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Effectiveness of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Energy in Older Adults: A Pilot Clinical Trial.

To evaluate the effectiveness of a transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) device typically used for pain suppression (analgesia) during pressure injury (PI) healing, peripheral vascularization, and secondary pain in older adults with chronic PIs and cognitive impairment.

Patient-Reported Outcomes in First-Line Antiretroviral Therapy: Results from NEAT001/ANRS143 Trial Comparing Darunavir/Ritonavir in Combination with Tenofovir/Emtricitabine or Raltegravir.

There are few data comparing patient reported outcomes (PROs) in randomized trials of initial antiretroviral therapy (ART). We present results from a substudy of the NEAT001/ANRS143 trial.

The degree of adherence to CONSORT reporting guidelines for the abstracts of randomised clinical trials published in anaesthesia journals: A cross-sectional study of reporting adherence in 2010 and 2016.

Abstracts are intended to be concise summaries of the entire randomised clinical trial (RCT). Despite their importance, few studies have examined the reporting quality of abstracts in the anaesthesiology literature.

Optimal SBP targets in routine clinical care.

Compare outcomes of intensive treatment of SBP to less than 120 mmHg versus standard treatment to less than 140 mmHg in the US clinical Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) with similar hypertensive patients managed in routine primary care in the United Kingdom.

Antituberculosis Drug-Induced Liver Injury in Children: Incidence and Risk Factors During the Two-Month Intensive Phase of Therapy.

As one of the most frequent and serious adverse reactions during tuberculosis treatment, antituberculosis drug-induced liver injury (ATLI) in children has been studied insufficiently compared with adults. We aimed to determine the incidence and risk factors of ATLI in children during the first two months of TB-therapy.

Patients cannot Reliably Distinguish the Iliac Crest Bone Graft Donor Site From the Contralateral Side after Lumbar Spine Fusion: A Patient-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial.

A multicenter, randomized, intra-patient controlled trial.

Changes in the Sagittal Cranio-Cervical Posture Following a 12-Week Intervention Using a Simple Spinal Traction Device.

Non-controlled clinical trial OBJECTIVE.: To assess the efficacy of a simple home spinal traction device on sagittal cranio-cervical posture and related symptoms.

Pharmaco-fMRI in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomized Controlled Trial With the Monoaminergic Stabilizer (-)-OSU6162.

To examine the effects of monoaminergic stabilizer (-)-OSU6162 on brain activity, as measured by blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), in patients in the chronic phase of traumatic brain injury suffering from fatigue.

Protic additives determine the pathway of CdSe nanocrystal growth.

The formation of semiconductor nanocrystals by hot-injection synthesis follows complex reaction mechanisms that are not yet fully understood. In particular the occurrence of intermediate species indicated by sharp, stationary spectral lines poses an important deviation from the predictions of classical nucleation theory. We show that trace amounts of water and other protic additives strongly impac...

A G·K hydrogel made from 5'-hydrazinoguanosine for remediation of α,β-unsaturated carbonyls.

A G4·K+ hydrogel made from 5'-hydrazinoguanosine and KCl reacts with α,β-unsaturated carbonyls of different electrophilicities (acrolein, methyl vinyl ketone and methyl acrylate) in water and the gas phase to form cyclic adducts. This aza-Michael addition/cyclization domino reaction by the 5'-hydrazino G4·K+ hydrogel has promise for environmental remediation of toxic α,β-unsaturated carbonyl...

Reverse relationships of water uptake and alkaline durability with hydrophilicity of imidazolium-based grafted anion-exchange membranes.

We found unprecedented reverse relationships in anion-exchange membranes (AEMs) for Pt-free alkaline fuel cell systems, i.e., the increase in hydrophobicity increased water uptake and susceptibility to hydrolysis. AEMs with graft copolymers that composed of anion-conducting 2-methyl-N-vinylimidazolium (Im) and hydrophobic styrene (St) units were employed. We characterized two new structures in the...

A combinatorial study on phase formation and oxidation in the thin film superalloy sub-systems Co-Al-Cr and Co-Al-Cr-W.

Two Co-based superalloy subsystems, the ternary system Co-Al-Cr and the quasi-ternary system Co-Al-Cr-W system with a constant amount of 10 at. % W, were deposited as thin-film materials libraries and analyzed in terms of phase formation an oxidation behavior at 500 °C in air. By combining energy-dispersive X-ray analysis and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy high-throughput composition measuremen...

The Role of Photoisomerisation on the Photodetachment of the Photoactive Yellow Protein Chromophore.

The photocycle of photoactive yellow protein (PYP) is initiated by a photoinduced trans-cis isomerisation around a C=C bond in the chromophore that lies at the heart of the protein; however, in addition to the desired photochemical pathway, the chromophore can undergo competing electronic relaxation processes. Here, we combine gas-phase anion photoelectron spectroscopy and quantum chemistry calcul...

A Concave-Convex π-π Template Approach Enables the Synthesis of 10Cycloparaphenylene-Fullerene 2Rotaxanes.

