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ScienCell Research Laboratories

ScienCell Research Laboratories (ScienCell) is a biotechnology company whose mission is the research and development of cell and cell-related products for experimental and therapeutic use. The ScienCell technology provides a variety of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture media and reagents, medium supplements, cell-derived RNA, cDNA and proteins for the research community. Sci...

List Biological Laboratories Incorporated

Bacterial toxins for research including cholera, pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria, pasteurella multocida, shiga-like and botulinum toxins are among the products offered by List Labs. Toxin subunits, recombinant PA and LF, toxoids, antisera and LPS are also available.

Coferon, Inc.

Coferon is an angel and venture-backed company with a syndicate led by Hatteras Venture Partners and Ascent Biomedical Venture Partners formed to exploit the novel and potentially ground breaking Coferon platform. Coferon's approach bridges the gap between small molecule drugs - which can be orally delivered and hit targets both in and outside the cell, bu...

Advent International Corporation

Advent is one of the leading private equity investors in North America. Since 1985, we have invested more than $1.5bn in over 275 companies across the US and Canada and have helped over 75 of these companies achieve successful IPOs. We pursue buyouts, recapitalizations and growth equity investments in selected growth industries. Target sectors include: Buyout/Private Equity – business and finan...

Vividion Therapeutics, Inc.

Conventional drug discovery is target-centric; a compound library is screened using a target-specific assay and high-affinity binding ligands are optimized to develop a drug candidate. This approach is limited, as research is performed in artificial systems that fail to account for native protein structure, context and function. Further, conventional targe...


Tapentadol is a centrally acting oral analgesic that binds to mu-opioid receptors and inhibits norepinephrine re-uptake. Although the exact mechanism of action is not known, these two mechanisms, which affect established pain pathways, are thought to be responsible for pain relief with tapentadol. The tapentadol molecule is classified as Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act.

Stemgent, Inc.

Stemgent, Inc. develops and markets proprietary tools and services to advance the application of human cells in biomedical research and drug discovery. The company works alongside some of the world’s leading stem cell researchers in developing innovative technologies and services to support and simplify human cell reprogramming, growth, and differenti...


A precision oncology company that developed a novel live cell based assay to characterize the activity of unknown cancer mutations and test their response to targeted therapies. NovellusDx helps biopharma throughout the drug life cycle, from target discovery through clinical development to market expansion. More information:

Cell Medica Limited

Cell Medica is a cellular therapeutics company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of T cell immunotherapy approaches for the treatment of infections and cancers related to oncogenic viruses. The Company’s lead cell product, CytovirTM CMV, for the treatment and prevention of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections in patients following al...

Histogen, Inc.

Histogen is a regenerative medicine company developing innovative products from cells grown under simulated embryonic conditions, including low oxygen and suspension. Through this unique technology process, newborn cells are directed to naturally produce vital proteins and growth factors from which the Company has developed its rich product portfolio. Hist...

The Yield Growth Corp.

The Yield Growth Corp. is an asset growth company cultivating high value companies and brands centered around the legal cannabis industry.

Protein Bank

We produce active recombinant proteins as research reagents in mammalian hosts, provide quick drug target validation using high throughput mammalian technologies, and generate production cell lines from therapeutic protein production industry, receptorbodies peptibodies and antibodies.

Biokeystone Company

In 1994 a company, Biokey American Instruments, was created in Portland, Oregon near the campus of Oregon Health & Science University. Late in 2006 after relocation to California, a company name change led to Biokeystone for broader coverage of bio-techniques and product lines. The first invention of Biokeystone is 6 minute high-speed gel electrophoresis in dd-water. The neuVitro Cell Cul...

Generation Growth Capital, Inc.

Generation Growth Capital Fund II, LP is a Milwaukee-based private equity firm focusing on investments in small businesses to support growth opportunities. Generation Growth Capital funds now have investments in nine portfolio companies. Please visit for more information.

HemoShear, LLC

HemoShear LLC is a biotechnology research company that combines its scientific expertise with its proprietary platform technology in research collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to accelerate drug discovery and development. HemoShear has expertise in the areas of human and animal biology, bioinformatics and molecular profiling for target identific...

AllCells, LLC

AllCells ( is a global biotechnology company founded in 1998 to provide researchers with a reliable supply of biologically relevant, consistent quality primary cells that enable the advancement of scientific research in the areas of cell biology, oncology, virology, hematology, infectious disease and stem cell research. Unlike cell lines, ...

Cell Pathways Incorporated

Cell Pathways is a pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development and commercialization of products to prevent cancer and to treat cancer. Cell Pathways' technology may also prove to have applicability beyond the field of cancer.Cell Pathways' technology is based upon its discovery of a novel mechanism which the Company believes, based on its research, can be targeted to induce select...

PWP Growth Equity

PWP Growth Equity is the middle market private equity group of Perella Weinberg Partners, managed by Chip Baird and David Ferguson. PWP Growth Equity manages private equity funds with aggregate commitments of $1.35 billion focused on growth-oriented, lower middle market companies, primarily in the United States, across the consumer, services, and industria...

Innovative Biologics, Inc.

Innovative Biologics was established in December, 2003 and its research is supported by the NIH SBIR Phase II grant “Small molecule blockers of B. anthracis toxin.” Our company is located on the Prince Williams campus of George Mason University. Our focus is to search for new anti-microbial drugs targeting bacterial toxins.

Adherex Technologies Incorporated

Adherex Technologies is a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics based on cell adhesion technologies. Adherex is currently developing a portfolio of biologically active small molecules based on the cadherin family of cell adhesion molecules. Cadherins are the major biological glues that hold tissues intact. They play an important role in maintaining the integrity of tissues and barrie...


EvoGenix integrates advanced technologies to develop novel antibody therapeutics for world markets. The company applies its proprietary antibody-engineering platforms for humanisation, optimisation and toxin-conjugation to develop highly potent therapeutic antibodies against clinically validated drug targets.

Cell Therapy Foundation

The Cell Therapy Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing the treatment of disease using adult stem cells. Emerging as a leader in raising funds for adult stem cell research, Cell Therapy Foundation strives to increase awareness about adult stem cells, to fund adult stem cell research addressing several specific diseases, and to accelerate the rate of research and clini...

Infinity Pharmaceuticals

The mission of Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: INFI) is to discover, develop, and deliver to patients best-in-class medicines for the treatment of cancer and related conditions. We have built a pipeline of innovative product candidates for multiple cancer indications, all of which represent proprietary applications of our expertise in small molecule drug technologies. We believe that our s...

Targazyme, Inc.

Targazyme, Inc. is a privately held biotechnology company based in San Antonio, TX with additional offices in San Diego, CA and Basel, Switzerland. Its key technology platforms (TZ101 and TZ102) are designed to improve the homing and engraftment of a wide variety of therapeutic cells to target tissues. Applications in development include hematopoietic stem...

Alfacell Corporation

Alfacell Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company primarily engaged in the discovery and development of a new class of anti-cancer drugs from amphibian ribonucleases ("RNases"). RNases degrade ribonucleic acids ("RNA") causing an interruption in protein synthesis resulting in inhibition of cell growth and induction of apoptosis (programmed cell death). The Company's first produ...

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