searching for the website title, articles titles or even...

Backed by Google, Aspire Health Nabs $32M for Palliative Care

Aspire Health, a Nashville, TN-based palliative care company has rasised $32 million in funding round that was led by GV (formerly Google Ventures), the venture capital arm of tech giant Alphabet Inc...

Apple joins Google, IBM to tackle societal, ethical issues in AI

Apple has joined forces with Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft as part of a non-profit alliance to advance Artificial Intelligence. Established in September, the

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Accuracy of remote chest X-ray interpretation using Google Glass technology.

We sought to explore the accuracy of remote chest X-ray reading using hands-free, wearable technology (Google Glass, Google, Mountain View, California).

Google Glass in the Operating Room: The Plastic Surgeon's Perspective.

New technologies and innovations are common in the delivery of modern health care. Google Glass is one such device gaining increased attention in medical specialties. The authors surveyed residents an...

A Participatory Agent-Based Simulation for Indoor Evacuation Supported by Google Glass.

Indoor evacuation systems are needed for rescue and safety management. One of the challenges is to provide users with personalized evacuation routes in real time. To this end, this project aims at exp...

National Utilization and Forecasting of Ototopical Antibiotics: Medicaid Data Versus "Dr. Google".

To forecast national Medicaid prescription volumes for common ototopical antibiotics, and correlate prescription volumes with internet user search interest using Google Trends (GT).

Crosswalk localization from low resolution satellite images to assist visually impaired people.

In this paper we propose a model for crosswalk detection and localization by using satellite images captured from Google Maps, for the purpose of assisting visually impaired people. The detection is p...

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