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Opioid Use in Shoulder Arthroplasty Patients: A Stratification and Algorithm

The investigators aim to better understand opioid use in patients undergoing elective shoulder surgery. The investigators will prospectively determine actual postoperative opioid use, while evaluating whether implementation of an educational session with pain contract would help minimize opioid use.

Quantitative Evaluation of the Breast's Morphological Variations During Radiotherapy: MorphoBreast3D

Quantitative evaluation of the breast's morphological variations during radiotherapy consisting in performing three-dimensional surface acquisitions of the breast in order to study its shape and volume. Evaluation of the dosimetric impact of these variations.

Telehealth Powerful Tools for Caregivers Effectiveness Study

The purpose of this research is to examine the efficacy of telehealth as a delivery format for an education-based caregiver wellness program focusing on self-care. The study will examine two research questions. 1) Are outcomes equivalent for caregivers in an education based-wellness program delivered via telehealth and one delivered in person as measured by a general rating...

Preclinical Validation of New Anti-melanoma Compounds

This research program is in keeping with the chemistry/biology/clinical interface and gathers 4 teams with complementary expertise in these respective fields. It will allow deciphering the mechanism(s) of action of new Thiazole-Benzenesulfonamide family (TZB) derivatives on metastatic melanoma sensitive and resistant to BRAF and MEK inhibitors. Investigators will use melano...

A Brief Affirmation Intervention on HIV-related Distress and Positive Living in Lesotho

This study is interested in the stress associated with being HIV positive and looking at ways to reduce that stress. Individuals who are HIV positive face a number of nontrivial threats and stressors: the burden of illness, loss of work, stigmatization, and the chance of death. The study investigates the use of self-affirmation to reduce some of these threats and stressors....

Development of a Software Correlating Simultaneously fMRI, EEG and Peripheral Physiological Activity

The study aim to improve the quality of EEG recordings during simultaneous fMRI acquisitions. The second aim is to validate the correspondence between cerebral areas activated in fMRI and cortical areas identified with high density EEG during the listening of emotional musical pieces.

PCORnet Opioid Surveillance Study

The overarching objective of this project is to demonstrate and assess the feasibility of using the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network (PCORnet) Common Data Model for opioid surveillance to complement existing and support future initiatives. This project will characterize risk factors, processes, and outcomes related to opioid use, misuse, and abuse. It will quantif...

Effect of Dupilumab on Sleep Apnea in Patients With Rhinosinusitis

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common disorder with serious consequences that remains underrecognized, with >80% of OSA patients undiagnosed, and undertreated due to inadequate treatment options. The development of additional treatments for OSA, such as pharmacotherapy, are critically needed. The collaboration between Regeneron and Sanofi are funding this project. Rege...

Test and Optimization of New Specific MRI Sequences on an Imager Dedicated to Research

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) performance depends on equipment performance, equipment maintenance and relevance of MRI sequence used. To optimize MRI performance, it's necessary to develop, optimize, test and validate new acquisition sequences for enhanced diagnosis and therapy monitoring. These new sequences will allow better spatial resolution and specificity while red...

Evaluation of the Research to Policy Collaboration Model

This work aims to evaluate an approach for improving federal legislators' use of evidence—known as the Research-to-Policy Collaboration (RPC) - which seeks to address known barriers to policymakers' use of research, including a lack of personal contact between researchers and policymakers and limited relevance of research translation efforts to current policy priorities. ...

Training Church Leaders in Mental Health First Aid

The purpose of this study is to train Church Leaders and other community members in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), which is an evidence-based public mental health education program. MHFA has been found to improve people's recognition of emotional and mental health challenges and to increase people's confidence in providing help to others. Information about MHFA can be acce...

Interactive Guided Ultrasound Examinations Done by Non-experts of Ultrasound Imaging

This prospective study is a pilot study for evaluating a guidance system that aims to facilitate high-quality echocardiographic acquisitions.

The Establishment of China Bronchiectasis Registry and Research Collaboration

The investigators meant to establish a multi-centered bronchiectasis patient registry for Chinese bronchiectasis patients. This would be the first bronchiectasis registry in China. Patients with all kinds of bronchiectasis would be enrolled.

