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Avir Green Hills Biotechnology Trade AG

Avir Green Hills Biotechnology Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company based in Vienna, founded in 2002. Avir Green Hills Biotechnology's core competence is the development of innovative, therapeutic and prophylactic products against viral infections and cancer. "Our strength is our extensive know-how in virology and our network of renowned national and international partners in academia and indus...

AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology AG

AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology is a biopharmaceutical company based in Vienna, Austria. It was founded in 2002 and currently has a staff of 50 employees. The company's core competence is the development of innovative vaccines against viral infections and cancer.

Green Hills Biotechnology

Green Hills Biotechnology (GHB) is a biopharmaceutical company based in Vienna, Austria. GHB uses its know-how in virology to develop and commercialize innovative products that offer cost-effective treatment for a wide range of diseases. The products under development by GHB are unique therapies against viral infectious diseases and cancer with the aim to significantly improve health and the quali...


Lincor Solutions Ltd

Hills Health Solutions is Australia’s leading provider of interactive patient care for the hospital and aged care sectors, including communications, nurse call, monitoring and entertainment systems. Hills has a presence in over 300 Australian hospitals and aged care facilities servicing approximately 40,000 beds. For more information, visit

Cedar Hills Hospital

Cedar Hills Hospital is a private, freestanding psychiatric hospital specializing in mental health and chemical dependency care for adults. As a community service, Cedar Hills Hospital offers free assessments to determine treatment options. The Care Center clinical staff is available 24 hours a day. For more information, call 1-877-703-8880 or visit: www.cedarhil...

Green Mountain Antibodies Incorporated

Green Mountain Antibodies, Inc. is a biotechnology company in Burlington, Vermont specializing in custom monoclonal antibody manufacturing. Our customers include pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and research investigators.

Green Cross

Green Cross is an exemplary R&D-oriented company that leads the biotechnology industry in Korea. This is clear given what Green Cross has achieved since its foundation in 1967. Starting from the nation's first production and sales of Plasma Fractions in 1970, which required sophisticated technology, Green Cross has striven to develop ethical drugs that are hard to produce but essential to patients...

Zentrum BATS

BATS Centre is a leading competence center studying the effects of biotechnology.The main application of biotechnology is in farming (green biotechnology) and medicine (red biotechnology). Looking forward, the BATS Centre analyses possible effects on economy, ecology and society.We are heading towards the following goals:

Green Cross Wellbeing Corporation

Green Cross Wellbeing Corporation, a subsidiary of Green Cross Corporation (KRX: 006280), is a specialty pharmaceutical company based in South Korea. Green Cross Wellbeing has licensed, developed and marketed nutrition therapeutic products to improve patients’ lives.

China Dasheng Biotechnology Company

China Dasheng Biotechnology Company, a leading producer and distributor of organic bacteria based additives for crops and livestock feeds through its three subsidiary segments, Gansu Dasheng Biotechnology Company, Hainan Lushen Biology Technology Company and Yangling Elemiss Foods Company, operates within the biological products and fertilizer agents market including organic fertilizers, non-c...

Green Seal Inc.

Green Seal, a non-profit based in Washington D.C., has been identifying consumer and institutional products and services that protect the environment and human health since 1989. Green Seal has developed over 40 standards and certified more than 3,300 products and services. The independent organization focuses on certification against its standards, avoiding any conflict of interest that may aris...

Global Green, Inc.

Global Green, Inc. is a green bio-pharmaceutical company committed to identifying technology platforms and commercializing vaccines that contain natural organisms that are not genetically modified, utilizing pharmaceutical standards without the use of mercury. For more information, visit

Green Lion Digital

Green Lion Digital is a full-service consulting agency and technology firm located in Wyckoff N.J. The company offers GLD Reports that deliver value and measurable return on investment for retailers and vendors. Green Lion Digital specializes in the following industries: retail, manufacturing, bio-tech, medical and others.

