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06:47 EST 16th December 2018 | BioPortfolio

Biocon Launches ALZUMAb™ - a ‘First in Class’ Novel Biologic Treatment for Psoriasis Patients in India

• ALZUMAb™-World's first novel anti-CD6 antibody developed by Biocon to address a large unmet need for the treatment of Psoriasis in India
• Excellent safety and efficacy profile with very low opportunistic infection rates and longer remission period
• Offers a new treatment option for Psoriasis with a less aggressive dosing regimen and a longer treatment free period, ensuring better patient compliance and convenience
• Is an innovative affordable treatment option with a promise to offer a better quality of life for the patient
• Will provide an effective biologic treatment solution to 1-2% of Indian population suffering from Psoriasis

• ALZUMAb™- (Itolizumab) has demonstrated preclinical and/clinical evidence in treating other autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
• Biocon is committed to offering this novel anti -CD6 biologic from India to patients across the globe

Biocon, Asia's premier biotechnology company, in August 2013 announced the launch of its ‘first in class’ novel biologic ALZUMAb™ (Itolizumab), the world’s first anti-CD6 monoclonal antibody to be introduced for treating patients with chronic plaque psoriasis, in India.
ALZUMAb™ with a unique Mechanism of Action (MOA) offers superior safety and similar efficacy profile compared to other existing therapies, and has a long remission period with very low opportunistic infection rate. Psoriasis is a socially debilitating disease affecting 2-3 % of world population. The global Psoriasis market size is estimated to cross $8 bn by 2016.

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