The cycloparaphenylenes (CPPs) are a class of strained macrocycles that until recently were considered beyond the reach of organic synthesis. With its cyclic array of ten para-substituted phenylene rings, [10]CPP possesses a concave π-system that is perfectly preorganized for the strong supramolecular association of convex fullerenes such as C60. Although mechanically interlocked CPP architecture...

Rapid determination of Alternaria mycotoxins in tomato samples by pressurised liquid extraction coupled to liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection.

A sensitive and reliable method using pressurised liquid extraction (PLE) followed by molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction (MISPE) and high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection (HPLC-FLD) has been developed for the analysis of alternariol (AOH) and alternariol monomethyl ether (AME) in tomato samples. Influence of several extraction parameters that affect PLE effic...

Paclitaxel With Inhibitor of Apoptosis Antagonist, LCL161, for Localized Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, Prospectively Stratified by Gene Signature in a Biomarker-Driven Neoadjuvant Trial.

There are currently no targeted therapies approved for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). A tumor necrosis factor α ( TNFα)-based gene expression signature (GS) predictive of sensitivity to LCL161, inhibitor of apoptosis antagonist, was translated into a clinical assay and evaluated in a neoadjuvant trial.

An untethered ankle exoskeleton improves walking economy in a pilot study of individuals with cerebral palsy.

The high energy cost of walking in individuals with cerebral palsy (CP) contributes significantly to reduced mobility and quality of life. The purpose of this study was to develop and clinically evaluate an untethered ankle exoskeleton with the ability to reduce the metabolic cost of walking in children and young adults with gait pathology from CP. We designed a battery-powered device consisting o...

A qualitative exploration of post-acute stroke participants' experiences of a multimodal intervention incorporating horseback riding.

Multimodal rehabilitation interventions delivered in late phase of stroke recovery involve physical (motor and sensory), social, and cognitively challenging activities. Horseback riding can be incorporated within such interventions, leading to meaningful long-term improvements when applied to individuals with moderate levels of disability. There is a lack of research illuminating stroke survivors'...

Safety and tolerability of HIV-1 multiantigen pDNA vaccine given with IL-12 plasmid DNA via electroporation, boosted with a recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus HIV Gag vaccine in healthy volunteers in a randomized, controlled clinical trial.

The addition of plasmid cytokine adjuvants, electroporation, and live attenuated viral vectors may further optimize immune responses to DNA vaccines in heterologous prime-boost combinations. The objective of this study was to test the safety and tolerability of a novel prime-boost vaccine regimen incorporating these strategies with different doses of IL-12 plasmid DNA adjuvant.

Weed responses to fallow management in Pacific Northwest dryland cropping systems.

A two-year rotation of summer fallow (SF)/winter wheat (WW) is the most common cropping system in low precipitation areas of the U.S. Pacific Northwest (PNW). In SF, multiple tillage operations are used to manage weeds and maximize soil water storage and potential WW yield. Reduced tillage fallow (RTF) is an alternative to SF that leaves >30% of the previous crop's residue on the surface. A four-y...

Once-Daily Oral Sarecycline 1.5 mg/kg/day Is Effective for Moderate to Severe Acne Vulgaris: Results from Two Identically Designed, Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Trials.

Side effects may limit the use of current tetracycline-class antibiotics for acne.

A Single Site, Open Label Clinical Trial, Evaluating the Duration, Efficacy, and Safety of a Novel Lip Plumper.

Lip plumpers are topical agents that offer immediate, but temporary, volumization of the lips. While these products are becoming increasingly popular and are available at multiple retailers, there is a lack of clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy, longevity, and safety of the lip plumping products.

Rapid travel to a Zika vaccine: are we heading towards success or more questions?

The emergence of the Zika virus (ZIKV) in Latin America in 2015-2016 led to an expeditious search for vaccine candidates, with a DNA-based candidate having progressed to Phase II. However, several features of ZIKV infection and epidemiology are not understood, which may be key to maximizing efficacy and ensuring safety of ZIKV vaccines. Areas covered: Conceivable problems related to vaccine develo...

Apixaban Interacts with Haemoglobin: Effects on Its Plasma Levels.

The direct oral anticoagulant apixaban (APX), a strong factor Xa inhibitor, binds also to plasma proteins, especially albumin, and minimally to α-acid glycoprotein. Although APX can cross the red cell membrane, due to its chemical structure, and could bind to haemoglobin (Hb), no investigation was performed on this possible phenomenon that could affect the APX plasma concentration and thus its ph...

Development of High Performance Heterogeneous Catalysts for Selective Cleavage of C-O and C-C Bonds of Biomass-derived Oxygenates.

The environmental impact of CO emissions via the use of fossil resources as chemical feedstock and fuels has stimulated research to utilize renewable biomass feedstock. The biogenic compounds such as polyols are highly oxygenated and their valorization requires the new methods to control the oxygen to carbon ratio of the chemicals. The catalytic cleavage of C-O bonds and C-C bonds is promising met...

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