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Newly isolated microorganisms with potential application in biotechnology.

Nowadays, food, cosmetic, environmental and pharmaceutical fields are searching for alternative processes to obtain their major products in a more sustainable way. This fact is related to the increasing demand from the consumer market for natural products to substitute synthetic additives. Industrial biotechnology appears as a promising area for this purpose; however, the success of its applicatio...

Experimental evolution: its principles and applications in developing stress-tolerant yeasts.

Stress tolerance and resistance in industrial yeast strains are important attributes for cost-effective bioprocessing. The source of stress-tolerant yeasts ranges from extremophilic environments to laboratory engineered strains. However, industrial stress-tolerant yeasts are very rare in nature as the natural environment forces them to evolve traits that optimize survival and reproduction and not ...

Magnetic Force-Based Microfluidic Techniques for Cellular and Tissue Bioengineering.

Live cell manipulation is an important biotechnological tool for cellular and tissue level bioengineering applications due to its capacity for guiding cells for separation, isolation, concentration, and patterning. Magnetic force-based cell manipulation methods offer several advantages, such as low adverse effects on cell viability and low interference with the cellular environment. Furthermore, m...

Deterministic assembly and diversity gradient altered the biofilm community performances of bioreactors.

Community assembly process (determinism vs. stochasticity) determines the composition and diversity of microbial community, and then shapes its functions. Understanding this complex process and its relationship to the community functions becomes a very important task for the applications of microbial biotechnology. In this study, we applied microbial electrolysis cells (MECs) with moderate species...

Specialized lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferases contribute to unusual fatty acid accumulation in exotic Euphorbiaceae seed oils.

In vivo and in vitro analyses of Euphorbiaceae species' triacylglycerol assembly enzymes substrate selectivity are consistent with the co-evolution of seed-specific unusual fatty acid production and suggest that many of these genes will be useful for biotechnological production of designer oils. Many exotic Euphorbiaceae species, including tung tree (Vernicia fordii), castor bean (Ricinus communis...

Seminal plasma amino acid profile in different breeds of chicken: Role of seminal plasma on sperm cryoresistance.

Seminal plasma is a key biological fluid that modulates sperm function in the reproduction process. However, its role in sperm biotechnologies is scarce in poultry. The aims of the present study were to study the amino acids profile and total proteins of seminal plasma in 12 Spanish chicken breeds and to investigate the role of seminal plasma on cryoresistance of rooster sperm. To investigate the ...


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