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Vasomotor rhinitis

Antibody classes

An antibody, also known as an immunoglobulin, is a large Y-shaped protein used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. The antibody recognizes a...

Motor system

Reninangiotensinaldosterone system

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Wikipedia: Homeopathy and Evidence for Unpatentable Medications

By FRED TROTTER Recently, I have had some interesting conversations with doctors and medical students of Naturopathic Medicine. I am slowly getting involved in editing Wikipedia medicine articles, and...

A “Wikipedia” for neurons

The decades worth of data that has been collected about the billions of neurons in the brain is astounding. To help scientists make sense of this “brain big data,” researchers at Carnegie Mellon U...

Vasomotor Symptoms Relieved by Escitalopram, E2, Venlafaxine

Menopausal women with moderate vasomotor symptoms may find relief from escitalopram, low-dose dose oral 17-beta-estradiol, or venlafaxine, according to a pooled analysis. Medscape Medical News

'Wikipedia' for Neurons Indexes Physiological Information

The decades worth of data that has been collected about the billions of neurons in the brain is astounding. To help scientists make sense of this “brain big data,” researchers at Carnegie Mellon U...

'Wikipedia' for neurons created

To help scientists make sense of 'brain big data,' researchers have used data mining to create, a publicly available website that acts like Wikipedia, indexing physiological infor...

On Wikipedia, politically controversial science topics vulnerable to information sabotage

(Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies) 'As society turns to Wikipedia for answers, students, educators, and citizens should understand its limitations when researching scientific topics that are politi...

Journal Maturitas position statement: Non-hormonal management of menopausal vasomotor symptoms

(Elsevier) Elsevier journal Maturitas, today announced the publication of a position statement by the European Menopause and Andropause Society covering non-hormonal management of menopausal vasomotor...

Better predicting flu outbreaks with Wikipedia

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have the ability to forecast the upcoming flu season and other infectious diseases by analyzing views of Wikipedia articles. "The ability to more accuratel...

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Wikipedia editing dynamics.

A model for the probabilistic function followed in editing Wikipedia is presented and compared with simulations and real data. It is argued that the probability of editing is proportional to the edito...

Depression and vasomotor symptoms in young breast cancer survivors: the mediating role of sleep disturbance.

Depression, sleep disturbance, and vasomotor symptoms are common in breast cancer survivors (BCS), especially in younger women diagnosed before menopause. Risk factors and mechanisms for depression in...

Validation of a new method for non-invasive assessment of vasomotor function.

Reactive hyperaemia induces a slowing of pulse wave velocity (PWV) in conduit arteries of healthy subjects (flow-mediated slowing (FMS)). This could be an alternative method for assessing peripheral v...

Duration of Menopausal Vasomotor Symptoms Over the Menopause Transition.

The expected duration of menopausal vasomotor symptoms (VMS) is important to women making decisions about possible treatments.

Content Volatility of Scientific Topics in Wikipedia: A Cautionary Tale.

Wikipedia has quickly become one of the most frequently accessed encyclopedic references, despite the ease with which content can be changed and the potential for 'edit wars' surrounding controversial...

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