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Shanghai TASH Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. specializes in peptide development on the basis of high technology. TASH Biotechnology are focusing on custom peptide synthesis, and the research, development and manufacturing of biologically active peptides for drugs. TASH Biotechnology provide comprehensive services on peptide to the life science research institutes and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Their principle is “customers first”, and their goal is to be a prominent leader in peptide industry. TASH Biotechnology high cost performance products and high-effective services allows for accelerated schedules to be met and a cost-effective manner to be adopted for their customers on their product development and manufacturing.

A high cost performance peptides provider: TASH supplies not only economic standardized peptide products, but also unparalleled peptide library standards. Our high-effective customer service system makes more support and assistance available for your peptide project.

High-quality peptides and specific services: TASH has started up specific peptide product line for the life scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, and also provides unique peptide modification services. Innovative peptide technical solutions and more high-quality peptide products can be obtained in a quicker manner.

Up to the present, TASH have successfully realized the industrialization of peptide intermediates and ingredients for generic drugs at kilogram basis into more than sixty varieties, leveraging lab resource sharing and technical advantages. And the biologically active peptide choices we offer for the scientific researchers throughout the whole world have exceeded 2,300. TASH have also developed in succession multiple peptide modifications including the ones of peptide terminals, loci, and main chain allostery. TASH relies on qualified personnel for innovation. Our services and innovation achievements have been recognized by the scientific researchers worldwide. In order to realize the perfect industrialization of more peptide compounds, we would continue to invest in peptide industry and encourage innovation peptide life science.

Location: TASH is located in Shanghai, China. Find us by clicking the Link to Google Maps.

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TASH Biotechnology—US Office is open

TASH Biotechnology—US Office is open On March 23, 2011, Shanghai, TASH, as the leading peptide supplier in China for life science, drug development, health and cosmetic industry, announces...


As our company TASH Biotechnology is developing, we need to change our trademark Logo to fit the development. From Feb 11th 2011,we will start to change the old logo to the new one. Regarding the ...

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