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Aptuit Informatics

Aptuit Informatics (formerly InfoPro Solutions) was acquired by Aptuit Inc. and is one of five business lines operating under the Aptuit umbrella. Download the Aptuit Corporate Fact Sheet (PDF). Aptuit Informatics is an information technology services company, founded and managed since 1995 by professionals with proven experience in business and information management. Aptuit Informatics prides it...

Aptuit, Inc.

Aptuit, Inc. is a global pharmaceutical services company focused on delivering contract development and manufacturing services and streamlining the drug development process for biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovators. Aptuit’s employees deliver an integrated suite of product development services to more than 800 companies worldwide, driven by a de...


Aptuit (Allendale) Inc

Aptuit, Inc. (formerly Global Pharmaceutical Development, Inc.) is an emerging company focused on streamlining and supporting the drug development process for biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovators. The company was founded by a group of industry experts with extensive market experience who have a track record of building a similar, highly successful company through acquisitions and investment...

Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC and Aptuit Inc.

Health Informatics Europe (HIE)

Health Informatics Europe (HIE) is a web-based journal edited by Dr Ahmad Risk and published by BJHC Ltd HIE is an official journal of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) The journal aims to deliver up-to-date and accurate information targeted at European health informatics professionals, healthcare IM&T managers, academics in the field of health informatics, healthcare managers...

Rosetta Biosoftware

Rosetta Biosoftware develops informatics solutions and provides services that enable research organizations to efficiently and effectively conduct life-saving discoveries and develop drugs. Our mission is to be the premier provider of scalable software solutions to empower research that improves the quality of human life. We provide value to discovery and development efforts by offering customizab...

Benefit Informatics Inc.

Benefit Informatics Inc., a Benefitfocus company, enables the efficient planning, management and analysis of employee benefit plans through the delivery of online proprietary applications and services to employers, insurance companies, third party administrators and brokers. Benefit Informatics currently serves more than 60 payer organizations, 6,000 busin...

Commonwealth Informatics

Commonwealth Informatics is a leader in global cloud-based clinical and safety analytics products and services. Committed to innovation and transforming the process of analyzing clinical and safety data, the Commonwealth team has more than 30 years of experience successfully collaborating with academia, regulators and sponsors to deliver improved cl...

Center for Clinical Informatics

The Center for Clinical Informatics specializes in assisting organizations to implement outcomes management programs for behavioral healthcare. Client organizations include managed care organizations, employee assistance programs and community mental health centers. Clinical informatics is the process of converting data to accessible and actionable information that enables improvements in th...

Tissue Informatics Incorporated

Tissue Informatics, Inc. specializing in digital information and imaging for tissue engineering.

CiDrep Informatics, Inc.

CiDrep provides clinical and research informatics services, cloud-based solutions and I.T. products. Learn how to accelerate care delivery and research discovery at

ePitope Informatics Limited

ePitope Informatics is an Internet-based applied bioinformatics company providing services for the prediction and analysis of protein epitopes. ePitope are working in areas that include diagostics, therapeutics, life science research and commercial antibody production.

BioSi Informatics web site

Our company tests software applications for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical diagnostics industries. BioSi Informatics is dedicated to helping your company produce quality software for your customers

Health Informatics Consulting

Health Informatics Consulting (HIC) provides a broad portfolio of business consulting services to assist physicians, hospitals and other healthcare organizations to improve clinical quality and business performance.

Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics

Welcome at the CMBI, which is short for Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics. The centre performs research and education, and provides services in bioinformatics and cheminformatics.

Viaken Systems Incorporated

Viaken Systems is the premier full service ASP (Application Service Provider) for the life sciences, offering solutions for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and agricultural companies. Viaken hosts third-party research informatics application solutions and e-commerce services in the areas of genome informatics, chem informatics, and pharmaco informatics at its tier one data center and delivers these...

GIDEON Informatics

GIDEON Informatics was founded in 1992 and produces the GIDEON application. Hundreds of customers from around the world, including educational institutions, hospitals and military organizations, have chosen GIDEON as their diagnosis and reference tool for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. GIDEON is managed by an exceptional executive team and maintains a medical advisory board.

Alliance for Nursing Informatics

ANI, cosponsored by AMIA and HIMSS, represents more than 5,000 nurses and brings together 26 distinct nursing informatics groups in the United States. ANI crosses academia, practice, industry, and nursing specialty boundaries and works in collaboration with the nearly 3 million nurses in practice today. Visit for more information.

Biomax Informatics AG

Biomax Informatics AG (Planegg, Germany), founded in 1997, is a leader in the development of computational solutions for the life sciences. Biomax developed the BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment and markets the Viscovery technology for better decision making and knowledge management in patient stratification and targeted medicine. More informati...

Informatics Corporation of America

Informatics Corporation of America (ICA) was formed to take innovative technology developed by practicing clinicians and informatics professionals at Vanderbilt Medical Center to the broader health care market. ICA provides a comprehensive HIE solution to hospitals, IDNs, communities and states, including: a comprehensive clinical information engine; porta...

Metaome Science Informatics

Metaome is a life science focussed informatics company based in Bangalore, India. Metaome delivers knowledge-mining solutions that are able to unlock competitive advantage, through its data integration and semantic search platform. Metaome was incubated at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, India.

3rd Millennium, Inc

3rd Millennium, Inc. is the leading provider of custom informatics systems, management consulting services, and packaged software products for the life sciences. Since 1994, we have helped both public and private life science institutions manage, plan, specify, design, build, and integrate informatics systems to support their research and development programs. We provide our clients with outstandi...

ePitope Informatics Ltd

ePitope Informatics is an Internet-based applied bioinformatics company of scientists providing a range of protein analysis and annotation services. A particular focus is epitope prediction for the identification and targeting of protein B cell epitopes. We work in areas that include diagnostics, therapeutics, life scienceresearch, and commercial antibody production.For service provision, we utili...

Featherstone Informatics Group, Inc.

Featherstone Informatics Group serves the software and technology needs of physicians across the country. Solutions include: ANSI X12 4010/5010 EDI integration and automation, clinical data exchange, CPOE, electronic prescriptions, claims and registry based PQRI compliance, medical transcription, automated appointment reminders / collection calling, print and electronic patient statements and more...

Prometheus Research LLC

Prometheus Research, New Haven, Conn., is a software development and professional services company innovating web-based tools to empower knowledge workers by making existing databases easily available on the web. Prometheus HTSQL quickly translates the language of the web (HTTP) into the language of databases (SQL), allowing businesses and organizations to securely access and increase their intell...

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