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Advion BioSystems

Advion BioSciences, Inc. was co-founded in 1993 by Jack Henion, Ph.D., and Thomas Kurz who together have a proven track record and years of experience in technological innovation. Based in Ithaca, NY with a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom, the company was originally founded as Advanced BioAnalytical Services, Inc., a leading provider of bioanalytical contract services to the pharmace...

Advanced BioAnalytical Services Incorproated (Advion Biosciences)

Delivering premier contract laboratory services to pharmaceutical partners worldwide.


Reveal Biosciences, LLC

Reveal Biosciences is a leading contract research organization that specializes in advanced tissue technology services and tissue-based research. Their portfolio of services includes histology, immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), proprietary multiplex technology, whole slide imaging, and image analysis/quantification, as well as novel RNA ...

Maxxam Analytics Incorporated

At Maxxam Bioanalytical Services, we focus on our Core Competencies. Customized Bioanalytical Services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.We believe that by having a laser focus on what we do best and customizing our services client by client, we achieve premier client services by meeting or exceeding Turn Around Times for all assays, method development and validation in multiple ...

York Bioanalytical Solutions

York Bioanalytical Solutions was established with the aim of bringing a fresh approach to contract Bioanalytical research, offering unsurpassed quality levels and delivery schedules. Since the company was launched in 1999, our clients have come to expect a level of service, expertise and commitment that is unrivalled within the industry.

Accium BioSciences, Inc.

Accium BioSciences operates the first fully commercial and independent Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) analytical facility in the U.S. The facility features a high throughput, custom designed 1.5 SDH-1 Pelletron Accelerator Mass Spectrometer dedicated to drug development services. We provide a portfolio of AMS-based bioanalytical services that address challenging problems in drug developm...

MicroConstants, Inc.

MicroConstants is a GLP-compliant Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to providing premier quality GLP bioanalytical services, IND-enabling drug metabolism (DMPK) assays, immunoassay and biomarker analysis, and pharmacokinetics analysis services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. They are the largest bioanalytical LC/MS/MS service provider on the West Coast, and speciali...

CEDRA Corporation

CEDRA Corporation, a division of Worldwide Clinical Trials, offers a full range of Phase I-IIb clinical research and bioanalytical services, as well as specialized studies to the pharmaceutical/biotech and medical device industries. CEDRA’s combination of a state-of-the-art bioanalytical laboratory with clinical research sites allows them to pl...

ProCeryon Biosciences

ProCeryon Biosciences provide databases, proven software tools and tailor-made services to the Life Science industry.

Hydra Biosciences, Inc.

Hydra Biosciences is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and develops drugs to treat pain, inflammation, anxiety and other diseases using its expertise in novel ion channels. Hydra Biosciences’ proprietary platforms enable the company to identify and develop drug candidates that address significant unmet medic...

Validapro Biosciences

Validapro Biosciences offers consulting services for business development, technical and regulatory support to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device fields.

ASDI BioSciences

ASDI BioSciences is your source for High Throughput Screening samples and services. Our trained staff runs 24/7 to provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies with fast and efficient alternatives to compound management. ASDI BioSciences is an accomplished supplier of HTS samples available from our diverse, high quality compound library. ASDI can provide Dry Sample Weighing and Liquid Transfers in...

American Bioanalytical Inc.

American Bioanalytical, Inc. ( founded in 1977, is a Natick, MA based company and a leading supplier of high quality biochemicals and reagent products for life science research and manufacturing applications. American Bioanalytical offers more than 350 biochemicals and reagents used in life science research applications. American Bioana...

Paragon Biosciences

For severe and complex diseases, Paragon Biosciences identifies unmet patient needs, invests in novel therapies to treat those medical conditions, launches biopharmaceutical companies to further develop those therapies, and supports these new portfolio companies with early-incubation services. After which, the portfolio companies operate independently as t...


Celerion is the premier provider of innovative early stage clinical research solutions. Formed through the acquisition of the early stage development operations of MDS Pharma Services, Celerion has a full spectrum of resources to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generic industries for Phase 0 through IIa proof-of-concept studies. Fro...

Folio Biosciences

Folio Biosciences is the most trusted provider of biospecimen and services for the scientific research community. Whether your research requires human tissue specimen with follow up data, tissue microarrays or mouse embryos, Folio's in house biobank and world wide procurement partners are ready to help. Browse our catalog or call one of our procurement specialists. Folio Biosciences is dedicated ...

Tandem Labs

Tandem Labs is a leading bioanalytical contract research organization (CRO) specializing in advanced mass spectrometry and immunoanalytical support for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries in the United States and internationally.

Ricerca Biosciences, LLC

Ricerca Biosciences offers a comprehensive suite of discovery and preclinical services to support drug candidates from discovery through IND on a global scale, including capabilities in discovery and medicinal chemistry, API process chemistry, cGMP manufacturing and scale-up, IND-enabling toxicology, molecular profiling, pharmacology/DMPK and drug s...

Leadiant Biosciences, Inc.

Leadiant Biosciences, Inc. (formerly Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) is a U.S.-based, wholly owned subsidiary of Leadiant Biosciences S.p.A., a research-based pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and commercialization of medicines for patients with rare diseases. Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Leadiant Biosciences, Inc. dedicates consider...

JeNu Biosciences

JeNu Biosciences was founded in 2008 by a team of ultrasound scientists, medical doctors and beauty executives and is currently led by Wayne Wager, CEO. JeNu Biosciences is a Seattle-based “techno-beauty” company that uses low-powered ultrasound to deliver proprietary anti-aging ingredients resulting in more beautiful skin. With the release of the ...

DaVinci Biosciences LLC

DaVinci Biosciences LLC is a privately held company dedicated to advancing therapies that improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from trauma, disease and degenerative disorders. Through independent research and partnerships with universities, medical research institutions, and hospitals, DaVinci Biosciences continues to discover biological breakthroughs relating to and further impro...

Cellex Biosciences Incorporated

Cellex Biosciences is dedicated to providing cell processing products and services to meet the needs of human health care and biotechnology markets worldwide with stirred tank cell culturing systems, freeze dryers and perfusion technology.

Ark Biosciences

Ark Biosciences is a privately held, clinical-stage global biotechnology company with its corporate office located in ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, its R&D Center in Suzhou Biobay, China, and offices in the United States, Australia, and Switzerland. Ark Biosciences has its own active R&D programs and programs in collaboration with external partners....

System1 Biosciences, Inc.

System1 Biosciences, Inc., is a San Francisco-based neurotherapeutics company that employs phenotypic screening to discover novel drugs for complex neurological and psychiatric diseases such as epilepsy, autism, and schizophrenia, disorders for which current discovery techniques have proved least successful. System1 combines cerebral organoid science, syst...

Vedanta Biosciences

Vedanta Biosciences, a privately held company, was co-founded by PureTech Ventures and a group of world renowned experts in immunology and microbiology. Vedanta Biosciences' mission is to develop a novel class of therapies that modulate pathways of interaction between the human microbiome and the host immune system. The technology developed by Dr. Honda and colleagues at the University of Tokyo fo...

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