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International Alchemy Conference

This annual event is a collaborative effort by the International Alchemy Guild and the Modern Mystery School. The Guild is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving the ancient teachings of alchemy. The Modern Mystery School offers advanced spiritual training in the ancient lineage of sacred wisdom transmitted through the great masters. ...


Ancient Nutrition

At Ancient Nutrition, we believe the human body was built for high performance. In the modern world, we are disconnected from the traditions and nutritional principles that were honored and celebrated throughout history. Our real food nutritional products are designed to provide Ancient Nutrients in a modern, convenient form to power the body and mind, res...

Blue Monkey

Snow Monkey

Funky Monkey Snacks

Angry Monkey Entertainment

Apartments "Radogost"

Radogost is an ancient Croatian god whose name means that he pleasantly entertained others, however he also likes company, good food and drink. Radogost is the Croatian variant of Dionysus - the ancient Greek's god of wine. Apartments Radogost are situated in the calm fisherman's village, 5 km west of Trogir. It has two apartments for 3 people and one apartment for 5 people. There is private parki...

National Cheng Kung University

NCKU is located in the ancient city of Tainan, the historical and ancient cultural capital city of Taiwan, which boasts more than 50 national relics sanctioned by the government and is approximately 250 kilometers south of Taipei. It is connected to all major cities in Taiwan by the recently initiated state-of-the-art Taiwan High Speed Rail. Further, this ...

McKinsey & Company

Since 1926, McKinsey has helped business leaders address their greatest challenges, from reorganizing for long-term growth to improving business performance and maximizing revenue. While McKinsey has earned a reputation for having a certain "mystique," there is no mystery to how we serve our clients. We apply a handful of core principles to every client engagement

Heffter Research Institute

Given the paramount importance of the nature of the human mind to global existence, it is curious -- and unsettling -- to realize how little we know about it. The mind is the source of all discovery and invention, yet the relationship between brain and mind remains a mystery. Since our minds are our only means of solving the problems we face on this planet, understanding how the mind works and the...

Ginniff Books

Ginniff Books is located on a sheep farm 12 miles west of Iowa City and 2 miles south of Cosgrove; we have 10K shelved books. We welcome browsers by appointment. Most of our business is done on the internet through and our complete listings can be seen there.Our areas of interest are:History of Medicine Monographs, texts and other primary material - especially in Ophthalmology and the...

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The current committee have realised there is precious little recorded history of SPASIM. If you've got some history (names, places, dates, events etc), please contact us using the details above to help us get together some basic and interesting stories about where SPASIM came from.


For 79 years, Florida Power & Light has been literally brightening the lives of Floridians. Our unique history has paralleled and, in many ways, contributed to the extraordinary development of Florida itself. Come and take a tour of the stages of our history. Follow the links in the table below to learn where we came from and how we became what we are today.

Acorn Systems

Acorn provides companies with profitability and cost management solutions to drive better business decisions. Combining proprietary technology with proven methodology, Acorn reveals enterprise-wide profit opportunities. Our unique approach enables clients to make continuous, fact-based decisions to improve their bottom line.


ALOKA, the innovator in ultrasound is the longest operating ultrasound company in the world with its main headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan.The history of ALOKA began in 1950 when the medical equipment department of Japan Radio Company became the independent company, Medical and Physical Institute Co., Ltd.In 1960, we developed the world’s first commercially available diagnostic ultrasound sy...

Chemical Heritage Foundation

Our MissionThe Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) serves the community of the chemical and molecular sciences, and the wider public, by treasuring the past, educating the present, and inspiring the future. CHF maintains a world-class collection of materials that document the history and heritage of the chemical and molecular sciences, technologies, and industries; encourages research in CHF collec...

sanofi pasteur S.A.

It is rare for a company's history to be so tightly interwoven with the history of a major health care discovery. Sanofi pasteur is the result of the meeting of three exceptional destinies, those of men who left their mark on the history of vaccination: Louis Pasteur, the Mérieux family and John FitzGerald. These three destinies very likely converged because they were all moving in the same direc...

WHO Regional Office for Europe

The first, Health and environment in Europe: progress assessment, reveals that mortality rates from diarrhoeal diseases among young children have been cut to 20% of previous levels in recent years, largely through improved access to clean water and sanitation, and that traffic-related deaths have fallen by 40% since the early 1990s. After a switch to unleaded petrol across most of the Region, ...

Merck & Co

Here you will find an overview of our activities in the core businesses of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. We illustrate the structure of our company. We present the Executive Board of Merck KGaA. We highlight the company's key figures. We explain the history of the name "Merck" and the two companies operating under this name today. We show Merck's visions for the future and guide you through...

Metapontum Agrobios

Metapontum Agrobios is a research centre devoted to research, development and technology transfer to agricultural and agroindustry system.The company has a staff of 50 scientists, 5 administrative employees and some training researchers, scholarships and temporary collaborators. Metapontum Agrobios is located in Southern Italy near the Ionian sea in the area of the ancient city of Metaponto, i...

CleanWell, LLC

CleanWell, LLC is not just another cleaning company. The company produces and distributes environmentally safe household and personal products that are designed to bring wellness to people and their personal environments -- a wellness they can share with those around them. CleanWell LLC is reinventing disinfecting & antibacterial products by...


Yogamint is an online spiritual spa for the body, mind and soul. Through inspirational articles, or “mints,” Yogamint inspires a healthy, yogic lifestyle, serving up small morsels, designed to freshen your day. Based on ancient yogic teachings and designed for the fast-pace of today, Yogamint shares information in small digestible portions that s... is the leading provider of genetic and family history services that unlock people’s ancestral legacy. Powered by the world’s largest, most comprehensive repository of genetic and genealogical information,’s best-in-class genetic testing, genetic genealogy consulting and family history research enable individuals and ...


GeneTree ( is the leading provider of genetic and family history services that unlock people’s ancestral legacy. Powered by the world’s largest, most comprehensive repository of genetic and genealogical information, GeneTree’s best-in-class genetic testing, genetic genealogy consulting and family history research enable indi...

Doosan America Corp

Doosan took the first step in its legendary history in 1896 when Park Seung-jik opened tiny store in Baeogae, Seoul, laying the foundation for the nation's economy to stay on its own feet. In 1946, Park Doo-byung,the successor to Park Seung-jik, changed the small store into the Doosan Store, heralding the beginning of Doosan's modern history.

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