Mario Godiva Green

Mario Godiva Green is a fitness expert living in New York City. With over eight years experience, he privately trains in addition to teaching fitness classes in New York City at various health clubs. Green has appeared on many national and local television shows, travels and presents at many conventions and dance festivals, and was a presenter at the 2009 Kangoo Jumps International Fitness festiva...

Lumen Bioscience

Lumen Bioscience is a Seattle synthetic biology company focused on developing the blue-green algae Spirulina as the next significant production platform for industrial biotechnology. Lumen has combined cutting-edge genetic tools, data analytics, and scientific ingenuity to harness the potential of Spirulina to produce high-value proteins and other molecule...

The Green Nut

Providing gluten-free recipes is one more way that is helping people "Go Green with Pistachios for Better Health." is a consumer-friendly Web site, created by USA pistachio growers to tout the healthy and wholesome benefits of eating pistachios, the only Green Nut. also offers recipes from Prevention and EatingWell magazines, and vario...

Cadence, Inc.

Cadence is a premier metals manufacturing company focused on new medical technologies, such as minimally invasive devices. Headquartered in the Green Hills Technology Center in Staunton, Virginia, Cadence has over 200 shareholders. The world's only IncisionLab enables better performance using the Define. Do. Measure. approach to new product design and development. Proprietary "sharps" and tube f...

Ethos 360

Ethos 360: Let our hindsight be your foresight. Ethos 360 provides cleantech and green businesses consulting and coaching, business plan writing, and branding services. We work with start-up and growth stage companies as well as established leaders. The current cleantech and green revolution that is rapidly taking hold is the most massive environmental, social and economic transformation the world...

Green to Grow

Founded in 2007 by husband and wife Michael Ritterbrown and Shelley Aronoff, Green to Grow is an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturer and distributor of BPA-free baby bottles and accessories based in Glendale, CA. Committed to providing parents with safe, functional, and attractive feeding options for families, Green to Grow products are free of BPA, phthalates, lead, and PVC. Gre...

Sales Consultants of Auburn Hills

Sales Consultants of Auburn Hills was founded in 1992, by its President, Robert "Boe" Embrey. Auburn Hills is located north of Detroit, and is the Headquarters of Chrysler and a number of Tier I & Tier II automotive suppliers.We are a full service Executive Search firm specializing in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Engineering, Engineering Management and Quality positions. We cover a number o...

Green Mountain Antibodies

Established in 1996, Green Mountain Antibodies is located in Burlington, Vermont. Since our start-up days, we have changed and grown in response to our customers’ needs and suggestions. With your exciting projects and our expertise in hybridoma development, protein science, and value stream manufacturing, we just keep getting stronger.MissionBecoming a national leader in the manufacture of mono...

Resource Development Specialists

Resource Development Specialists is located in eastern Oklahoma's "Green Country", the foot hills of the beautiful Ozark mountains.Our staff is made up of professionals who believe we are obligated to help others, and do business in an ethical, straightforward manner.All of the products offered here are designed to help our consumers enjoy a healthy, full life. They are backed, in each instance, b...

Green Swan, Inc.

Green Swan, Inc. is a champion of safer cell phone usage, focused on increasing awareness and education on proper cell phone use in accordance with FCC and industry standard regulations that limit the effects of non-ionizing radiation. Green Swan offers mobile users a suite of android apps including Too Close™, Too Close Parental™ and Pocket Aler...

Rx Green Solutions

Rx Green Solutions envisions a future where cannabis growers, grow more informed. The privately held company operates a state-licensed R&D facility located in Denver, Colorado and aims to provide scientifically validated information and natural solutions to growers in the industry who seek to enhance plant performance, increase yields and improve fl...

U.S. Green Building Council-Northern California Chapter

U.S. Green Building Council-Northern California Chapter is the regional affiliate of USGBC. Home to approximately six percent of worldwide LEED® certified square footage, the Chapter encompasses most of Northern California and is the leading green building organization in the region. USGBC-NCC educates, inspires and provides resources for industry ...

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