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Microbiology and antibiotic therapy of subperiosteal orbital abscess in children with acute ethmoiditis.

The objective of this study was to investigate the microbiological cultures and the management of acute ethmoiditis complicated by subperiosteal orbital abscess (SPOA) in a pediatric population.

A Refractory Cutaneous Abscess.

Abscess within a glioblastoma: mimicking a matryoshka doll.

Abscess co-existing within a brain tumor is a rare entity. Case reports in literature primarily consist of sellar pathology and parenchymal lesions including meningioma, glioma, and metastases. We rep...

Obturator internus muscle abscess caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in an adult: A case report.

Obturator internus muscle (OIM) abscess is a rare condition, usually affecting children after trauma or muscular effort. Blood cultures always yield positive findings, with Staphylococcus aureus being...

Syphilitic lymphadenitis with abscess formation involving cervical lymph nodes.

Giant colonic diverticulum-a rare cause of acute abdomen.

Giant colonic diverticulum (GCD), defined as diverticulum larger than 4 cm, is a rare entity. It is generally a manifestation of colonic diverticular disease and can have dramatic complications such a...

Comparison of secretome profile of pathogenic and non-pathogenic Entamoeba histolytica.

The obligatory intracellular protozoan parasite, Entamoeba histolytica, causes amebic dysentery and liver abscess. E. histolytica adheres to the host tissues in a contact-dependent manner. E. histolyt...

Clinical Features and Treatment of Secondary Pituitary Abscess Following Transsphenoidal Surgery: A Retrospective Study of 23 Cases.

Pituitary abscess (PA) is a rare but serious intrasellar disorder with potentially high disability and mortality. Secondary PA following transsphenoidal surgery (TS) is extremely rare and only a few c...

Supercharged free omental flap plombage for empyema in a patient with an artificial pericardium.

Cavernostomy and fenestration were performed in a patient who developed a lung abscess and empyema in the left lung, which was damaged after multimodality therapy for advanced thymoma. The hospitalize...

Mammary hemangioma in an infant with apparent mastitis. Case report.

Mammary pathology is infrequent during childhood. It is rare the probability of finding a breast mass in an infant. The most frequent possible diagnoses at this age are breast abscess, mastitis, breas...

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Medical News Today: How to treat an infected hangnail

Find out how to treat an infected hangnail. In this article, we cover home remedies, how to drain an abscess, prevention methods, and symptoms.

Boy, 11, has SEA SNAIL still in its shell removed from his elbow one week after falling on rocks at the beach – The Sun

The SunBoy, 11, has SEA SNAIL still in its shell removed from his elbow one week after falling on rocks at the beachThe SunDOCTORS have removed a sea snail still in its shell from a boys elbow after h...

Proton-Pump Inhibitor Use and Mortality Risk in Patients with Pyogenic Liver Abscess

Observational data suggest elevated in-hospital mortality risk for PPI users among patients newly diagnosed with pyogenic liver abscess.

Spinal Epidural Abscess

Non-operative management of spinal epidural abscess is safe and effective in selected patients.

HemWell America Reports 2.6% of All Patients Who Think They Have Hemorrhoids Have Cancer

34% With Cancer are Between the Ages of 45-54 HemWell America, Inc. (HemWell), an urgent care anal-rectal outpatient clinic company, focusing on ...

[Comment] Convergence of carbapenem-resistance and hypervirulence in Klebsiella pneumoniae

Klebsiella pneumoniae, first described in 1882, remains a common cause of community-acquired and hospital-acquired infections; but strikingly, the past three decades have witnessed the emergence of tw...

Infectious Disease Alert Updates

Corporate Antibiotic Stewardship; Hypervirulence Meets Antibiotic Resistance — A Lethal Combination; Glue Masquerading as an Aortic Root Abscess; Molecular Diagnostic Coup

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Effects of Repetitive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Patients With Acute Ischaemic Stroke

Background and Rationale: Cerebrovascular disease is always ranked at the top causes of death and most of hospitalized acute stroke patients have ischemic stroke [1]. Although the ...

De-roofing and Curettage vs WLE for Pilonidal Abscess

Pilonidal disease refers to a common disease affecting mostly young males. It may present as asymptomatic pits, acute and painful abscess formation, or chronic discharging sinuses. There a...

The LOOP Trial in Treatment of Skin Abscesses

This prospective, randomized controlled trial enrolled a convenience sample of adults and children presenting to two Level 1 trauma centers over 12-months with subcutaneous skin abscesses ...

MR Assessment of Perianal Crohn's Disease

Perianal Crohn's disease (pCD) is the commonest form of fistulising Crohn's disease, with up to 38% of patients affected and with 30% of them experiencing recurring disease symptoms. Prese...

Peritonsillar Abscess: Aspiration Versus Tonsillectomy a Chaud

Peritonsillar abscess (PTA) has a relatively high incidence of 41 per 100,000/year in Denmark. In spite of that, there is no regional or national consensus on treatment of PTA. Abscess dra...

Packing of Perianal Abscess Cavities

The aim of this trial is to compare internal wound packing to no packing in postoperative management following incision and drainage of perianal abscess. Participants will be randomised 1:...

LIFT Technique Versus Seton in Management of Anal Fistula

Abscesses and anal fistulas represent about 70% of perianal suppuration, with an estimated incidence of 1/10,000 inhabitants per year and representing 5% of queries in coloproctology. Ana...

Fertility and Ovarian Reserve Function in the Patient With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

ECCO consensus, the fertility would decline in activity inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), because of anus lesions and pelvic abscess, or who underwent surgery, especially in patients with i...

CABI: Antibiotic Duration for Complicated Intra-ABdominal Infection

Complicated intra-ABdominal Infections (CABIs) are abdominal infections where there is an abscess inside the abdomen, or a hole (perforation) in an abdominal organ such that infected mater...

Endoscopic Access Loop With Bilio-enteric Anastomosis: A Prospective Randomized Comparison Between Gastric and Subcutaneous Access

Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy is the standard procedure used by most hepatobiliary surgeons for biliary reconstruction following iatrogenic bile duct injury, benign and malignant CBD stric...


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Accumulation of purulent EXUDATES beneath the DIAPHRAGM, also known as upper abdominal abscess. It is usually associated with PERITONITIS or postoperative infections.

Abscess of the PSOAS MUSCLES resulting usually from disease of the lumbar vertebrae, with the pus descending into the muscle sheath. The infection is most commonly tuberculous or staphylococcal.

An abscess located in the abdominal cavity, i.e., the cavity between the diaphragm above and the pelvis below. (From Dorland, 27th ed)

Localized circumscribed purulent area of inflammation in the periodontal tissue. It is a derivative of marginal periodontitis and commonly associated with suprabony and infrabony pockets and interradicular involvements, in contrast to periapical abscess which is attributable to pulp necrosis.

MYCOSES of the brain, spinal cord, and meninges which may result in ENCEPHALITIS; MENINGITIS, FUNGAL; MYELITIS; BRAIN ABSCESS; and EPIDURAL ABSCESS. Certain types of fungi may produce disease in immunologically normal hosts, while others are classified as opportunistic pathogens, causing illness primarily in immunocompromised individuals (e.g., ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME).

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