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Maternal weight


The iBioLaunch™ platform is a  proprietary gene expression technology that causes non-transgenic plants to rapidly produce high levels of target proteins.  The plants are easily and ...


Nutraceuticals are food products with added nutritional and health benefits. They include fortified foods and can have added nutrients or compounds that aid weight-loss. It is a booming market area....

Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, immune disease that affects the skin. It occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis affects up to 1.8 mill...

Vitamin E Deficiency

Frank vitamin E deficiency is rare and overt deficiency symptoms have not been found in healthy people who obtain little vitamin E from their diets. Premature babies of very low birth weight (<1,...

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Fampridine Improves Walking Ability, Speed, Function in MS

The largest and longest trial of the drug to date, ENHANCE, confirms and expands on the utility of fampridine to improve walking speed, as well as mobility and functional measures, researchers say. ...

Knee OA No Excuse to Skip Out on Physical Activity

(MedPage Today) -- Patients met thresholds for sit-to-stand, gait speed, and walking speed

Osteoporosis: It's Crucial to Get Height Right

Height loss is a key marker for osteoporosis--and studies illustrate that older women often overestimate their height when self-reporting it.

Height, height-related SNPs, and risk of non-melanoma skin cancer

Body Mass Index and All-Cause Mortality

To the Editor In their study on body mass index (BMI) associated with the lowest mortality in Denmark, Dr Afzal and colleagues concluded that the BMI associated with the lowest all-cause mortality inc...

Cycling and walking in six NZ cities: Where are we at?

Dr Caroline Shaw, Dr Marie Russell Active transport is important for health and sustainability. But no one has previously looked systematically at how NZ cities support cycling and walking. Therefore,...

Glutamatergic synaptic integration of locomotion speed via septoentorhinal projections

The authors describe a glutamatergic septoentorhinal pathway that provides running-speed-correlated input to MEC layer 2/3. The speed signal is integrated by several MEC cell classes and converted int...

Scientists Identify Height, Weight of Ancient Human

ArticleThe 13 footprints were left as impressions in volcanic ash that later hardened into rock and excavated in northern Tanzania in 2015. Staff Author

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Comprehensive quantitative investigation of arm swing during walking at various speed and surface slope conditions.

Previous studies have shown that inclusion of arm swing in gait rehabilitation leads to more effective walking recovery in patients with walking impairments. However, little is known about the correct...

Improvement of walking abilities in femoral amputees with a distal weight bearing implant.

Following a transfemoral (TF) amputation, the ability to walk with a prosthesis is the main objective of rehabilitation. The achieved speed of walking is considered a determining factor in the amputee...

Treadmill walking is not equivalent to overground walking for the study of walking smoothness and rhythmicity in older adults.

Treadmills are appealing for gait studies, but some gait mechanics are disrupted during treadmill walking. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of speed and treadmill walking on walkin...

Local stability and kinematic variability in walking and pole walking at different speeds.

This study investigated the kinematic variability and the local stability of walking and pole walking using two tri-axial accelerometers placed on the seventh cervical (C7) and the second sacral (S2) ...

The Effect of Walking Speed on Foot Kinematics is Modified When Increased Pronation is Induced.

The relation between walking speed and foot kinematics during gait is not well established, and neither is it clear whether this relation is modified in the presence of factors expected to increase pr...

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