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Wound botulism

Wound myiasis

Vitamin C Toxicity

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) plays a role in collagen, carnitine, hormone, and amino acid formation. It is essential for wound healing and facilitates recovery from burns. Vitamin C is also an antioxid...

Transforming growth factor beta TGF beta

Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) family members are secreted multifunctional cytokines that play pivotal roles in development and disease. The prototypic member of this family, TGF-beta, pla...

Fibroblast Growth Factors FGFs

The family of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) regulates a plethora of developmental processes, including brain patterning, branching morphogenesis and limb development. Quite a number of FGF-R ag...

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Neurons in crows' brains signal which pictures belong together

During learning, cells in the crow brain acquire discharge patterns that associate pictures with their meaning.

8 Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs A Wound Care Strategy

Despite our best efforts as a wound care community, wound healing is not going awa

Wound Care Advantage Hosts First Wound Care And Hyperbaric Conference For Partner Hospitals

Sierra Madre, California (PRWEB) April 12, 2016 Wound Care Advantage (WCA) hosted its first Wound Care and Hyperbaric Conference on ...

New mechanism for wound healing identified

Wound healing is not a one-size-fits-all process. MDI Biological Laboratory Assistant Professor, Vicki P. Losick, Ph.D, has recently discovered a new healing mechanism, which she has called wound-indu...

Advanced Wound Care: Untapped Opportunities

Mega-deals and innovative technologies have transformed advanced wound care into a robust, high-tech market in the US. While regulatory and reimbursement challenges persist, opportunities in adjacent ...

Study pinpoints protein that helps to regulate wound healing.

Wound repair is an important aspect of physiology, and disruption of this process can result in a number of defects involving wound healing, chronic ulceration and scarring.   A scar on a personR...

Motion Pictures of Micro Anatomy

As a junior in college around the turn of the century, Qi Zhang wanted to know how proteins worked. He wanted to see them work. He wanted to see how these ingenious little engines folded to perform a ...

Nanotech Lotion Speeds Diabetic Wound Healing

Over-the-counter moisturizers fortified with specialized nanoparticles can regulate genes that interfere with wound healing.

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Healing of donor-site buccal mucosa urethroplasty.

Buccal mucosal graft represents the gold standard graft material for urethroplasty due to its thick epithelium and a thin lamina propria for maximal graft uptake. There is ongoing debate whether to cl...

Preparation of hydrogel embedded polymer-growth factor conjugated nanoparticles as a diabetic wound dressing.

Growth factors act in an integrated manner to promote the wound-healing process. However, probably due to early inactivation of these molecules in the wound site, their topical administration scarcely...

PKM2 Released by Neutrophils at Wound Site Facilitates Early Wound Healing by Promoting Angiogenesis.

Neutrophils infiltration/activation following wound induction marks the early inflammation response in wound repair. However, the role of the infiltrated/activated neutrophils in tissue regeneration/p...

Delayed Wound Dehiscence of Anterior Knee Incisions in Patients Aged 20 Years and Younger: A Comparison of Subcutaneous Skin Closure.

Delayed wound dehiscence (DWD) typically occurs 2 to 7 weeks postoperatively and is characterized by wound gapping and drainage at a surgical site which has initial normal wound healing. This wound pr...

T4 lysozyme fused with cellulose binding module for antimicrobial cellulosic wound dressing materials.

Bacterial infection is a major challenge in wound care. Antimicrobial wound dressings are of great value for treating wound infections. Endolysins are evolving as a new class of antimicrobials with mu...

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