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Agilvax, Inc.

Agilvax discovers and develops targeted cancer immunotherapies and vaccines with its proprietary virus-like particle (VLP) platform technology. Agilvax’s lead product, AX09, is being developed as an immunotherapy for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) by targeting cancer stem cells. TNBC has a high frequency of cancer stem cells, which play a critic...


MammaCare began in 1974 as a research project supported by the National Cancer Institute. The original research goal was to develop a program to teach efficient manual breast examination. The researchers created a breast model that had a lumpy texture identical to the nodularity found in a woman's breast. They then developed simulated lesions that felt very similar to the type of lumps that su...

Hologic, Inc.

Hologic, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics products, medical imaging systems and surgical products dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of women. Hologic's core business units are focused on breast health, diagnostics, GYN surgical, and skeletal health. Hologic provides a comprehensive suite of technologies with products for mammography and breast b...


Hologic is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostic and medical imaging systems dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of women, and a leading developer of state-of-the-art digital imaging technology for general radiography and mammography applications. Our core business units are focused on osteoporosis assessment, mammography and breast biopsy, direct-to-digital x-...

Capital Breast Cancer Center

The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of Georgetown University Medical Center and Georgetown University Hospital, seeks to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer through innovative basic and clinical research, patient care, community education and outreach, and the training of cancer specialists of the future. Lombardi is one of only 40 comprehensive cancer centers in ...

Breast Care

Our inspiration for creating a comprehensive breast care center was based on our observation that the care for women with breast problems was fragmented. There were delays in diagnosis, delays in treatment, and a lack of communication among doctors and between the doctors and their patients. We envisioned a revolutionary new approach to breast care. We concluded that breast problems should be trea...

Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

Devicor is a newly formed company focusing on minimally invasive medical procedures, with an initial focus on the vacuum assisted breast biopsy market. The company is dedicated to building a global business through the investment in, and development of, tools and technologies that facilitate minimally invasive medical procedures. For more information, please visit

Process Pink

Process Pink is the charitable giving arm of Money Movers Of America Inc. We work with our merchants to give back to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. When a consumer makes a credit card purchase at a Process Pink participating merchant, a portion of MMOA's profits from the credit card processing fees is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. For more information on MMOA and P...

DirectGene Incorporated

DirectGene was founded in 1999 to develop products in to treat unmet cancer conditions, primarily those of the breast, prostate, and pancreas.The company's technology is based on targeted delivery of genes to kill cancer cells, not repair them. The company accomplishes this by using genes that eliminate cancer cells through either toxicity or the selective replication of adenovirus in the cancer c...

Surgical Innovation Associates

SIA is committed to bringing better outcomes to patients and lowering systemic costs through “for surgeon, by surgeon” innovation in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Founded in Chicago in 2016 by affiliates of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Kellogg School of Management SIA has taken DuraSorb™ from the pages of a ...

Verastem, Inc.

Verastem, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSTM) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing drugs to treat cancer by the targeted killing of cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells are an underlying cause of tumor recurrence and metastasis. Verastem is developing small molecule inhibitors of signaling pathways that are critical to cancer stem cell survival and proliferation: F...

Know Breast Cancer

Color Genomics

Color Genomics provides a high-quality, physician-ordered, genetic test for 19 genes related to breast and ovarian cancer risk, including BRCA1 and BRCA2. The Color Test includes support for physicians, as well as genetic counseling as part of every order. Color’s goal is to expand physician-supported access to genetic information for breast and ovarian ...

Cianna Medical, Inc.

Cianna Medical, Inc. is a medical device company focused on women's health and dedicated to the innovative treatment of early-stage breast cancer. The company manufactures and markets the SAVI breast brachytherapy applicator, for the delivery of radiation after lumpectomy surgery. The SAVI applicator allows precise sculpting of the radiation dose, and is d...

American Society of Breast Disease

Formed in 1976, the ASBD is a professional medical society that advocates the multi-disciplinary team approach to breast healthcare and educates physicians who strive to optimize breast health.

Breast Cancer Campaign

Breast Cancer Fund

Biofield Corporation

Biofield Corporation is in the business of bringing advanced medical technologies and solutions to the global marketplace. Possessing a number of well-developed proprietary technologies, Biofield is in a position to become the premier global provider of non-invasive diagnostic medical devices, most currently in the field of breast cancer screening and diagnosis. These unique technologies have eno...

Summit Cancer Solutions

Summit Cancer Solutions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing cancer survivors with affordable and empowering exercise programs in a healthy, positive and non-intimidating environment within their community. Founded in 2002 by four-time breast cancer survivor Karen Hornbostel, who lost her own personal battle in 2006, Summit h...

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

National Breast Cancer Coalition

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network

The Clarity Breast Cancer Foundation

Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

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