The Effect of Integrated Leading, Managing and Governing for Result Model on Maternity Health Services

The need for leading people, managing work, and governing organizations never changed over the civilization paths of society. However, people in every pole of the globe observe: over-led and under-managed, over-managed and under-governed, and even out of these organizations. These disparities have remained worse in the health system of developing countries like Ethiopia. ...

Patient-controlled Admissions in Inpatient Mental Health Services

Patient-controlled admissions are short self-referred inpatient admissions in mental health services without approval by clinicians. The intention is to reduce a high use of inpatient care. Patients are signing a contract for a specified period with stays limited to a maximum number of days and with a minimum number of weeks between stays. The few studies so far show tenden...

Increasing HPV Immunization Rates: The Rural Adolescent Vaccine Enterprise

The goal of this study is to engage rural primary care clinics and community organizations to test interventions designed to increase HPV vaccinations in both male and female patients aged 9-26 years.

Dual Guidance Structure for Evaluation of Patients With Unclear Diagnosis in Centers for Rare Diseases

In people suffering from a rare disease the diagnostic process and the confirmation of a final diagnosis is often ongoing for many years. Factors contributing to delayed diagnosis include the limited knowledge of health care professionals about rare diseases and their symptoms but also a psychiatric or psychosomatic (co-)morbidity obscuring the symptoms of the rare disease....

Chest Imaging of Lung Nodule(s) Under High-frequency Non-invasive Ventilation (HF-NIV)

Imaging of chest disorders is mainly achieved by using computed tomography. This is especially the case for detection, morphologic assessment and followup of pulmonary nodules. A positron emission tomography (PET) /CT may be additionally required for lung nodule management in some conditions including a size greater than 8 mm with morphologic or growing characteristics susp...

Video Education and Behaviour Contract to Optimize Adherence in Renal Transplants

This study aims to test the effectiveness of an electronic-based video intervention and behavioral contract on improving medication adherence among kidney transplant recipients.

Assessment of Investigational Positron Emission Tomography and Post-Processing Procedures Performed as Add-ons to Standard of Care Imaging

The goals of this study are to (1) develop and refine PET post-processing acquisition procedures, (2) generate preliminary and comparative imaging data for potential clinical trials, and (3) retrospectively evaluate standard of care PET imaging acquisitions by comparison with investigational PET imaging acquisitions.

Effect of Strategies to Improve General Practitioner-nurse Collaboration and Communication

Previously,six measures were developed for a better collaboration of general practitioners and nurses in nursing homes in a qualitative multistep bottom-up process. These measures, summarised as the interprof ACT intervention, shall improve the flow of information and the communication between the involved parties and lead to more transparency and effectiveness regarding tr...

Federal Evaluation of Selected Programs for Expectant and Parenting Youth

Under contract to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Mathematica Policy Research is conducting an impact study of Healthy Families Healthy Futures in Houston, Texas for a Federal Evaluation of Programs for Expectant and Parenting Youth (PEPY). The impact study will be designed to address three main questions: - Was the program successful in exposin...

Family-Clinician Collaboration to Improve Neglect and Rehabilitation Outcome After Stroke

Spatial neglect may occur in patients who have had a stroke. People with spatial neglect often pay much more attention to one side of the body while ignoring the other side, even though they have no difficulty seeing. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact on stroke recovery, including spatial neglect, of the Family-Clinician Collaboration program, where a fami...

Angiographic and Psychosocial Evaluation of Peripartum vs. Non: SCAD

This multi-site international clinical research project is a collaboration between investigators from multiple institutions in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Approximately 7 to 11 sites will participate and provide data for analysis. Clinical operations (for data collection and analysis) across sites will be managed by Stanford. The study purpose is to determine differences i...

Colorectal Cancer Screening French Organizations for the Follow-up After Colonoscopy

France is one of the European countries where the incidence of colorectal cancer is the highest among cancers for both sexes. Fecal occult blood screening has been implemented since 2008. However, this screening excludes high risk people who have a 10 to 30 % risk of developing a CRC during their lifetime. Colonoscopy follow up of these persons is not organized, and it is u...

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