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A biochemical framework for anaerobic oxidation of methane driven by Fe(III)-dependent respiration.

Consumption of methane by aerobic and anaerobic microbes governs the atmospheric level of this powerful greenhouse gas. Whereas a biochemical understanding of aerobic methanotrophy is well developed, a mechanistic understanding of anaerobic methanotrophy has been prevented by the unavailability of pure cultures. Here we report a biochemical investigation of Methanosarcina acetivorans, a methane-pr...

Fungi short-chain carboxylate transporter: shift from microbe hereditary functional component to metabolic engineering target.

Short-chain carboxylic acids and their derivatives are widely utilized in all aspects of our daily life. Given their specific functional groups, these molecules are also utilized in fine chemical synthesis. The traditional petroleum-based carboxylate production methods are restricted by petrol shortage and environmental pollution. Renowned for their more sustainable processes than traditional meth...

Efficient production of secretory Streptomyces clavuligerus β-lactamase inhibitory protein (BLIP) in Pichia pastoris.

β-Lactamase inhibitory protein (BLIP), a low molecular weight protein from Streptomyces clavuligerus, has a wide range of potential applications in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry because of its tight interaction with and potent inhibition on clinically important class A β-lactamases. To meet the demands for considerable amount of highly pure BLIP, this study aimed at dev...

Corrigendum to Biotechnology Progress 2003, 19, 928-935 by Y.O. Shin, M.E. Weber, and J.H. Vera.

Biotechnological and protein-engineering implications of ancestral protein resurrection.

Approximations to the sequences of ancestral proteins can be derived from the sequences of their modern descendants. Proteins encoded by such reconstructed sequences can be prepared in the laboratory and subjected to experimental scrutiny. These 'resurrected' ancestral proteins often display remarkable properties, reflecting ancestral adaptations to intra-cellular and extra-cellular environments t...

Managing microbiomes for human health: An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in microbial biotechnology.

Production and Characterization of an Extracellular Acid Protease from Thermophilic Brevibacillus sp. OA30 Isolated from an Algerian Hot Spring.

Proteases have numerous biotechnological applications and the bioprospection for newly-thermostable proteases from the great biodiversity of thermophilic microorganisms inhabiting hot environments, such as geothermal sources, aims to discover more effective enzymes for processes at higher temperatures. We report in this paper the production and the characterization of a purified acid protease from...

The 2016 Activity Report of the Tissue Transplantation and Biotechnology Section of the German Ophthalmological Society.

Surface display for metabolic engineering of industrially important acetic acid bacteria.

Acetic acid bacteria have unique metabolic characteristics that suit them for a variety of biotechnological applications. They possess an arsenal of membrane-bound dehydrogenases in the periplasmic space that are capable of regiospecific and enantioselective partial oxidations of sugars, alcohols, and polyols. The resulting products are deposited directly into the medium where they are easily reco...

Author Correction: The Inhibitory Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cells with rAd-NK4 on Liver Cancer.

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in the image of Figure 7.

Insect symbionts as valuable grist for the biotechnological mill: an alkaliphilic silkworm gut bacterium for efficient lactic acid production.

Insects constitute the most abundant and diverse animal class and act as hosts to an extraordinary variety of symbiotic microorganisms. These microbes living inside the insects play critical roles in host biology and are also valuable bioresources. Enterococcus mundtii EMB156, isolated from the larval gut (gut pH >10) of the model organism Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae), efficiently produce...

Innovations in CRISPR technology.

CRISPR-Cas9 is a versatile tool for genome engineering that has revolutionized biotechnology and is poised to impact medicine. Recent advances in the identification of unique CRISPR systems, as well as the re-engineering of the Cas9 protein for expanded function, has enabled the diversification of the CRISPR genome engineering toolbox. In this review, we highlight these innovations and discuss how...

Recent Advances in Liquid Metal Manipulation toward Soft Robotics and Biotechnologies.

Interest has grown significantly in the field of soft robotics, which seeks to develop machinery capable of duplicating the elastic and rheological properties of typically polymeric or elastomeric biological tissues and organs. As a result of a number of unique properties, gallium-based liquid metals (LMs) are emerging as materials used in the forefront of soft robotics research. Finding methods t...

PhyMet: a database and toolkit for phylogenetic and metabolic analyses of methanogens.

The vast biodiversity of the microbial world and how little is known about it, has already been revealed by extensive metagenomics analyses. Our rudimentary knowledge of microbes stems from difficulties concerning their isolation and culture in laboratory conditions, which is necessary for describing their phenotype, among other things, for biotechnological purposes. An important component of the ...

Gender differences in obtaining and maintaining patent rights.

The long view on sequencing.

Recent patents in tumor detection and treatment.

Epigenome editing to the rescue.

Rollout of high-priced cell and gene therapies forces payer rethink.

Low-molecular-weight albumin drug touted for severe osteoarthritis.

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