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Vasomotor rhinitis

Antibody classes

An antibody, also known as an immunoglobulin, is a large Y-shaped protein used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. The antibody recognizes a...

Immune system

Reninangiotensinaldosterone system

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Cancer Research UK appeals for clarity on Wikipedia

Cancer Research UK is calling upon the medical community to become more involved with Wikipedia to ensure better accuracy of information. Speaking at the ‘Wikimania’ conference this week in London...

Forecasting diseases using Wikipedia

Analyzing page views of Wikipedia articles could make it possible to monitor and forecast diseases around the globe, according to research publishing this week in PLOS Computational Biology.

Jay-Z and Scarface: pharma staff’s anonymous Wikipedia interests

Big pharma employees are among the brightest minds in the world, and data released yesterday on their Wikipedia use shows their interests spread beyond drug development into lighter fare.

Can Wikipedia predict disease outbreaks?

Biospectrum Researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US have examined 14 infectious disease outbreaks...

Cancer Research UK urges medical community to help make Wikipedia more accurate

Cancer Research UK is today (Friday) calling for scientists, doctors and nurses to get more involved in Wikipedia to help ensure the free online encyclopaedia has the most up to date and accurate info...

Can Wikipedia Be Used To Track Disease Outbreaks?

Chuck Bednar for - Your Universe Online Wikipedia page views could help predict potential disease outbreaks weeks before official health advisories are issued, researchers from Los Alamo...

Renal dysfunction in cirrhosis is not just a vasomotor nephropathy

Wikibomb for Australia's female scientists

Interested individuals are invited to help create and improve the Wikipedia pages of Australian female scientists. The Australian Academy of Science is holding the Women of Science Wikibomb as part of...

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Complementary and alternative medicine on wikipedia: opportunities for improvement.

Wikipedia, a free and collaborative Internet encyclopedia, has become one of the most popular sources of free information on the Internet. However, there have been concerns over the quality of online ...

New Pharmacological Therapies for Vasomotor Symptom Management: Focus on Bazedoxifene/Conjugated Estrogens and Paroxetine Mesylate.

To review 2 recently approved therapies for vasomotor symptoms (VMSs) of menopause.

Depression and vasomotor symptoms in young breast cancer survivors: the mediating role of sleep disturbance.

Depression, sleep disturbance, and vasomotor symptoms are common in breast cancer survivors (BCS), especially in younger women diagnosed before menopause. Risk factors and mechanisms for depression in...

A cross-sectional study of equol producer status and self-reported vasomotor symptoms.

This study aims to evaluate the associations of vasomotor symptom (VMS) frequency, bother, and severity with equol producer status and dietary daidzein intake.

"Overlapped" rhinitis: a real trap for rhinoallergologists.

Under the broad heading of "vasomotor" rhinitis two big groups can be distinguished: allergic rhinitis (IgE-mediated), and nonallergic rhinitis. Since they are two separate nosological entities, they ...

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