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20:43 EST 17th January 2017 | BioPortfolio

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High Iron Levels Linked With Gestational Diabetes

Findings raise questions about whether iron supplements should be routinely recommended for pregnant women. Expert says results are interesting, but iron is more likely a contributor than a cause....

Iron Supplementation in HF: Trials Support IV but Not Oral

"If iron can't get into the body, you cannot expect it to work," an expert remarked about the lack of benefit with oral iron. Heartwire from Medscape

Cooking with cast iron: Fact versus fiction (video)

(American Chemical Society) Cooks around the world prize their cast-iron cookware, which has many advantages over its aluminum siblings. But there are a few myths surrounding cast-iron cooking and car...

Iron deficiency: an interview with Dr Thierry Teil

Iron deficiency is, in fact, one of the most common nutritional disorders. It affects between three and five billion people, which is between half and two-thirds of the world population (about seven b...

Health Tip: Managing Anemia With Iron

-- Iron deficiency is a common cause of anemia, the lack of a protein called hemoglobin that's needed to carry oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. If your doctor prescribes an iron supplement, the...

Here comes the long-sought-after iron-munching microbe

A microbe that ‘eats’ both methane and iron: microbiologists have long suspected its existence, but were not able to find it - until now. Researchers at Radboud University and the Max Planck Inst...

Iron Test Volume and Sales Forecasts: US, Europe, JapanHospitals, Commercial Labs, POC Locations Prices from USD $750

This new report from VPGMarketResearch provides analysis of Iron testing, including clinical significance, current and emerging diagnostic procedures, as well as test volume and sales forecasts by cou...

New Moms Get No Iron Boost From Eating Placenta: Study

FRIDAY, Nov. 11, 2016 -- Tens of thousands of new mothers eat their placenta, hoping to prevent or reverse iron deficiency after they give birth, a practice called placentophagy. But a new study says ...

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Effect of Vitamin E With Therapeutic Iron Supplementation on Iron Repletion and Gut Microbiome in US Iron Deficient Infants and Toddlers.

Iron therapy induces inflammation, which could decrease iron absorption. Increased exposure of iron in the gut could also alter microbiome file. Providing antioxidants such as vitamin E with iron ther...

Effect of iron supplementation on iron stores and total body iron after whole blood donation.

Understanding the effect of blood donation and iron supplementation on iron balance will inform strategies to manage donor iron status.

The Effect of Iron Fortification on Iron (Fe) Status and Inflammation: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Iron deficiency (ID) is common in toddlers in developing countries. Iron fortified or meat-based complementary foods may be effective to prevent ID.

High-Spin Iron(I) and Iron(0) Dinitrogen Complexes Supported by N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands.

The use of 1,3-dicyclohexylimidazol-2-ylidene (ICy) as ligand has enabled the preparation of the high-spin tetrahedral iron(I)- and iron(0)-N2 complexes, namely [(ICy)3Fe(N2)][BPh4] (1) and [(ICy)3Fe(...

Iron Balance and the Role of Hepcidin in Chronic Kidney Disease.

The hepatic iron-regulatory hormone hepcidin and its receptor, the cellular iron exporter ferroportin, constitute a feedback-regulated mechanism that maintains adequate plasma concentrations of iron-t...

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